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Phillip Schofield gives Cameron MP Paedophile Iist on live T.V. - I stand up and applaud you Phillip!

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"Downing Street attacks Phillip Schofield for ambushing Prime Minister with internet-sourced list of suspected paedophiles..."


Of course they are slamming him, because he is exposing what a dirty bunch of paedophiles the entire establishment is. The paedos that Tony Blair helped protect, like Gordon Brown and Cameron himself...




And to all those idiots who have slammed him for this, what are you doing to protect the hundreds and thousands of children being abused by these monsters? 


Cameron warns of a witch hunt for gays?  So is Cameron saying gays are paedophiles? Well i'm gay and I'm not a paedophile so I find that remark complete bollocks, I say Governments are paedophiles. Lets expose this shit, look at this list of convicted Members of Parliament