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Category: Fake News

  1. 'Journalist' Susie Boniface says you want to kill babies

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    I've just read one of the most shocking pieces of 'journalism' I have ever seen. I'm not linking it because it isn't worth giving it the clicks. I would have posted it, but it goes on, and on, and on... Also the Mirror, where it is posted is just a huge advertising company and you can hardly read the article for adverts. It's very unappealing to a reader, but then the content is junk too.

    Susie Boniface (writing for the Mirror) says that anti-vaxxers want to kill babies, and everyone else. She repeatedly compares conspiracy theorists to the Taliban. Not that Susie would know anything about the real Taliban, but that’s quite an insult considering she is one of the ill-informed idiots who goes around promoting the idea that the Taliban were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. So, according to this terrible excuse of a journalist, not wanting to have a cocktail of unknown substances injected into your body as part of a mass experiment is worse that murdering 3000 people. Let’s not even discuss the fact that Susie has failed to do her job and highlight that Covid-19 has never been proven to exist, she also failed to do her job and report the Midazolam scandal which saw thousands of elderly care home residents murdered by government policy and she continues to fail at her job every day that she continues to ignore the facts and report the misinformation that her corrupt employer is paid to peddle.

    Furthermore Susie, if this was a decent piece of journalism perhaps you would have used at least part of your article to constructively and scientifically prove these 'theories' to be untrue as you claim, but nope, you fail again, and simply spend the entire article claiming that anyone not repeating the mainstream narrative is mentally ill, needs to be classed as a terrorist, arrested, medicated and re-educated. Jesus Christ Susie, are you a full blown Nazi??

    To be a successful journalist you must be utterly clueless, have no opinion of your own, and most importantly, not have the ability to think, this is clearly why Susie Boniface 'The Fleet Street Fox' is so successful, I bet she dribbles too. 

    Susie has not considered the various facts, but then she does call herself a journalist, and at her level, this means repeating outright lies to fit whatever narrative you're being paid to push. And she is paid well apparently. But you'd have to be paid well to turn against other human beings and encourage them to do something that could kill them or leave them seriously unwell. How much is a life worth Susie? 

    Susie must think she is such a great journalist that she will be saved by the elite when it comes to it... No Susie, you and your family are as much targets as the rest of us, there's certainly nothing special about you. 

    It will be people like Susie who are eventually put on trial and locked up for their part in all of this. She has been misreporting the truth and promoting government propaganda like a true Nazi for 20 years. While she can call people like me a terrorist, in her heart she must know the truth, and Susie, it is you who has to live with that everyday. So, I pitty you. 

    Her email address is [email protected]

    Perhaps we can educate Susie on the truth about covid. Let’s not sink to her level and send any abuse about her being mentally ill, we can actually be constructive and use what is called evidence. Not that I think Susie would know what that is - her career as a journalist has been spent working mostly freelance for what are reffered to as the 'comics of newspapers' in the UK. She's written a book, which is hilariously reviewed by the Financial Times here.  All in all she sounds like quite a nasty, bitter drunk who hasn't gotten over the fact that her husband, who she calls Twatface, cheated on her. I wonder why?

  2. British SAS Special Forces ‘Dressed Up As ISIS Rebels’ Fighting Assad in Syria

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    British SAS Special Forces ‘Dressed Up As ISIS Rebels’ Fighting Assad in Syria

    Source: http://gmmuk.com/british-sas-special-forces-dressed-up-as-isis-rebels-fighting-assad-in-syria/


    How much more evidence do we need for someone to say the truth about Cameron & ISIS?Quite how Cameron is not behind bars awaiting trial for Treason I’ll never know. We told him we did not want our armed forces to be involved in Syria. Parliament voted on it & for once, reflected our view. So what does Cameron do? He goes ahead & employs our armed forces anyway, WITHOUT TELLING US! SO WHY’S THIS PIECE OF SHIT NOT IN JAIL? Also when is anyone going to ask – WHY ARE WE FIGHTING WARS THAT ONLY ISRAEL WANTS? Here are two links which at the very least is damning evidence – Cameron has committed Treason.






    Can’t destroy ISIS eh? Now how can that possibly be? America can destroy the whole world 50 times over. They have missiles with pin-point accuracy; they have Drones; they have total control of air space; they have the most sophisticated spy satellites that can tell them exactly where ISIS are. How do you think the media show us maps specifically marking land ISIS has taken over? SO WHY IN THE BLAZES IS THE ZIONIST CONTROLLED MEDIA TURNING A BLIND EYE TO SUCH GLARING ANOMALIES & INSTEAD CONTINUE TO FEED THE PUBLIC A NARRATIVE THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE?


    Jihadi John's Day Off


    Do I really have to say no one should be above the law? Let me make one thing clear – we will pay a massive price if we keep allowing this crook to do as he pleases. He deserves a firing squad & you know something – he knows that’s what he’ll get if justice is served!  Don’t you think he knows he’s not fighting terrorism. HE’S AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT! He’s an integral reason ISIS exists, so what do you think he’s going to do to make sure he’s never put in the dock? Well, he actually had the nerve to tell everyone, at the UN no less. Speak the truth about 9/11, Israel or him & you will be considered as dangerous as an ISIS terrorist. Yes. The band of mercenary thugs the US, UK & Israel created. Now you know why.


    “And we should be uncompromising – using all the means at our disposal – including military force – to hunt down these extremists …”

    That does include their commanders, right Mr. Cameron?




    Here. Still not convinced – ISIS: THE FIRST EVER ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUP THAT IS BLIND AS A BAT! So far a few million Arabs & Muslims, Christians too have been slaughtered. Israeli dead – 0. Attacks on Israel – 0. Who is the only country gaining from all this mayhem – ISRAEL…….. OH BUT THOSE TERRIBLE ISLAMIC TERRORIST! 


    Who's the terrorist!


    We have no interest in destroying Syria. I’ll be perfectly blunt – if you actually believe we’re fighting terrorism, please. Go to the nearest mirror. Take a long hard look at yourself & repeat after me – “I am looking at someone who has the brains of a rocking horse.


    Who is Isis


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  3. Syria's Chemical Weapon Charade

    Posted on

    I was sent a link to a short video by a friend and thought it was worth including it on the site...

    Personally I haven't been following the propaganda in the mainstream media surrounding Syria and this video quite nicely supports the reason I don't bother to keep up to date with the stories that are spun, because mostly they are just that, stories. This video shows revealing footage to suggest that mainstream media outlets have been involved in fabricating chemical attacks in Syria using actors and props to create what is then relayed to the general public as genuine 'news' by major outlets such as the BBC. 

    The video is around 13 minutes long and worth watching so please watch and share.