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GPs sound alarm over Super-cold!

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According to an article in the express in the UK this week Health experts have said the NHS could be overwhelmed in the next few months, the article blames isolating, frequent hand-washing and face-coverings for reducing the public's immunity to influenza and other bugs.  They are now calling this the "super-cold". People are already reporting that they are feeling the effects of "the worst cold they have ever had." Not coincidentally of course, most of the people complaining about the Super-cold are those who have already been vaccinated.

Now, I do not disagree that immune systems have been weakened by lockdowns, in fact I said this publically from the very start. However, the super cold they are talking about is going to be among the vaccinated because it is a direct result of the vaccinations themselves. It has nothing to do with isolating and washing your hands.

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