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From conspiracytruths, (sourced where possible):

Covid-19 The Biggest Fraud of Our Time

Notice of intended pcp for mass murder by government policy

Covid-19 A Manufactured Illusion


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NHS document shows GP’s to be paid an additional £10 for every child they inject with a Covid-19 Vaccine on top of the £12.58 already received – & Google are trying to hide it

Most Vaccinated Countries Have Most COVID Cases

HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus”

CDC counts people dying within 14 days of receiving jab as unvaccinated

MIDAZOLAM- The scandal that cannot be ignored

The Mainstream Suppression Of The Midazolam Scandal (And Why The Mainstream Media Has Blood On Their Hands) - Article

The elderly and vulnerable were murdered in care homes and this Government convinced you Covid-19 was to blame

How Hancock and the UK government mass-euthanised the elderly with Midazolam and called their deaths ‘Covid-19’ – now they’re killing the rest with the fake ‘vaccine’

Irish Government Can’t Prove ‘Covid’ Exists – just like all the others

Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta! And They Did It By Demanding The Authorities PROVE THE ‘VIRUS’ EXISTS – they COULDN’T

Alien Vaccines with Mutant Spikes

If you are thinking of having the Vaccine, Please watch

Risk of death due to Covid-19 increases by up to 182% for Fully Vaccinated people under the age of 50 according to Public Health data

How they are killing you and calling it covid

Soaring: European Union Reports 1.9 Million Vaccine Injuries, 20,595 Deaths

Japan discovers “magnetic” substance in Pfizer covid vaccines

Is graphene oxide what caused Japanese authorities to suspend Moderna’s “contaminated” covid vaccines?

US hospitals have become MURDER FACTORIES


The Smoking Jab: Fauci and the NIH Knew Covid-19 “Vaccines” Could Lead to Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

BBC presenter died from rare complication of AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, coroner rules

Pfizer Vaccine NOT FDA approved

How to help prevent ‘Covid-19’ fake vaccination of Children Campaign page: