David Icke

David Icke is regarded by some to be a man who has shed more light on the global conspiracy than any other.  However some regard David Icke as a complete nut case who is bordering on insanity.  Despite apparently bordering on insanity, he has written several books, spanning over 20 years, and he has such an amazing wealth of information to share.  

For me it was David Icke who has made understanding the global conspiracy a far easier task than it may have been.  His books are written with clarity and a clear understanding of the many aspects of the conspiracy unfold as you read each new addition.  I recommend his work to anyone, but closed minds should move on now...

Often misinterpreted, rarely given credit, never proved wrong and almost always proved correct in the end, I give you David Icke!  Thanks for your efforts and keep exposing the truth.  

(Keep checking back for more updates about David Icke).
A video here with some of David's latest speaking tour edited together with other clips.  This is a good video, first Icke brilliantly points out how fear of not complying holds the control system together, he describes what he believes will be a revolution of perception.  The second part of the video is from the Terry Wogan shows, so relevant now as the clip shows Icke being ridiculed about his warnings of "great geographical events".  In the clip from 1991 Wogan says, "so when can we expect these tidal waves, eruptions and earthquakes?".  Well lets see, we had a vlocano erupt in Iceland in 2010, and we've had two earthquakes in the last month (at the time of writing), Tokyo and Christchurch. Japan of course also suffered a huge Tsunami following the Quake in Tokyo in March. So much of what Icke has been saying for years in his work is unfolding right in front of us, the guy has a habit of getting it right, watch the video, its good, dont be put off by the music to begin with, it lasts 30 seconds then the video gets going.