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BBC licence fee to be scrapped - Who was paying for it anyway?

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The BBC is set to scrap its £159 a year licence fee for watching live TV. Ministers have said they will set up a timetable to find a viable alternative in time for when the BBC’s current royal charter expires in 2027. (See article).

But the question that should be asked is who is paying this anyway and why?

I have not paid TV licence for well over a decade, and I have no issue declaring that I watch live TV. 

I simply wrote to them, explained we have no legally binding contract and I have no obligation to pay them and that on that basis they can go whistle for their licence fee. I also served them a notice which removed their implied right of access to come onto my property, so if they so much as ring my door bell they will be tresspassing and breaking the law, then I can call the police and have them removed.

It really is that easy.

After sending my letter they replied accepting that I didn't require a licence. 

Stop funding the BBC NOW!