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RIP David Dees 1957 – 2020

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David Dees began his illustrious airbrush art career in the fast paced world of corporate advertising. Begging his way onto a staff position at an Atlanta sweatshop, GraphicsGroup studio, boasting some of the top ad agency accounts, Dees was soon dealing with cutthroat art directors from New York to Chicago, creating the eye catching visuals that sold everything from cartoon package designs on kids cereal boxes, to billboards of dazzling electronics, to the newest soft drink ads.

In the eighties, setting up freelance shop in Los Angeles, Dees had success with the movie industry, painting hundreds of video covers, movie ad campaigns, and store displays for his clients Paramount, Hanna-Barbera, and Walt Disney Studios. Having his name attached to movie projects like Beverly Hills Cop, Disney's Alladin, Friday the 13th, and the Flintstones was pretty heady stuff to happen into, but adding to the client list Billboard magazine, Westwood One radio, and Geffen Records David would rub shoulders with the recording industry giants of the time, Guns-N-Roses, Heart, and David Lee Roth. But that decadent era of Hollywood would soon come to an abrupt end with the mid nineties economy, and a darker outlook for America.

Then, an interest in childrens book illustrations led to a long standing association with Sesame Street, where his colorful and wacky illustrations of Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and the muppets were featured in Sesame Street Magazine nearly every month for the last 15 years, including seven covers, and recently, four Sesame Street children books for Random House and Readers Digest Publishing. As Dees once put it, "I have painted enough fur and feathers to gag a maggot."

These days, long since replacing the liquid airbrushed acrylic paint with photoshop digital art, high technology has revitalized the look and feel of his artwork. Now Dees explores the hybrid mix of an edgy drawing style combined with the texture of photography, attempting to create a whole new visual look that might be described as cartoon super-realism, somewhat similar to imagery produced by the CGI movie company Pixar.

Then, in 2006, Dees came up with an original style of political art commentary inspired by the 9/11 truth movement and a passion to fight the New World Order agenda. David began creating and releasing an endless barrage of aggressive, and sometimes disturbing, photo-illustration images throughout the internet in an attempt to wake others up about the onslaught of the elite's power hungry world government plan of domination. Sarcastic to the extreme, funny in the approach, but most times visually horrifying, this wild new style of illustration screams out our serious world crisis situation in a visual instant. Every influence in David's background of advertising art, science fiction, movie ads, childrens book art, and philosophy of life have combined together into a blistering visual impact where no topic is too controversial to depict. Subject matters including genocide, voting fraud, toxic vaccines, illegal wars, economy collapse, genetically engineered food, 9/11 being an inside job, psychiatric drug horrors, chemtrail spraying, police state brutality, holocaust investigations, secret societies, fluoride toxicity, MSG and aspartame poisoning, obesity, the illegal IRS, the illegal state of Israel, world government, the North American Union, and on and on. Each art piece with a strong visual message, often a dire warning about dangerous waters ahead, or sometimes just a laugh, a lighthearted celebration of the absurdity of our world. But, if occasionally misunderstood in the heavy use of symbols, Dees points out the art is Pro-Jewish, but extremely Anti-Zionist.

Patriot heros like Hollywood film producer Aaron Russo who produced "America: Freedom to Fascism", radio talk show legend Jeff Rense, and the world renowned David Icke have all commented on this socially conscious illustration and were not shy in throwing around the term 'genius'. Dees has said that to have such appreciation in this stage of his career came totally unexpected, and it is quite amazing to express such abstract concepts and then to find so many people worldwide sharing his viewpoint and cheering him on.

What irony that all of David Dees' years of designing for big corporations trained a monster who would now turn his creative power back against that very corrupt mainstream media.

R. Winters

You will see quite a bit of David Dees' artwork throughout my articles.

