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NHS caught changing advice on Monkeypox a few days before first cases identified

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The NHS has been caught quietly changing its advice on monkeypox.

NHS monkey change

Some people believe that when something is deleted or changed on a website it is gone forever, however, there are tools that allow you to search through old webpages even after they have been changed or even deleted. Using wayback machine I was able to verify some information shared on one of my social accounts.

In May 2022 the NHS updated their page on Monkeypox 125 times. Prior to this, it had not been altered since November 2021. You may say this is a reaction to the 'ongoing and developing situation', however, the first cases of Monkeypox were identified on 13th and 15th May 2022, the NHS started making alterations to its page on 7th May, and again on 8th, 9th and 10th, all before these cases were identified. (See here for all changes to the website page).

Up until the 24th May 2022 the website specifically stated "It's very uncommon to get monkeypox from a person with the infection because it does not spread easily between people."

However the website was updated at 08:28 on 24th May when this sentence disappeared and was replaced with the following "monkeypox can spread if there is close contact, you will need to be isolated if you're diagnosed with it".

There was previously no requirement to isolate, and it's rapidly changed from "uncommon to spread between people" to "monkeypox can spread if there is close contact".

They have also removed the sentence that stated it is "usually a mild illness that will get better on its own without treatment". 

I'm guessing they will tell us a vaccine is the only hope of ensuring our survival. 

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