By Liam-Michael Roberts

We are misled into believing we live in a material word. A world where success is measured by the size of your house, the cost of your car or even the brand of trainers your wearing. People live their lives in a state of depression because they haven't been successful according to the system that operates this view of materialism. Likewise for kids who are pressured into conforming to the latest trends or face bullying and ridicule.

This system of materialism is a calculated design fault within the bigger mind manipulation that I have been describing. It creates massive divisions of people, ultimately, those with, and those without.
Think what this means on a global scale, you have those who have expensive houses, several cars and a holiday home in Monaco living the high life and you have those who live on the streets, you have those with the education to succeed (at least by the systems standards) and those who have no education (therefore no chance by the systems standards), worse still, you have those who eat in fancy restaurants and eat 12 course meals at £500+ per head and you have those who would be grateful for 12 courses a month.

Materialism is bull shit. We are spiritual beings, having a human experience, we have become detached from our higher consciousness by allowing fear and manipulation to rule us, fear of being different, not up to societies standards or the odd one out. And because of this fear, people buy into the goods which will make them 'better people' or help them fit in with everyone else, or the most common mistake, because it will make them happy.
It won't. Ladies and Gentlemen, you won't find happiness on a shelf in Harrods.

A new car will make you happy when your driving it for the first time or when your showing it off to your mates, but will it make you happy when your driving it in 3 years time when other cars around are newer, better and equipped with the latest gadget? Probably not, so is that happiness? Is that fulfillment?
Getting to the end of your 35 year mortgage may seem like a nice weight off your shoulders, but is that enlightenment? Will you now have happiness or inner peace? No, just the means to buy more material goods which have a limited ability to make you truly happy like the car described before.

In Ancient history there is a common theme of oneness, unity, or consciousness
Purely by coincidence I stumbled upon a David Lynch talk recently, Lynch who is a well known film maker and Artist said at this talk, "consciousness is knowledge, information, enlightenment, peacefulness, happiness, its really beautiful."

What science is starting to understand now is that we are all consciousness, we are all infinite possibility and infinite knowledge. We live in a thought world, where you can literally create your own reality.
I've been learning a little bit about lucid dreaming recently which I feel ties in with this whole 'creating your own reality' idea perfectly. Lucid dreamers are able to be aware of when they are dreaming and can control their dreams, people who are able to lucid dream describe this as one the most unique experiences you can have. Dreaming is commonly regarded as being in a different state of consciousness than being awake, but if everything is consciousness and consciousness is one, how is an experience in a dream any less real than an experience in a waking state?

I'll come back to dreaming again at a later stage as I feel it is quite relevant.

Science, is slowly catching up with what many humans have been saying for thousands of years, everything at its core, is one, there is no you and I, simply, one.

  In particle physics and physical cosmology, the Planck scale is an energy scale. In terms of size, the Planck scale is unimaginably small (many orders of magnitude smaller than a proton). All the fundamental forces are unified at that scale. That is to say that the core basis of the universe is a single universal field of intelligence which connects gravity with electromagnetism with radioactivity with nuclear force and so on, so that all the forces of nature are one.

The manipulation on our consciousness has been happening for thousands of years. At this moment in time, some believe we are moving toward a great time of change. There are more people waking up now than at any other time, the internet has helped this to happen by providing us information, take a look at the huge amount of people doing exactly what I am with this website, exposing the lie we call life. As always I stress, I don't know it all, far from it, there is so much to know, and we're looking at my perception here, based on research and what you might call intuition, so take in the information, have a look for yourselves and make up your own mind.

The body is like a biological computer, its not you. Its your vehicle to experience the reality we call life. As we've looked at already, we are all consciousness, there is no you or I, but one, infinite consciousness. We've just forgotten this. We cannot become literally detached from being infinite consciousness, just detached from the awareness that this is what we are. We identify ourselves as being you or I, this is because of the illusion we perceive in our mind, and our minds have been programed for thousands of years to keep us from knowing that we are infinite consciousness, when we know, and truly understand this, we will be free. There are people who are experiencing this all over the world, and have been doing so for many centuries. This is where the lost cultures that were wiped out of existence by the many invasions in history come in. The culture, the tradition, and crucially the knowledge is lost. Although certainly not all has been lost.

