Vaccinations Part 4 - Cashing in

By Liam Roberts

Part 1 - History

Part 2 - Small pox and Spanish flu

Part 3 - Swine Flu of 1976 and 2009

Part 4 - Cashing in on Vaccinations

Part 5 - Scientific Evidence

Part 6 - Responsibility

Part 7 - Production


The government have been spending billions upon billions to protect us from swine flu.

Don't you wonder where all that money is going?

Drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline could be accused of cashing in on swine flu after it revealed its profits have risen 10% since the virus was identified. In July 2009 it announced profits of £2.1billion in the past three months. GSK chief executive Andrew Witty even admitted to the Daily Mail newspaper that the swine flu crisis would be a 'significant financial event for the company'.

In the Daily Mail article July 2009 Mr Witty said GSK had invested more than £1.5billion in research and equipment to produce the jab.

Sales of the Relenza inhaler is expected to top £600million

He admitted it was planning to charge the UK £6 a jab and denied reports it cost £1 to manufacture.

He says;

"We've been preparing and investing in something like this pandemic situation for a very long time. We've spent £1.2billion on vaccine technology in the last four years...
...we have been very proactive about making sure there is enough capacity to produce the huge number of vaccines required."

Basically GlaxoSmithKline has spent a fortune in research and equipment, some £3 billion plus, and in turn is recording massive profits from the administration of the vaccine which generates their sales.

I remain baffled by how he admits to have been preparing for something like this pandemic for "a very long time" and how they have been very proactive about making sure there is enough for the "huge number of vaccines required".

Sounds like they were suspiciously too well prepared to me. Though maybe not as well prepared as Baxter International and Novartis. Novartis had applied for the patent to the swine flu vaccine as long ago as 2005! Novartis had their patent approved in February 2009, 2 months before the first reported case, and Baxter applied in August 2008 and it came through in March 2009, still a month before we even knew anything about it!

In January 2010, while still writing this, the newspapers continue to report the massive profits drug companies are making;

"Cash tills are ringing at GlaxoSmithKline thanks to soaring demand for its swine flu vaccine Pandemrix, and Relenza, which treats the symptoms of the illness that has led to hundreds of deaths around the world.
Analysts predict a £1bn revenue windfall in 2010 as governments stockpile medicines designed to combat a possible pandemic.
(Richard Wachman in the Observer newspaper 10/01/10)

The Guardian newspaper reports that Baxter, the US pharmaceutical giant has also recently been accused of fraud amid allegations that it had overpriced medicines by as much as 1,300%.

Ministers signed deals worth an estimated £155 million with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Baxter for enough vaccine to protect the entire population during a pandemic!

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