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Category: Mind Control

  1. Sally Writes... Mind Control

    Posted on

    By Sally Writes for Conspiracytruths.co.uk

    Protecting our Brains from Manipulation

    Some people immediately dismiss the idea of mind control. However, in June, scientists at the University of Zurich revealed scientific evidence that it is possible to control someone’s mind. They reported that electrical or transcranial magnetic stimulation to the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can manipulate the brain. For example, 60 percent of people that intended on lying told the truth after electrical stimulation. Could this be evidence of mind control? If so, what can we do to protect our brains? Here are three suggestions to help keep your brain sane.  

    Train Your Brain

    A way to avoid the effects of the electrical impulse is to train your brain. The University of Zurich study shows that people who don’t experience much neural activity in the prefrontal cortex, such as pathological liars were less likely to be manipulated. If you take more time to contemplate things such as lying, it opens your brain up to be taken. Therefore, you can challenge your mind by improving your memory and concentration, and also clearing your thoughts. Reaching a state of mediation through yoga or other mindfulness activities can strengthen the brain and help you regain control of your mind.

    Don’t Let Anyone Touch You

    If they can’t get to you, they can’t send electrical impulses into your brain. Not only this, but another kind of mind control was introduced in the 70s called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This programming can influence people based on mirroring and trances triggered by the senses. Therefore, be extremely wary of people copying your body language as they will mirror it and change certain movements to see if you follow. They will also try to touch you to anchor you into a certain state that they can then recreate later by using the same touch.

    Avoid Excessive Cell Phone Use

    Although your cell phone is a lot less powerful than transcranial magnetic stimulation, science has proven that these signals can also manipulate your brain. A study of 120 men and women using a Nokia 6110 cell phone showed that the phone’s transmissions boosted alpha waves in people’s brains. These waves are associated with arousal and attention, and if manipulated can change someone’s focus.

    Mind control may have jumped straight from your television screen and into reality. Therefore, it is important that you take the necessary steps to control your environment and strengthen your mind to avoid a take over.




    Expect a lot more on the subject of Mind Control to come...

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  2. Bin Laden Press photos FAKE, many claim he has been dead for years

    Posted on

    So the CIA asset Tim Osman, (a.k.a. Usama Bin Laden)  is dead. I was immediately suspicious.  I'll keep looking into it but for now I've already found this interesting topic surrounding a fake photo being used by the press.  The news of Bin Laden's death comes as no surprise to many - some people have been claiming he died through ill health as far back as 2002.  The real evidence is yet to be released and I suspect the truth will be well covered whatever the reason behind his true death.  The initial story and public reaction is all that counts, at the hight of public interest the papers are all speculating and churning out what is quite literally utter bullshit.  Its only after the interest dies down that a truth can be formed as the facts are digested.  

    For instance, how many people believed that this was Bin Laden?

    osama binladen sun

    or this in the Mirror;

    osama dead mirror 

    or this one in the Mail;

    osama dead mail

    on the Telegraphs website;

    osama dead binladen telegraph

    Also broadcast on Sky TV and various other channels around the world, such as this one;

    osama-bin-laden-dead-pics TV shot

    The final picture is graphic, but then again the press were happy to put what they thought, or at least what they wanted us to think was, a dead mans face on the front of their paper.  They have all removed the images from the websites now that it has been outed as a fake.  In fact the picture has been circulating for some time and has been clearly photoshopped as you can now see.

    osama bin laden fake3

    Poor judgement by a lot of major media outlets? or deliberate manipulation of the mindless masses into believing the drivel that illuminati controlled media want us to believe? You decide...

    According to some reports, (on May 2nd), Bin Laden’s body has already been hastily “buried at sea,” meaning that the comic book story of his dramatic killing is based solely on the less than credible word of the U.S. government.

    You can also read up on Prison Planet about further ideas behind Osama's death here.

    and check out my 9/11 section too if you haven't already.