The analogy researchers use to describe the human body as a computer is one which is quite fitting. Look at DNA and cells which make up the human body, they work like a hard drive, storing all the information about that persons genetic make-up which has been 'downloaded' through procreation.

When we are 'awake' our thoughts, emotions, movements and everything we do is the result of an electrochemical process in the brain whereby signals being sent to the brain are decoded into information and this becomes what we see, hear, smell, taste, touch and think. Something can be so real to taste in a dream because your brain is decoding the information and this same electrochemical reaction takes place in the brain telling you "this has a sour/sweet/spicy taste" for example. There is no difference in the brain function in a so called 'conscious' state to that of a dream state.

This is where we start getting a bit deeper. If we experience something in a dream, we accept when in our waking state that this experience didn't physically exist. But we believe that the world around us in our so called 'conscious' state does physically exist. And why do we believe that, because we can see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it. But this is a complete contradiction to the idea that our dream experiences don't physically exist. When dreaming we can see, feel, touch, taste and smell just like when we are awake so why doesn't that also physically exist?
The reality is, none of it is real, or its all real, however you want to interpret it.

This is what you might describe as the five sense manipulation. We are fooled into believing that real is what we can physically see, hear, touch, taste and smell in our 'conscious' state, this is an illusion.
You are probably sitting in a chair while reading this, maybe your standing, but check the chair or check the ground beneath your feet, they're solid and real aren't they? You might believe it is solid but how can this be? Science says that what we see in the form of people, buildings or cars etc are made of atoms. An atom is an electrical-vibrational field consisting of electrons orbiting a nucleus of protons and neutrons. More than 99% of an atom is empty space, Therefore science has concluded that atoms are not solid. If atoms are not solid, how can they be described as the fundamental building blocks of solid matter?
The 'solid' world only appears to be solid because our brain decodes the vibrational energy fields around us (atoms) into experiences such as sights or sounds for example.

Consider the fact that scientists say at least 95% of mass in the universe is 'dark matter', we can't see dark matter because it doesn't reflect light. Basically, dark matter is energy vibrating at a different frequency to that which humans can perceive, it doesn't physically exist in our 'reality' as we cannot see it or touch it. But we know energy which cannot be physically seen does exist. For example radio waves cannot be seen or touched, but if you switch on a radio and tune it to a certain wavelength, or frequency, it will pick up the signal being broadcast and you can listen to the radio, turn it off and the radio waves don't disappear, simply the radio stops to decode the waves into information. These radio waves can pass through seemingly 'solid' objects like walls because both the radio waves and the wall are energy vibrating at different frequencies, they don't interfere with each other. Similar to when you turn on BBC1, that picture exists physically on your TV screen while all the right electrical systems are there to decode the information, switch over to BBC2 and BBC1 is still broadcasting but the TV (Brain, decoder) is no longer experiencing BBC1 that because it is tuned to a different frequency.

As an electrical appliance ages, it gets slower, less efficient and eventually stops working. The body computer does exactly the same. As we age, we can't process information the same way we used to, our ability to learn and take things in starts to degrade. Just like a computer the body can't 'run' as efficiently when it reaches this time, slowly our body computer begins to 'fail' and we eventually 'die' either through illness, disease or what we refer to as 'old age'. However we do not die or cease to exist, but we stop experiencing this version of 'reality'. The computer operator (infinite consciousness) still exists and will continue to exist infinitely.

For a deeper understanding of what I am talking about here please watch the following two videos with John Hagelin PhD. In these two videos he gives us some amazing information about the Physics of consciousness.  Also Going back to this 'time of great change' I mentioned earlier, watch the David Icke video below for more detailed information on this. It's very positive, I can feel the wind of change in the air.

As always, I will come back to this and add more detail.  Keep checking for updates!


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