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White-Washing the Midazolam Care Home Murders

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In a complete white-washing of the real mass murder that took place in care homes during the early stages of the pandemic, the mainstream media have been reporting that some policies were unlawful and led to patients contracting covid-19 and subsequently dying as a result.
This is utter rubbish, these patients were not left vulnerable to catching an imaginary virus, they were shifted out of hospital beds, (where they were placed because one has to assume they required hospital care), and then they were locked away in care homes where the same level of care could not be provided, where families could not visit them due to covid restrictions, and where they were then pumped full of the life ending drug Midazolam. They didn't get covid (which doesn't exist) - they were intentionally murdered by government policy and labelled the 'first wave of covid deaths'.

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So thats the real story, but here is the garbage that the Independent have reported:

Bereaved families and care groups said the High Court ruling proves there was no protective ring around care homes at the start of the pandemic.

Government policies on discharging hospital patients into care homes at the start of the coronavirus pandemic were “unlawful”, the High Court has ruled, undermining claims that a “protective ring” was put in place for the most vulnerable.

Two women who took legal action after their fathers died from Covid-19 – Cathy Gardner, whose father Michael Gibson died, and Fay Harris, whose father Donald died – partially succeeded in their claims against the Government on Wednesday.

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