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Category: Climate Change

  1. Fact Checking the Fact Checkers

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    I usually ignore the fact checkers because the whole fact checking business is a well remunerated farce.

    Thousands of greedy nerds with laptops have set up fact-checking sites and obtained huge sums of money from organisations desperate to defend their lies.

    Many of the fact checkers get some, most or all of their money from Facebook, Google, YouTube and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    I have never yet seen a fact checker who finds against a government or drug company. They rarely or never check any facts, they rarely if ever check with the people they’re criticising and they often, usually or always know their conclusion before they start. The fact checkers are, like the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media, misinformation specialists – that is to say, they specialise in spreading misinformation.

    By Dr Vernon Coleman

    However, because fact checkers are forcing themselves into the public eye I looked at three who published material about me in the days after my video about heart problems and the jabs (published on BNT on 22nd November 2021 and entitled ‘Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is ‘Murder’).

    First, there is a website called Lead Stories which claims to be a Facebook third party fact checking partner and a member of something called the Coronavirus Facts Alliance. Their top two main funding sources for 2020 were Facebook and Google and something called ByteDance. They also receive money from Coronavirus Facts Alliance. They admit, however, that the bulk of their revenue comes from Facebook.

    Who are these organisations? Well, the Coronavirus Facts Alliance is run by something which calls itself ‘the international fact checking network’ (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute in the USA and this works through the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership which was made possible by a generous grant from Craig Newmark Philanthropies. Craig Newmark is the bloke who set up Craigslist. This seems to me to be a very pointy pyramid.

    ByteDance is a Chinese internet tech company headquartered in Beijing and domiciled in the Cayman Islands. I can tell you no more.

    The writer of the piece at Lead Stories was not, as you might hope, a professor of cardiology or even a doctor or even a nurse but a woman called Alexis Tereszcuk who spent over a decade breaking hard news and celebrity scoop with something called radaronline and a magazine called US Weekly. As the entertainment editor she investigated Hollywood stories and conducted interviews with A list celebrities and reality stars. She is apparently known for her work on ‘The Gossip Queens’ and ‘Most Shocking Reality TV Moments’.

    Alexis says that the abstract I quoted in my video does not make claims of death from the covid vaccine nor does it assert that covid vaccines should be halted. True. I interpreted and commented on the evidence. That’s what I do and what I’ve been doing for over 50 weary years.

    She then goes on to say, referring to the paper I quoted, that ‘their preliminary experiment shows an increase in endothelial inflammatory markers’.

    The key word here is experiment.

    And the point that she perhaps doesn’t understand – despite that background of interviewing reality TV stars and celebrities – is that when serious problems appear with an experiment you should look seriously and if there is also evidence of deaths then you stop the experiment.

    This same woman also previously criticised a video in which I proved conclusively that covid-19 has a mortality rate similar to the flu.

    As proof for her assertion she says that the number of who people died in the US from covid-19 was 594,000 as of May 31st 2021 which is almost 10 times as many as died in the 2017-8 flu season.

    Now this is utterly bizarre.

    First, I suspect, she may have mixed the word ‘from’ with the word ‘with’. Both are four letter words so that’s understandable.

    Second she is comparing lemons to sandals. I wrote about UK figures. She’s using US figures.

    Third the figure of 594,000, is generally recognised as being a massive exaggeration because of the habit of putting people down as dying from covid when they also had co-morbidities.

    Fourth, she is comparing the total from the end of 2019 to the end of May 2021 – that’s nearly 18 months and she’s comparing it with a six month flu season which she selected.

    Fifth, why pick the figures for 2017-18?

    Maybe Alexis should go back to writing about minor royals and reality television. But maybe Facebook pays better.

    Next there is something called Logically which says it is a technology company with one of the world’s largest dedicated fact checking teams. But then, to paraphrase Mandy Rice Davies ‘they would say that wouldn’t they’.

