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UK Nazi government to introduce laws to restrict ability to protest and challenge the government legally

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New laws (although they're not laws, they're statutes/legislation which is totally different) have been approved in the UK that will come into effect in 2023.

These 'laws' include:

Mandatory Voter ID - In an effort to tackle fraud, you won't be able to vote without showing photographic ID at polling stations. 

There were 34 reports of fraud at the polls in the whole of 2019 so you can appreciate the urgent need for this. Or is it really about introducing people to more forms of ID that could eventually become part of your digital ID that will also be linked to your financial transactions and vaccination status, determining if you are safe to enter facilities or travel, for example.

Perhaps more concerning is the inclusion of what seems to be a fairly poorly defined restriction on protesting:

Noisy protests being banned

The Police, Crime, Courts and Sentencing Bill will allow police to put more restrictions on 'noisy' marches that could cause 'serious disruption'.

What is the definition of noisy? Or serious disruption? They are totally open-ended meaning anyone protesting anything anywhere could be committing an offence just by opening their mouths.

Someone who 'resides on land' while causing noise could also be committing an offence.

This one is even more fantastic, my interpretation of this is that anyone who isn't totally silent is potentially committing an offence, that is of course unless they don't reside on land, then they can make noise I assume?

And how about this one:

Making it more difficult to fight the government legally

The Judicial Review and Courts Bill will, campaigners fear, restrict their ability to persuade courts to rule against government. The Public Law Project and Liberty spoke out against the plans, as did the Joint Committee on Human Rights.

What kind of freedom sees you unable to protest, even on your own private land, and virtually unable to challenge the government legally? No form of freedom would place these restrictions upon you. This is tyranny, and the only purpose of such restrictions is to stop you from protesting against injustice.