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Susie Mesure, The Independent - Junk Journalism at its finest

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My review of Susie Mesure's junk journalism - (see here)

by Liam-michael:Roberts


Can you write a constructive review of a film by watching 20 minutes out of two hours?

Or review an album by hearing 3 out of 10 songs?

How about write a review of a book when you missed the first chapter, read the next two chapters and then left the next three chapters?

Of course not, it would be ludicrous. But this is how Independent on Sunday reporter Susie Mesure works.

In her ‘review’ (we’ll call it that so as not to offend her), she clearly states that she attended 2 hours out of what was a 12 hour day comprising of around 9 hours of information from David Icke at Wembley arena yesterday.

She egotistically tries to get one over on Icke by boasting,

“I – with my university degree – was left flummoxed because, try as I might, I couldn't understand what he was saying.”

Yes well that may be because you attended perhaps 20% of the talk and even turned up over 2 and a half hours after the start of the presentation, meaning she had missed all of the crucial underlying themes that would be referred back to throughout the course of the day.

The very fact she boasts about her university degree shows that she didn’t listen/get it/turn up in time to hear it/left to early to understand it. 

More attention is focused on David Ickes waist size and hairstyle in this review than what was actually said.  – So I assume it’s not a degree for constructive writing that you have Susie?

I read her review and was not at all surprised that she did not understand Icke and did not ‘get it’. I saw a film once, fell asleep after 20 minutes and woke up at the credits; I didn’t get that either, so I understand where she is coming from. 

Its just a shame that the Independent couldn’t have sent someone who was going to turn up on time, watch the whole thing and give its readers a fair, unbiased, critical review, now that could have been quite constructive. 

This is why I don’t buy any newspapers or watch news programs, because the people telling you ‘the truth’, or their opinions of it, have no bloody idea of what they are talking about.