Russia / Ukraine Conflict

US/NATO have been poking the bear for a long time - this war was inevitable

Article Originally posted in 2015

"There are a group of individuals within the US political establishment who are and have been pushing to escalate the situation against Russia, fighting a proxy war on its door step, arming and supporting the Ukrainian military in a fight against what they say is Russian aggression..."

As Russia actually do launch an invasion or “special operation” in Ukraine, now is a good time to recap on how we got here.

The fall of Viktor Yanukovych, the Crimean referendum, and the ensuing civil war which puts the region in a direct path to the events of today.

Welcome to the second phase of the Great Reset

MONOPOLY reveals in a brilliant way how a small group of superrich people own everything in our world. They use their power and wealth to control governments, health organizations, the news media, and basically manipulate the entire world according to their plans. MONOPOLY shows what their agenda is, and what we can do to protect our lives, and build a better world.

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