Germanwings Flight 9525 - Military cover up?

By Liam-Michael Roberts

Within a few days of the tragic Germanwings Flight 9525 crash officials and media outlets are declaring that the co-pilot was responsible for killing himself and the 149 others on board by deliberately crashing the plane.

Personally I find this utterly unbelievable, and the more the story progresses, the more it confirms to me that it is just that… a story. 

I do tend to avoid mainstream news to a degree, but it’s always worth digesting it and picking apart the information.  On the surface, it can appear sincere, honest and truthful, but if you properly analyse what is being said it usually contradicts itself or starts to unravel in some way…

For example, the latest news at the moment states that the flight recorder has been recovered, this will not be released publically at this stage of course, so all the media outlets basically say exactly the same thing, ‘official sources say blah blah.’  So as usual, we are relying on the ‘official sources’ being reliable…


But lets analyse what they are claiming, the following article is typical of what all the mainstream outlets are currently saying:


“Andreas Lubitz’s “intention (was) to destroy this plane,” Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said, laying out the horrifying conclusions French investigators reached after listening to the last minutes of Tuesday’s Flight 9525 from the plane’s black box voice data recorder…

Robin said the pilot, who has not been identified, left the cockpit when the plane reached cruising altitude, presumably to go to the lavatory. Then the 28-year-old co-pilot took control of the jet as requested.

“When he was alone, the co-pilot manipulated the buttons of the flight monitoring system to initiate the aircraft’s descent,” Robin said.

The pilot knocked several times “without response,” the prosecutor said, adding that the cockpit door could only be blocked manually from the inside.

The co-pilot said nothing from the moment the captain left, Robin said: “It was absolute silence in the cockpit.”

The A320 is designed with safeguards to allow emergency entry into the cockpit if a pilot inside is unresponsive. The override code known to the crew does not go into effect, however — and indeed goes into a lockdown — if the person inside the cockpit specifically denies entry.

During the flight’s final minutes, pounding could be heard on the cockpit door as the plane’s instrument alarms sounded but the co-pilot’s breathing was calm and that of a fully conscious man, Robin said.

“You don’t get the impression that there was any particular panic, because the breathing is always the same. The breathing is not panting. It’s a classic, human breathing,” Brice said.”


The first issue I have with that is what has been stated about the co-pilots breathing… “it was calm and that of a fully conscious man”, it even goes on to emphasise this point by then describing it as “classic human breathing”… but it also states that “pounding could be heard on the cockpit door” and “the planes instrument alarms sounded”, the article later states “Just before the plane hit the mountain, passengers’ cries of terror could be heard on the voice recorder.”

Considering the commotion with alarms sounding, passengers screaming and the pilot trying to bash the door down which they say is on the flight recorder, I’d say it’s fairly amazing to claim they can also HEAR the pilot breathing normally while all of this is going on.

I personally don’t believe that, and the fact they had to add emphasis to what was an unbelievable point confirms the fact that it’s a lie. (The more you tell a lie the more it will be believed).


The second, and perhaps main issue I have is the claim that they have the flight recorder, I’m sure a mocked up version of this will eventually surface but its almost unbelievable to think that the flight recorder was salvageable when you look at photos of the wreckage and see the plane was shattered into thousands of pieces.


Looking at photographs of the ‘crash site’ do raise further doubts in my mind about what really happened here.  While I was going through the BBC online archive of articles and in particular the ‘What we Know’ article I came across a picture which is another typical example of media brainwashing bullshit…


001 gw what we knowThe first problem with this picture is that there appears to be no crash site… there are tiny pieces scattered around and 5 larger objects described as no larger than a small car. But where is the site of impact? I’m not an expert but I would expect to see evidence of an impact when the plane has been literally obliterated…

In most typical crashes a significant portion of the fuselage remains and air crash investigators are able to piece together the remains to make an assessment of what happened, I understand that it is claimed the plane impacted at high speed and this would have caused significant damage and it is indeed questionable how much of the aircraft would have survived, but it doesn’t explain the lack of evidence that there was any impact at the alleged crash site.


I didn’t question any of this until I looked closer at the photo and then it struck me…

The media love to lie, and, for many people, seeing is believing… so if it’s in the paper, and there’s a picture to boot, hey it must be true… 

 So the photo highlights the 5 larger pieces that remain, the livery, fuselage, wheel, registration and stabiliser, go back, yes, the registration… Why is this significant? Because seeing the flight registration highlighted among the wreckage is enough for most people to believe this plane crashed here, ‘here’s the photographic evidence, all other theories quashed’… 




001 germanwings wreck registration

Although the survival of the registration among the wreckage is not impossible, it is certainly a statistical improbability when you consider that about 95% of the wreckage is not identifiable as an aircraft… Again I just don’t buy it; it looks like a typical media set up.


Initially I didn’t intend on building a theory on what has actually happened until I looked deeper into the mainstream reports and realised it was a clear case of disinformation overload…


The blame that the co-pilot has been branded with by the press is shameful considering barely a few days have passed since the incident and in no way can a solid conclusion be reached by what ‘evidence’ the authorities have.  Sick notes (easily forged) don’t account to proof this man committed suicide and took 149 lives with him, but the press have made up their mind, or rather they are trying to make up our minds as to what happened with various elaborate and dressed up stories about the state of the co-pilots mental health.


