David Icke


David Icke is perhaps one of the best known conspiracy researchers, he's been writing and speaking on the subject of the global conspiracy for over 30 years.

I was first made aware of David Icke by a work colleague in around 2004. The topic came up because I was a supporter of Coventry City football club and David Icke once played in goal for Coventry before being forced into early retirement due to arthritis. Icke later went on to present BBC sports program Grandstand. He was also at one time a member of the Green Party (a UK political party).

My first memories of being told about David Icke were some seemingly bizarre stories about interdimensional Lizzards and some kind of secret group who run the world... 

Okay, I thought, seems pretty strange, and if it wasn't for the fact that my best friend at the time hadn't taken an interest and bought Icke's book 'The Biggest Secret', perhaps I'd never of looked any further, but it prompted me to get the book myself and that was when my life changed pretty drastically. 


He's not a messiah, he's not a prophet, he's not a God. The guy just knows what he's talking about and has done the leg work many times over. Any one of his books is worth the time to read. There are not many people who can claim to have dedicated so much time and effort to exposing the hidden nature of our reality and documenting the details of the control network. His website is updated daily with articles, videos and interviews. I'd always refer people to Icke's work for a greater understanding of the way our world operates, he has a way of presenting information in a logical fashion which helps connect the dots and paint the bigger picture. 


I own all but 2 of his books, I have attended 3 different live presentations and the one theme that is always there is that of Love and how we should open our hearts to love... Ironic when the media would have you believe he's a racist biggot spreading hate speech on par with that of Adolf Hitler. Never trust the media, question everything.