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Mock shooting in UK School

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While I was researching some information regarding the latest plans to cut history teaching in schools I found an article on the telegraph website relating to a mock shooting at a School in England, this immediately reminded me of a story I had read about involving similar scenarios in schools in America.

The recent event at Blackminster Middle School in Evesham left children between 10 and 13 traumatised after a mock shooting. The kids were ushered out to the playground during a fire drill when a man appeared brandishing a gun and appeared to shoot dead their science teacher, Richard Kent.
Other school staff involved in the sick act rushed to the teacher's aid and pretended to try to resuscitate him. There was a delay of 10 minutes before weeping pupils were taken back to the assembly hall where teachers explained that the pretend shooting had been laid on as part of a science lesson.

Ok, now this is an isolated case as far as the UK goes, and on the surface at least its not that sinister either, more of a bad decision by a stupid teacher who hadn't considered the effect that it may have had on the pupils I'd say. But this is happening in America in far more unbelievable scenarios. In some schools like Lee Middle in Wyoming, Michigan, they have 'drills' in which armed police officers burst into the room pointing their guns at the students' heads, some kids get so scared they literally wet themselves. Just think of the lasting effects this kind of trauma can have on a young mind, its sick to think that this goes on.

As always this is just a tiny, tiny part of what I will eventually write about education and schools/universities, not to mention nurseries.  For example kindercare in the US.  Now there's some sick shit going on there.