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Category: Climate Change

  1. ITV 'This Morning' presenter mocks viewers with lectures on 'saving the planet' through reusing plastic pots while letting a fire burn for no reason

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    I am not proud to admit that I caught a few minutes of ITV's 'This Morning' TV show today. I thought I would share the complaint that followed my 5 minutes of viewing:


    I’d like to complain about a segment on your this morning show broadcast today 1/11/2021. You have just shown a segment with a blond female presenter attempting to advise people on how to ‘save the planet’ by methods such as reusing plastic plant pots or buying peat free compost. While this attempt to save humanity through reusing plastic pots and such is no doubt essential to the future of mankind, I would like to point out that there was what appeared to be a burning gas powered fire burning away for apparently no reason whatsoever. Gas or not, isn’t this a complete contradiction to the idea of saving the planet by not producing unnecessary carbon emissions? This is so hypocritical that it is insulting to your audience. Still have time to explain yourselves on the show and apologise for such a conflicting message. Anyone would think that itv doesn’t take climate change seriously and thinks it’s just another conspiracy made up to impose taxes and remove freedoms from people. Also, adult breast feeding? What sexual perversions are you covering next week? Your program is quite disturbing.

    Kind regards,



    I will update this when I receive a response...

  2. Privatization of Water as an Owned Commodity Rather Than a Universal Human Right

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    I've been doing some research into water privatization and some related topics. I came accross this article and I thought it was very well researched and informative, so please have a read. The full article can be read here, and you can click the authors name to see more of their articles.


    By Joachim Hagopian

    Global Research, April 20, 2014

    There is no greater natural resource on this earth than water. As the sustenance of all life, water keeps every living and breathing organism, every plant, every animal and every human being on this planet alive. In the same way that without air to breathe, without water we humans cannot sustain life for more than a few days.

    Due to global warming, widespread drought and increasingly polluted water systems, the projected availability of clean freshwater in years to come to meet the rising demands of a growing global population is among the most daunting human challenges of this century. By 2015 a 17% increase in global water demand is projected just for increasing agriculturally produced food. By the same year 2025, the growing global population will increase water consumption needs by a whopping 40%. While oil played the keenly critical role during the twentieth century, water is being deemed the most valued precious natural resource of the twenty-first century.

    As such, several years ago the United Nations declared access to clean drinking water a universal human right. Conversely, willfully denying it is considered a serious human rights violation that denies life itself. And any calculated decision denying people their universal right to life is nothing short of a murderous, shameful crime against humanity.

    Despite the human air pollution that has long been dirtying our lungs, while also causing global warming, climate change and increasing catastrophic natural disasters, not to mention the growing global health hazard for us humans, the very thought of making clean air a precious commodity that can opportunistically be packaged and sold by the same corporations that have been ruining our air, that very notion would instantly be criticized, scorned and ridiculed.

    Yet that is exactly what has been happening for the last thirty years now all over this planet with the earth’s preciously dwindling freshwater drinking supply. The World Bank has been financing global privatization of the earth’s water supply making clean water that is so necessary for survival an unaffordable private commodity for the poorest people on earth to even access. They are literally dying of thirst and disease because of greedy psychopathic corporate profiteers once again placing theft and greed over human welfare and life itself. Read on...