    The majority shareholder of Logically is someone called Lyric Jain who is 25-years-old and describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. Logically also secured funding from Massachusetts Institute of Technology through an investment grant which supports student founded businesses.

    Mr Jain is the only person with significant control of Logically. He says he used his own boot-strapped savings, whatever that is, private equity money and money from the fairly small family business of Eliza Tinsley which sells fencing, ropes, gate fittings and straps and ties.

    Logically is variously said to have 90, 70 or 25 fact checkers and several in house journalists. I couldn’t really confirm any of that. The fact checking team was said to be in India. It’s difficult to find.

    Logically describes me as ‘a noted spreader of health misinformation’ – which is about as libellous as you can get, and complains that the abstract which I quoted contains several typographical errors. Wow. If I thought Lyric had enough money to make it worthwhile I’d sue them. I’d win but my fear is that I might end up with a huge legal bill.

    Logically complains that the sample size of 566 people in the paper is extremely small. This will come as a big surprise to drug companies. I’ve seen studies published on a hundredth of that. I’ve seen drugs put on the market with no human experimentation at all – just animals.

    The report was written by Ernie. No idea of name or qualifications. There is no list of writers or their backgrounds. Ernie might be a giraffe for all I know.

    Ernie the fact checker has also written a fact checking report attacking the idea that people wearing face masks breathe in more carbon dioxide.

    His or her evidence is that CO2 molecules are much smaller than the holes in masks and so the CO2 goes through easily.

    This is a really stupid argument because the mask material is clearly still preventing most of the airflow.

    That seems to be it for Ernie.

    He doesn’t quote any scientific papers – my book on masks has scores of scientific references he could have looked at. And he doesn’t seem to be aware of the scientific evidence showing that mask wearers end up with high carbon dioxide levels – and low oxygen levels.

    The truth, of course, is that masks do more harm than good. Even Dr Fauci and Dr Whitty agreed that the darned things are no more than virtue signalling.

    Ernie’s 0 out of 10 attempt at fact checking is merely helping to sustain the government’s lies.

    Logically has an office in London at 12 Soho Square which is apparently one of those buildings where you can rent offices by the square foot. I checked out the building but couldn’t find any mention of Logically but I’m sure they are there somewhere.

    A third fact checker I saw is called Institute for Strategic Dialogue which has a headline entitled ‘How Facebook’s failure to remove false content allows covid-19 misinformation to spread’.

    This report was written by Aoife Gallagher who was a journalist with the online news agency Storyul and has completed an MA in journalism from TU Dublin. TU Dublin is Technological University Dublin. She seems from her posts to have a pro-vaccine outlook but, hey, I could be wrong.

    Aoife studied the World Doctors Alliance on Facebook and words like false information appeared. The WDA is an organisation of which I am a member – it is a group of several thousand medical people probably infinitely more qualified than all the world’s fact checkers put together.

    WDA apparently has 550,000 followers on Facebook and I’m guessing Aoife thinks this is a bad thing. But if she does have a pro-vaccine outlook perhaps that isn’t the best starting point for an independent fact checker.

    Now ISD grew out of the Club of Three and they have a list of funders.

    And the top name on the list – which may be alphabetical and probably is – is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    ISD also receive money from Facebook, Google and Microsoft and YouTube, the UK Home Office, the US state department and the United Nations.

    Just how you can claim to be an independent fact checker when your income comes from people like that is a mystery to me.

    There’s one thing that’s odd.

    ISD has a graph of followers of Facebook pages associated with the World Doctors Alliance to show the influence the WDA and its followers have.

    And I am number 6 on the list.

    Which is odd, and a bit of a mystery to me, because I don’t have a Facebook page. Indeed, I’ve never even been on Facebook (I’m not allowed in through the door). Facebook banned me from joining in the spring of 2020 saying that I was a threat to their community, though just what sort of a threat they considered me to be they didn’t say.

    Vernon Coleman’s book Endgame explains how we got here and where Schwab and his chums want to take us. Endgame is available as a laminated hardback, a paperback and an eBook.