Dees was a former illustrator for Sesame Street, but he started down the path of conspiracies shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Sadly, David Dees passed away on May 31st 2020. Information about him and his work is getting harder to find online, and his websites have mostly become unavailable or broken since his passing. Any information relating to Dees is now mostly anti-conspiracy theory propaganda - he's often branded as a 'racist' or as a 'nutter' as a way of discrediting and censoring his work. 


I don’t know Dees' political stance and opinions beyond what I gather from his work, however, what I can say, from my own views, is while Dees' work often refers to Jews, throughout his work you will see that the 'Jews' in question are clearly branded 'Zionists'. As per my articles, Zionism and Judaism are not the same thing, and Zionists cowardly hide behind the Jewish faith, exploiting the true Jews and their Jewish values. The Rothschilds, for example, claim to be Jewish, but they funded the death camps at Auschwitz to murder real Jews to reinforce the political need for a Jewish homeland to be established in Palestine, resulting in the establishment of Israel (The Rothschild state, with their family sign on the flag, not a Jewish symbol at all) and the genocide of Palestinians ever since.

"In my art, you will occasionally see a Z symbol over a star of David. This simply represents the political movement called Zionism which has co-opted Judaism and uses it as a shield to hide behind. Both myself and Rense.com are PRO Jewish, but extremely ANTI-Zionist. Those who attempt to smear my art as 'anti-semitic' are fools and frauds. The unspeakable, hideous genocidal acts of Zionism and the geopolitical social and economic deception and deceit it uses to con and dupe the masses shall be exposed. I also support organizations like Jews Against Zionism as you can see in my archives. If you have any sincere questions about Zionism and related issues, by all means read the material at any Jews Against Zionism internet site.

Truth Does Not Fear Investigation."

David Dees

It's not racist for pointing out that the Jewish religion has been infiltrated by a political movement that has exploited the Jewish faith for its own political advantages. (And it's certainly not anti-Semitic, as anyone who knows the true meaning of the expression will confirm).

Dees has also been called a ‘holocaust denier, but from his work we can gather that he is questioning the figure of 6 million that died, not the events themselves. It is true that no one has ever established on exactly what scale the Jewish holocaust really was – these records were destroyed by the Nazis. As Dees says, “Truth should not fear investigation” - asking questions should not be a crime, and that’s exactly the point he is making.

Some of David Dees' work is available in varying locations online, although rarely together now that his websites are offline. As far as I can gather from my searches this is the most comprehensive collection of Dees work available in one location. 

Dees himself said when he was alive "this art is free to use for "non-profit" individual purposes, blogs and websites. I encourage you to openly distribute to others with the hope it will educate, enlighten, deprogram, and at least, entertain."

On that basis, feel free to use the illustrations as David intended. I do not own them, I am not aware of any copyright on them and the illustrator wished for them to be used by people like myself for non-profit purposes.

*The artwork represents the opinions of the illustrator, which are not always the same as conspiracytruths.co.uk

**I have included all available files for the sake of keeping a fuller record (additional artwork exists elsewhere)

David Dees 1957 – 2020 Tribute
14 JUNE 2020

David Dees was and remains, without question, the most brilliant, revolutionary Political Artist of our times. David redefined the entire genre and created his own unprecedented and singular platform of political expression and social commentary. I cannot imagine anyone capturing or duplicating his overwhelming use of imagery and color to make such enormous, sometimes frightening, often witty and always powerful statements. Many of his images instantly knock the observer into a heightened state of clarity and realization of what is being done to all of us by the deep state and World Matrix of Zionist, communist, socialist globalization.

It is never easy saying goodbye. Especially to a friend and colleague with whom one has shared so many extraordinary experiences. David was more than a friend… he was a professional colleague, a neighbor, a confidante and someone who enjoyed giving and sharing. He gave his art to the world, he gave his time to people in need, he loved nature and most especially his cats and bunnies… for which he built a little paradise on the half acre and modest home I managed to find for him almost ten years ago. That is quite a story in itself.

