David Dees Illustrations

One of the largest online collections of David Dees art with over 450 illustrations

You will see quite a bit of David Dees' artwork throughout my articles.

Dees was a former illustrator for Sesame Street, but he started down the path of conspiracies shortly after the 9/11 attacks. Sadly, David Dees passed away sometime in 2020. Information about him and his work is getting harder to find online, and his websites have mostly become unavailable or broken since his passing. Any information relating to Dees is now mostly anti-conspiracy theory propaganda - he's often branded 'racist' as a way of discrediting and censoring. 


I don’t know Dees' political stance and opinions beyond what I gather from his work, however, what I can say, from my own views, is while Dee's work often refers to Jews, throughout his work you will see that the 'Jews' in question are clearly branded 'Zionists'. As per my articles, Zionism and Judaism are not the same thing, and Zionists cowardly hide behind the Jewish faith, exploiting the true Jews and their Jewish values. The Rothschilds, for example, claim to be Jewish, but they funded the death camps at Auschwitz to murder real Jews to reinforce the political need for a Jewish homeland to be established in Palestine, resulting in the establishment of Israel (The Rothschild state, with their family sign on the flag, not a Jewish symbol at all) and the genocide of Palestinians ever since.

It's not racist for pointing out that the Jewish religion has been infiltrated by a political movement that has exploited the Jewish faith for its own political advantages. (And it's certainly not anti-Semitic, as anyone who knows the true meaning of the expression will confirm - the Palestinians are Semites, and it’s the Palestinians being systematically wiped out by Israel - so who is anti-Semitic now?).

Dees has also been called a ‘holocaust denier, I don’t know if he ever publicly stated this, from his work I can gather that he is questioning the figure of 6 million that died, not the events themselves. It is true that no one has ever established on exactly what scale the Jewish holocaust really was – these records were destroyed by the Nazis. As Dees says, “Truth should not fear investigation” - asking questions should not be a crime, and that’s exactly the point he is making.

Some of David Dees work is available in varying locations online, although rarely together now that his websites are offline. As far as I can gather from my searches this is the most comprehensive collection of Dees work available in one location. 

Dees himself said when he was alive "this art is free to use for "non-profit" individual purposes, blogs and websites. I encourage you to openly distribute to others with the hope it will educate, enlighten, deprogram, and at least, entertain."

On that basis, feel free to use the illustrations as David intended. I do not own them, I am not aware of any copyright on them and the illustrator wished for them to be used by people like myself for non-profit purposes.


*The artwork represents the opinions of the illustrator, which are not always the same as conspiracytruths.co.uk

**I have included all available files for the sake of keeping a fuller record (additional artwork exists elsewhere)

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