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Category: Terrorism

  1. Bin Laden Press photos FAKE, many claim he has been dead for years

    Posted on

    So the CIA asset Tim Osman, (a.k.a. Usama Bin Laden)  is dead. I was immediately suspicious.  I'll keep looking into it but for now I've already found this interesting topic surrounding a fake photo being used by the press.  The news of Bin Laden's death comes as no surprise to many - some people have been claiming he died through ill health as far back as 2002.  The real evidence is yet to be released and I suspect the truth will be well covered whatever the reason behind his true death.  The initial story and public reaction is all that counts, at the hight of public interest the papers are all speculating and churning out what is quite literally utter bullshit.  Its only after the interest dies down that a truth can be formed as the facts are digested.  

    For instance, how many people believed that this was Bin Laden?

    osama binladen sun

    or this in the Mirror;

    osama dead mirror 

    or this one in the Mail;

    osama dead mail

    on the Telegraphs website;

    osama dead binladen telegraph

    Also broadcast on Sky TV and various other channels around the world, such as this one;

    osama-bin-laden-dead-pics TV shot

    The final picture is graphic, but then again the press were happy to put what they thought, or at least what they wanted us to think was, a dead mans face on the front of their paper.  They have all removed the images from the websites now that it has been outed as a fake.  In fact the picture has been circulating for some time and has been clearly photoshopped as you can now see.

    osama bin laden fake3

    Poor judgement by a lot of major media outlets? or deliberate manipulation of the mindless masses into believing the drivel that illuminati controlled media want us to believe? You decide...

    According to some reports, (on May 2nd), Bin Laden’s body has already been hastily “buried at sea,” meaning that the comic book story of his dramatic killing is based solely on the less than credible word of the U.S. government.

    You can also read up on Prison Planet about further ideas behind Osama's death here.

    and check out my 9/11 section too if you haven't already. 


  2. David Kelly and WMD evidence -Top Secret

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    Evidence concerning the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly has been covertly classified as Top Secret and will not be released for at least 70 years.  Dr Kelly was found dead in mysterious circumstances in July 2003 after revealing Iraq had no Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

    Why keep this information secret, and not want the public to know it had been classified as top secret: because they have something to hide. 

    Vital evidence which could solve the mystery of the death of Government weapons inspector Dr David Kelly will be kept under wraps for up to 70 years.

    In a draconian – and highly unusual – order, Lord Hutton, the peer who chaired the controversial inquiry into the Dr Kelly scandal, has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem, and unpublished evidence.

    The move, which will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly’s death, comes just days before Tony Blair appears before the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

    It is also bound to revive claims of an establishment cover-up and fresh questions about the verdict that Dr Kelly killed himself.

    Whistle-blower: Dr Kelly died after casting doubt on Government claims about Saddam's weapons

    Tonight, Dr Michael Powers QC, a doctor campaigning to overturn the Hutton findings, said: ‘What is it about David Kelly’s death which is so secret as to justify these reports being kept out of the public domain for 70 years?’

    Campaigning Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who has also questioned the verdict that Dr Kelly committed suicide, said: ‘It is astonishing this is the first we’ve known about this decision by Lord Hutton and even more astonishing he should have seen fit to hide this material away.’

    The body of former United Nations weapons inspector Dr Kelly was found in July 2003 in woods close to his Oxfordshire home, shortly after he was exposed as the source of a BBC news report questioning the Government’s claims that Saddam Hussein had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, which could be deployed within 45 minutes.

    Lord Hutton’s 2004 report, commissioned by Mr Blair, concluded that Dr Kelly killed himself by cutting his wrist with a blunt gardening knife.
    It was dismissed by many experts as a whitewash for clearing the Government of any culpability, despite evidence that it had leaked Dr Kelly’s name in an attempt to smear him.

    Only now has it emerged that a year after his inquiry was completed, Lord Hutton took unprecedented action to ensure that the vital evidence remains a state secret for so long.

    A letter, leaked to The Mail on Sunday, revealed that a 30-year ban was placed on ‘records provided [which were] not produced in evidence’. This is thought to refer to witness statements given to the inquiry which were not disclosed at the time.

    In addition, it has now been established that Lord Hutton ordered all medical reports – including the post-mortem findings by pathologist Dr Nicholas Hunt and photographs of Dr Kelly’s body – to remain classified information for 70 years.

    The move will stoke fresh speculation about the true circumstances of Dr Kelly's death

    The normal rules on post-mortems allow close relatives and ‘properly interested persons’ to apply to see a copy of the report and to ‘inspect’ other documents. Lord Hutton’s measure has overridden these rules, so the files will not be opened until all such people are likely to be dead. Last night, the Ministry of Justice was unable to explain the legal basis for Lord Hutton’s order.

    The restrictions came to light in a letter from the legal team of Oxfordshire County Council to a group of doctors who are challenging the Hutton verdict.

    Last year, a group of doctors, including Dr Powers, compiled a medical dossier as part of their legal challenge to the Hutton verdict. They argue that Hutton’s conclusion that Dr Kelly killed himself by severing the ulnar artery in his left wrist after taking an overdose of prescription painkillers is untenable because the artery is small and difficult to access, and severing it could not have caused death.

    In their 12-page opinion, they concluded: ‘The bleeding from Dr Kelly’s ulnar artery is highly unlikely to have been so voluminous and rapid that it was the cause of death. We advise the instructing solicitors to obtain the autopsy reports so that the concerns of a group of properly interested medical specialists can be answered.’

    Tonight, Dr Powers, a former assistant coroner, added: ‘Supposedly all evidence relevant to the cause of death has been heard in public at the time of Lord Hutton’s inquiry. If these secret reports support the suicide finding, what could they contain that could be so sensitive?’

    The letter disclosing the 70-year restriction was written by Nick Graham, assistant head of legal and democratic services at Oxfordshire Council.

    It states: ‘Lord Hutton made a request for the records provided to the inquiry, not produced in evidence, to be closed for 30 years, and that medical (including post-mortem) reports and photographs be closed for 70 years.’

    Nicholas Gardiner, the Chief Coroner for Oxfordshire, confirmed that he had seen the letter. Lord Hutton has secretly barred the release of all medical records, including the results of the post mortem

    Speaking to The Mail on Sunday today, he said: ‘I know that Lord Hutton made that recommendation. Someone told me at the time. Anybody concerned will be dead by then, and that is quite clearly Lord Hutton’s intention.’

    Asked what was in the records that made it necessary for them to be embargoed, Mr Gardiner said: ‘They’re Lord Hutton’s records not mine. You’d have to ask him.’

    He added that in his opinion Lord Hutton had embargoed the records to protect Dr Kelly’s children.

    The inquest into Dr Kelly’s death was suspended before it could begin by the then Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer. He used the Coroners Act to designate the Hutton Inquiry as ‘fulfilling the function of an inquest’.

    News that the records will be kept secret comes just days before Mr Blair gives evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry on Friday.

    To date, Dr Kelly’s name has scarcely been mentioned at the inquiry. One source who held a private meeting with Sir John Chilcot before the proceedings began said that Sir John had admitted he ‘did not want to touch the Kelly issue’ .

    A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice said: ‘Any decision made by Lord Hutton at the time of his inquiry was entirely a matter for him.’

    A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said yesterday that it would not be possible to search their records during the weekend.