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Serial Paedophile Pope Francis demands censorship of 'conspiracy theories'

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Paedophile pope Francis has condemned conspiracy theories and hate speech, claiming it should be censored.

“In the name of God, I ask the technology giants to stop exploiting human weakness, people’s vulnerability, for the sake of profits without caring about the spread of hate speech, grooming, fake news, conspiracy theories, and political manipulation”

How much longer are we going to allow a paedophile ring to operate under the guise of a religious group? 

Pope Francis should be castrated with a blunt, rusty knife along with EVERY CATHOLIC PRIEST. It's not a religious group, it is a paedophile ring. What kind of brainless idiot would follow this religion even if you aren't a kiddy fiddler, you must know by now that these lot are - No one is that stupid are they? 

Way back in 2004 the BBC estimated that around 4000 priests have been found guilty of sexually abusing children in the last 50 years. That is just what has been found out about, what about all the rest? 

A damning inquiry found that some 216,000 children in France had been sexually abused by members of the clergy since 1950. Again, I'd say the true figures are way higher. 

At what point are we going to aknowledge the elephant in the room? These people are the most depraved, sickest and most evil people you will ever come across. They prey on vulnerable children and abuse them to the point of death. This is ritual satanic child abuse, it involves the sickest acts of sex, violence and murder. Every level of authority is involved from police to politicians and large religious groups like the Catholic Church, this is a world-wide paedophile ring on a scale you simply cannot begin to comprehend. The sole purpose of the Catholic Church is to abuse Children and it has been protected from persecution because all the authorities are involved at the top level. 

It took me literally seconds to find the following mainstream news articles:

Catholic Church child sexual abuse scandal

‘The pope ignored them’: Alleged abuse of deaf children on two continents points to Vatican failings

Pope John Paul II knew former Newark archbishop was having sex with seminarians before promoting him to cardinal in DC

Pope Francis sued by three Australians allegedly sexually assaulted by Melbourne paedophile priest Michael Glennon

‘Thousands of paedophiles’ in French Catholic Church since 1950

I could have written a book of links to stories just like these. There are endless accounts of child sexual abuse taking place within the Catholic Church. It's not even a conspiracy theory, it is an open secret. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT PRIESTS ABUSE CHILDREN JUST LIKE THE SUN RISES EVERYDAY. 

Why do we allow it to happen? What have you done about it?

Everyday children are abused and many also then brutally murdered by Satanic psychopaths. Pretending this doesn't happen, or finding it too hard to accept and therefore ignoring it doesn't make it go away. 

Survivor Jeanette Archer is one of many who claim to have been abused at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. Her story can be heard in the video linked below. This is not appropriate viewing for young people, so just imagine how awful it must be for children to experience it first hand.