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Anti-lockdown, anti-mask, anti-mandated vaccines MP David Amess Murdered

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Sir David Amess, a Conservative MP since 1983, was stabbed multiple times as he held a regular Friday meeting with constituents at Belfairs Methodist Church in Leigh-on-Sea. The MP died while receiving treatment soon after the attack on 15/10/21.

The man arrested by police has been named as 25-year-old Ali Harbi Ali who is being held under the Terrorism Act. The BBC report that Ali was previously referred to the counterterrorist Prevent scheme, which aims to stop people becoming radicalised, but he was never a formal subject of interest to MI5.

The murder of David Amess was horrific and unacceptable, in no way can this be condoned or justified. My thoughts are with his friends and family following this tragic incident.

However, the cynic in me can’t help but wonder if this was a false flag operation. I don’t believe this is terrorist related, unless you’re referring to the government who are often the actual perpetrators of such attacks. From my experience I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that an MP would be ‘sacrificed’ to allow the government to introduce stricter rules to protect themselves. Further investigation shows that there were plenty of reasons why the Government may have targeted Amess for removal and raises the question, was he murdered by the government because he didnt fully support their agenda?

It is possible that Amess was targeted to be killed because of his seemingly good nature and strong following, this allows for maximum sympathetic response from the public which in turn helps to support the suggestion that they should be more protected. But I feel this is only part of the story and the bigger picture starts to appear when you realise David Amess was against mandating mask wearing and against mandating vaccines, he was also vocal about his feelings toward the negative impact of lockdowns and the fact that care homes were ‘sacrificed’ in the first lockdown.

David Amess called the move to make masks mandatory a “huge infringement of people’s civil liberties” and said it should be left to the community to stop the spread of the virus. (Source). 

Sir David said: “Ever since the pandemic started the government has consistently said that they are following scientific advice. It would appear that the scientists have now advised the government that this is the right time for people to wear face masks in shops. Whilst many people are already choosing to wear face masks, it is obviously a huge infringement of people’s civil liberties. I believe it will be difficult to enforce and must be left to people’s common sense and the community spirit to try and stop the spread of infection and save lives.”

In an article by Echo-news David Amess slammed the announcement by Boris Johnson that England will go into a second lockdown as "shambolic"

"That should not happen again. Of course, I understand that we are following the advice of the scientists, but it is the politicians who decide. I want much more clarity on the overall objective and strategy.

As many others have mentioned, care homes seemed to be sacrificed the last time we were in lockdown. Their residents are on very limited time, and we must ensure that full visiting rights are given to their relatives.

I am very glad that the schools are not now locking down, and I do hope that we will do our best to protect vulnerable children. With hope, our churches most certainly should stay open. The Catholic archbishops have called for the publication of the evidence behind the ban; I urge the government to publish it…

He added: "Not surprisingly, we are being inundated with emails from constituents telling us that we should not vote for another lockdown.

The British public have been extremely patient and forbearing, and most people have accepted the guidelines until now. There needs to be a coherent strategy for a return to normality—not the new normal, but the normality of pre-lockdown Britain.

The country, and particularly the economy, cannot exist in a state of suspended animation for much longer without long-term real damage."

Sir David also put his name to a petition for the Government NOT to roll out covid-19 vaccination passports back in 2020. This was debated in Parliament in March 2021 after picking up 375,209 signatures.

The media immediately jumped on the campaign of ‘increasing security for our MPs’, in fact, this was reported in the article I read as the events were still unfolding. While this may seem a logical step in the wake of the second murder of a UK MP within 5 years, it is also an interesting time to start protecting MPs and ‘putting them behind screens’ as one Labour MP, Diane Abbott, suggests.

What exactly have they got planned around the corner that will require such protection? Vaccine mandates, financial crisis, employment crisis, food, and energy shortages? Another winter lockdown? Or are they afraid people are realising these politicians have been lying to us about covid and have been playing with our health at the expense of lives and freedom in exchange for their own greedy profits? I think Hitler also bumped up security to stop people who disagreed with him, then put them into concentration camps. They’re planned too, and they will be set up as ‘re-education camps for extremists’ or ‘covid quarantine centres’.

The media are also branding the event as a ‘threat to our democracy’. Which would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. What democracy? All these supposed democratic MPs have towed the line as far as Covid-19 goes. Their false narrative, and/or failure to challenge it, has killed untold amounts of people and the evidence builds every day to have all these politicians put to trial Nuremberg style.

Government policy murdered thousands of elderly care home residents and then called it the first wave of covid deaths, now they are injuring and killing people with a deadly vaccine. They are the terrorists.

More people are waking up to the reality that we are living in a fascist Britain where politicians are paid for and not elected to represent. The same is obviously the case worldwide, no nation has escaped the madness that is covid-19 and the vaccine which is killing far more people than covid ever did.

In the light of the tragic events of last week, it is not the safety of politicians that remains under threat, it is the safety of those they are supposed to serve as measures are sure to be introduced to give them more security and protection than ever before. Meanwhile people have died, are dying and will die under their policy and are being coerced by them into taking a potentially deadly vaccine, which, by the way, is in direct violation of the Nuremberg code.