  2. How Elon Musk Stacks Up Against Klaus Schwab And The WEF

    Posted on


    Patrick Wood

    Patrick Wood is a leading and critical expert on Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Agenda 21, 2030 Agenda and historic Technocracy. He is the author of Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation (2015) and co-author of Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II (1978-1980) with the late Antony C. Sutton.
  3. The Murder of David Dees

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    Excerpt from Article by Greg Caton June 14 2020

    Born July 9, 1957, David was for years a freelance illustrator before creating the artwork that would make him famous -- (or infamous, if you're one of his detractors). His brilliance was evident quite early. The son of an advanced mathematics teacher, Dees won numerous math awards and was given a free scholarship to Emory University. However, David's initial awakening came from a place completely divorced from the world of mathematics or illustration. In 1992 David was put in contact with a gifted spiritual healer in the Philippines, named Rev. Alex L. Orbito. Wrestling with a growth for which conventional doctors were not able to offer any meaningful cure, David flew to the Philippines to seek out Orbito. He was 35 years old.

    Orbito was one of a rarified breed of practitioners that are variously referred to as "psychic surgeons." While performing this art, Orbito was able to remove the growth without use of a knife or other surgical instrument -- and it is a growth that never returned. David did, however. He came back to the Philippines just to visit in 1994, ever grateful for Orbito's miraculous assistance -- using an art that the censors at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will insist does not exist and never has.


    Later, Dees worked for Sesame Street Magazine in the early 2000s, and then started researching the events surrounding "911." Aghast at how completely absurd the official narrative was -- and even more that the majority of people were gullible enough to believe it -- he felt inspired to turn his considerable talent as an illustrator into posting "political art." At the time, David was living in Sweden, having moved to Europe in 2003. As his political hobby progressed and his artwork became popular, David was eventually targeted. In 2010 he began to experience unusual events that are common to "truthers" who become popular and attract too much attention.




    In 2012 political pressure was applied to kick David out of Sweden entirely, and in fact, he was. But just prior to that, in 2011, I was introduced to David through a mutual friend, Jeff Rense. Fast forward nine years later, Jeff faithfully attended to David at a hospice facility until the very end -- and, in fact -- Jeff visited David the night before he passed. Rense has set up a David Dees tribute page, with 97 high quality, expandable illustrations -- a small selection of David's vast creations.




    In late 2018, a mutual friend in New Orleans called me to ask if I was concerned about unusual comments David was making about his diet. Despite the fact that David and I chatted all the time on Skype, he had not made these particular statements to me. As one example, he noted that whenever he ate fruit, he'd have a horrific candida outbreak -- which, of course, is not normal. I had been aware for some time that David was being "targeted," and I stated above, this is something that began in 2010. One of the telltale signs that someone is being "targeted" is that you see pathogenic anomalies that are rare -- if not non-existent -- in naturally occurring diseases.

    At about the same time, David began reporting that he felt he was being targeted, perhaps via direct energy weaponry, with which I am very familiar. At the end of 2018, David made plans to visit us in Ecuador. He said he felt "they" were going to soon kill him. He sent letters out to all his fans talking about moving to Ecuador. Now you know the real reason. He was already experiencing "voices inside my head," which you can't discuss with too many people, or they'll think you're crazy, but I'm quite familiar with that technology, as well. In fact, I have encountered several people who were either whistleblowers or had held very sensitive information, who were so victimized by this technology.