How many people do you know who would spend all afternoon singing and entertaining the elderly and ill in hospice and extended care residences? I would often go with him when he performed at these places and I can tell you that I’ve seen a lot of older Americans smiling with wet eyes as David sang to them. When the end of an afternoon would arrive and it would be time to go, I’d start helping him pack his music equipment to drive him home… and watch many of these seniors come up to him… some being pushed in wheelchairs… to thank him often through tears of appreciation.

Shortly before I helped move him into a hospice here in town, he said to me ‘How strange that after all those times I’d sing at hospices that now it’s me who is going into one.’ I was with David as much as I could be from the time he learned of the diagnosis through two hospital stays, 10 radiation sessions and then, finally, to what is considered to be the best hospice available in our area. His stay there was made possible by one of his doctors who came to know him and learned about his art and his efforts to help the world wake up and achieve meaningful change.

I would drive and visit him most every day during the last stage. I tried to be sure he had at least one visitor each day. I last visited him in the early evening of Saturday, May 30. I knew it would be the final visit and even though he couldn’t talk and was heavily sedated, I just sat next to him in my usual chair for over an hour so he wouldn’t be alone. All I said was, ‘I’m here… just rest.’ I didn’t want him to feel any need to whisper. I could tell he was in increasing discomfort and I finally, whispered to him ‘Would you like me to get you something for the pain? He perceptively nodded and I left to alert the nurse who brought the medication in a few minutes later. I finally left after he received another maximal dose and could see, after some minutes, that he was not in as much distress.

There is much more but I want all of his friends to know that during all the visits, I would often think of the millions of people whose lives had been and will continue to be influenced and made better by David’s gifts to all of us.

Before things neared the end and he was still able to whisper a few words of conversation, I would often remind him that his art had changed the world and that it would never be forgotten. So, on behalf of everyone who cared for and respected this man for his enormous talent, kind heart, his life-changing contributions through his art… or singing for countless hospice patients… please know that he cared about all of you.

Many of you may be worried that his art might vanish. Please put such concerns to rest. When he asked me if I would take over and speak to his doctors and make medical decisions on his behalf, I said, ‘Of course’ before he even finished the request. I told him many times not to worry about ANYTHING… and I sincerely don’t believe he did.

He asked me to do one other thing… ’Please be sure to protect the art, I’m giving everything to you.’ So, to each and every one of you who care and who have been enriched by his gifts, please know David’s incomparable artistic genius is safe. I had to disable the sales page on his site and I apologize for any inconvenience. Rest assured his fabulous books will be available again soon. (DO NOT BUY FROM RENSE.COM - SEE WARNING AT TOP OF PAGE) As you can imagine, there is a great deal that I must take care of. I’ve made all arrangements necessary to provide the very best possible closure of his physical time on this troubled planet.

To help pay tribute to his wizardry, I have carefully put together the gallery below. We all have our favorite pieces and I’ve tried to provide a nice survey of some of his most stunning works. (Click to enlarge the first image and then click on that image to automatically go through the series.)

Many of these political and environmental art statements vividly and often instantly imprint themselves in the mind and they remain there… like lampposts in the darkness and confusion that is being conjured up by the global elite and their control grid which is forcing us into their Next World of abject surveillance and domination.

Everything from the fraud of the allegedly representative government in DC and state Capitols to the climate and air we breathe, and the EMF and 5G pollution that permeates everything, to the toxic GMO food on our tables and the continuous political and financial lies and deceit we are constantly being fed… all are stunningly portrayed in David’s images. His four books are genuinely cover-to-cover shock and awe… statements of enlightenment and instant perspective which unlock endless doors of reality for those who seek to walk through them.

Through his social media outreach, David enjoyed and had the greatest respect for enormous numbers of friends he had around the world. He had a special way of talking and writing directly to people that left them feeling much the better for it… and he meant every word.

It is said, we should always strive to leave things better than they were before we arrived. Thank you, friend David, you did that and so much more. We are all far more enlightened and wise than we were before you came this way.

Jeff Rense

David Dees Gallery

A large collection of David Dees Images may also be downloaded here