    When I asked what these programmed "voices" were telling him, he indicated that the "voices" were telling him that if he didn't stop producing political artwork, he would be eliminated. (Earlier, David had taken a "hiatus" from producing political art, claiming that he was tired of the harassment. Once he stopped producing art of a politically sensitive nature, the harassment stopped. Nonetheless, the siren call to create more "enlightening artwork" never left him. Next, he used my Cansema Black Salve to get rid of a skin cancer that had been bothering him, which provided part of the inspiration for my next project -- speaking of which:
    About the same time that he began working on the artwork for my book, Black Salve, he began producing more political artwork for other clients. And so the harassment resumed. David wasn't willing to "listen" to the voices anymore. Now you know the end result. My good friend and NASA astronaut, Dr. Brian O'Leary, died in the same manner -- namely, electromagneticallly induced cancer. There are a variety of electromagnetic agents -- a form of DEW (direct energy weaponry -- the same technology used to create these horrific fires we've been seeing on the West Coast over the past few years -- which they employ to take out selected individuals, families and even entire communities). For these types of cancers, there is no cure. Nor will there ever be a cure. No more than there would ever be a cure to getting shot in the heart with a 45 calibre bullet. These are not naturally occurring diseases.
    David then said he wanted to get out of the U.S. and didn't feel safe there anymore. So he took a flight down to visit me in January (2019), at which point he stayed for a week. I went with him personally to visit my Ecuadorian immigration lawyer to get the paperwork started. The trip seemed strained, and my wife and I got the distinct sense that he felt out of place. He found the prospect of having to learn a new lanugage (obviously, Spanish), at the age of 61 to be an unexpected challenge. (He had already become functional in Swedish while living in Sweden -- a skill not terribly useful anywhere else.) In David's defense, he had placed so much focus on trying to find a place on earth where he'd just be left alone, that details that would have occurred to most other people hadn't occurred yet to David. Knowing the burden that David was living with, I completely understood. Additionally, David was informed by my immigration lawyer that new rules were in place that would require him to go back and forth between the U.S. and Ecuador on repeated trips. This was because there were responsibilities that David had back in Oregon that would not allow him to stay in Ecuador until he got his permanent visa.
    When David got back to the States, he underwent an internal dialogue where -- as he put it -- he knew "I'm just going to stay here and go down with the ship." We worked intermittently throughout the rest of 2019, staying in regular touch, while I put the finishing touches on Black Salve.
    In early 2020, David began complaining about back pain. It wasn't until March -- just three months ago -- that he went in for extensive testing. It was then that he discovered that he had extensive melanoma which had already metastasized throughout the back. Because I already knew the signs of cancers that are not naturally-occurring, I had serious concerns about David's prognosis. Nonetheless, I had an assortment of naturopathic products shipped to David on the hope that the cancer could be arrested. In late March, David began calling one of our M.D. associates, indicating that an oncologist was highly recommending radiation therapy. Despite the reservations expressed by our associate, David relented anyway and went ahead with radiation therapy. His attitude was, "I'm in horrible pain now, even with pain medication. Radiation therapy has a horrible track record, but how much worse could the pain get?" He wasn't thinking about getting cured of cancer. He knew that wasn't going to happen. He was hoping that the pain might be alleviated.
    David's decline was quite predictably rapid thereafter. After March, it became too difficult for me to discuss what was happening. I got sucked up into the vortex of trying to preserve what was left of our business, and David was consumed with wrapping up his affairs -- knowing that he had accomplished the mission he came into this life to fulfill -- knowing that his life had been filled with meaning and purpose, and that others, like Jeff, would continue spreading the messages contained in his art. Our final Skype conversations are a testament to David's knowingness. That he knowingly gave his life so that others, through true knowledge of how the world works as revealed in his art, would be able to renew theirs. That there is nothing more essential to our humanity than seeing through the fake narratives that surround us -- and standing by our truths. That all the censorship in the world will not change reality. And most importantly -- as Socrates taught us more than 2,400 years ago -- "the unexamined life is not worth living."
    Below I have chosen three relatively recent excerpts taken from the many hundreds of written conversations I had with David over the years (to say nothing of our many phone converations). These excerpts support the more vital claims I have made in this essay:

    Above -- November 23: This is an excerpt of a conversation we had last November. On multiple levels, David felt that he would be "leaving" soon, although he didn't know how and it would, in fact, be three and a half months before he was diagnosed with cancer. [Like all the images in this essay, click to enlarge.]

    Above -- March 8, 2020 This is the message I received from David right after he got diagnosed. By now, David demonstrates a keen awareness that he's dying, that it is artificially induced -- ("I failed to consider how the parasite controllers cancer out people all the time."). Spirits on the other side are aware as well, as David is being visited by deceased friends from the other side -- something that occurred to numerous, now-deceased members of my own family prior to passing.

    Above -- March 9, 2020: Around the same time that David was diagnosed, I became deathly ill with a flu with a completely uncommon symptomology. It wouldn't be until a little later that I realized that I had managed to get fully-blown CoVid. The worst of it lasted only two days in the beginning (March 5 and 6), and I never lost a day of work. The reason for this is because I already knew how to cure CoVid and had the good sense to know that the public was being scammed into "vaccine mania." This is our second to final communication. On March 13, David wrote to thank me for sending the products. I asked him to get back to me if he had any questions. A return reply was never received.


    Strangely, reports of David's death appeared almost immediately in varous mainstream outlets upon his passing, as if they were monitoring his situation. For example, it appeared right away in David's RationalWiki bio, which attempts to portray David as a complete nutjob with its usual cringe-worthy, sophomoric style. It's even worse than the politically-motivated, hatchet job they did on me in my Wikipedia biography.
    A couple points are worth noting in this regard. "Antisemitism" - First of all, David Dees was NOT anti-Jewish. (I won't use the term, anti-semitic, because it's just another bullshit intel agency word. Antisemitism actually means hostility towards Semites -- that is, those who speak a Semitic language. Since there are only about 9 million speakers of Hebrew in the world, compared to over 300 million speakers of Arabic -- both being Semitic languages -- you are actually indicating greater hatred towards Arabs when you call somebody an antisemite. Israel is the only country where Hebrew is the official language. By contrast, Arabic is the official language of the Arab League, which consists of 22 nation states, to say nothing of all the Arabic speakers in other countries. The very use of the term is an imbecilic negation of its etymology. If somebody has an irrational hatred of Jews, they should just be called anti-Jewish.Though David could at times be fast and loose with his use of language, what his artwork targeted specifically was the Luciferian manifestations of Zionism. As Joe Biden so famously declared, "You don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I AM a Zionist," which is another way of saying, "You don't have to be a Jew to worship Satan." (Go to 0.56 to hear Joe Biden make this declaration -- note that this is before he began suffering from severe dementia and could barely remember his own name.)
    Conversely, just because you're a Jew doesn't mean you're a worshipper of Lucifer. I discuss this in my book, The Joys of Psychopathocracy, Chapter 5. The first woman I was ever engaged to, my first wife (a different woman), my business partner in Guayaquil from 2007 to 2011, my current business associate in Poland, and NUMEROUS personal friends are all Jewish. Jews are woven into the fabric of my entire life and have had a huge impact on my career. None of them were Zionists, none of them were Satan worshippers, and all of them were good people. If anything, my critics are more likely to label me an incorrigible Jew-lover. My personal opinion is that Jews have gotten a bad rap -- with Satanists using the Jewish race to shield themselves from criticism. If pressed on this point, I do not believe that David would have disagreed, and I knew him well.
    "Dees believes in all conspiracies." If the shoe fits, wear it. So called "conspiracy theorists" are not wacky. Throughout my career, I have seen that the "conspiracy theory" of one generation is the "indisputable historical fact" of the next. Moreover, to say that David embraced all conspiracy theories is patently untrue. There are plenty of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that David would not have supported. However -- yes -- the more widely circulated conspiracy theories, the ones that Big Tech is working so assiduously to suppress and censor, are on the money. Are most of them confirmably true? Absolutely. The fake conspiracy theories are the ones that Big Tech does NOT suppress and which Dees left alone.

    The Political Art of David Dees - View the gallery on ConspiracyTruths