Based on what I have looked at, I have several theories, initially I thought perhaps the plane was flown remotely from the ground and the pilots had no control, the technology exists and is used, although this theory raises many more questions…  

Many will still consider it an extreme theory, but I then pondered on the idea that perhaps some form of mind control was used on the co-pilot? I’ve explained in a few other articles how mind control has and is used and this theory is not all that extreme when you consider the reality of how mind control techniques have been advanced over the last century.

But don’t worry, those who find that hard to swallow, I’ve already moved on from this theory and I now find myself fairly convinced that this plane was shot out of the sky.  The primary reason behind this was the lack of evidence of any impact at the crash site and the fact that the plane had been literally obliterated.

Forgive me for brushing over what I regard as obvious fact that what we regard as ‘official evidence’ such as claims of what was reported on radio communications and what was recorded on the flight recorder, are easily forged, and secrets are well kept within the industry - its basically contractual obligation - and in this case the truth would be undoubtedly kept silent under the pretence of ‘National Security’…

That’s how government legislation works, it allows them to accidently/deliberately take down a passenger plane with 150 people on board and then cover it up by threatening those with insider knowledge of the truth to be liable for prosecution for threatening national security should they ever speak out!


But this still leaves a massive question over the planes rapid descent prior to disappearing from radar... However, It is worth noting that the initial news reports actually stated that there actually were mayday distress calls being made by the Flight 9525 during its descent prior to ‘crashing’, later these reports were said to be incorrect… Just another question raised, were the reports incorrect, or did they not fit the proposed ‘blame the co-pilot’ storyline I wonder?


001 gw altitude radar


The rapid descent can interestingly be compared to a similar incident evidenced on 3 March 2015, when in an almost pre-simulation to the demise of Germanwings Flight 9525, Lufthansa Flight LH1172, an Airbus A321 operating at a normal flight altitude, plummeted out of the sky in minutes,  (as evidenced by its radar charts).


The eerily similar, although non-fatal, event that occurred to the Lufthansa Flight LH1172 in southern France barely a fortnight before the Germanwings incident can also be evidenced in the Airliner Reporter article titled Catching a Lufthansa Airbus A321’s Rapid Descent Live.



“There were a few moments where I thought I may have been watching a crash of some sort occur in real-time, from thousands of miles away. But thankfully, the pilots were just quick acting, and diverted to a nearby airport.”


What might have happened?


I have come across several articles that suggest a ‘Ministry of Defence’ document explains the demise of Germanwings flight 9525, sadly, despite this articles growing popularity on conspiracy sites around the web there is no source for this document, although some state it is a Russian MoD document, again this cannot be sourced.  However the article is worth considering; upon further research I found that the technologies mentioned such as the High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System (HELLADS) are indeed genuine and currently in use by the US Air Force…

The report claims: “The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is reporting today that dispatches from the Northern Fleet (NF) appear to show that the downing of Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 in southern France was the “direct result” of a failed US Air Force test of its High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System (HELLADS) attempting to shoot down an ICBM re-entry vehicle, but which, instead, destroyed this civilian airliner killing all 150 aboard.”

The article states MoD experts in this report say, chemical laser systems, such as the US Air Forces High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System brought down Germanwings Flight 9525, and nearly crashed Lufthansa Flight LH1172, mentioned earlier. 

The systems are said to be notorious for being extremely difficult to aim at long-range targets as their “effects” tend to spread throughout the atmosphere affecting anything and everything in their path.

Ultimately, it was the use of these systems, the report concludes, that caused disruption to the two flights, however, unlike Lufthansa Flight LH1172 before it, this alleged MoD report concludes Germanwings Flight 9525 wasn’t able to recover from its rapid descent…instead it was obliterated into tens-of-thousands of pieces due to a combined Western alliance attempt to target a “test re-entry vehicle” simulating a Federation nuclear warhead attack.

The specific “test re-entry vehicle” used in this failed US missile test, this report says, was launched the day before on an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) fired early Monday from a US Air Force facility in California, and which the Obama regime stated was a “message to the world about Washington’s nuclear capabilities”.


To what caused Germanwings Flight 9525 to be so thoroughly destroyed, this alleged report says, was first evidenced on 3 February when a US Air Force test of their High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defence System targeting one of their older weather system satellites completely obliterated it by heating it from within causing to it explode while in orbit. 

The only flaw with what the article has to say is that we can’t seem to source this ‘MoD document’; I’d like to know where the information has come from. However, it is very interesting that it does tie in with the theory of the plane being shot down… Not only that but you can clearly evidence the fact that this test re-entry vehicle was launched and the HELLADS technology is out there to destroy exactly this sort of thing. 

The idea of it being shot down by a high energy liquid laser known to obliterate its targets would also explain the lack of wreckage and lack of evidence of impact at the alleged crash site.

Although a lot of unanswered questions remain, considering the above, and taking into account the evidence to support the claims in the report, it does seem plausible that Germanwings Flight 9525 was shot down inadvertently in a failed US Air Force Test.   

Initial reports indicated that the plane had put out a distress call, but when the incident was assessed, this claim was not only retracted, but also totally contradicted when they stated ‘no contact was made during descent’. 

To save face, fines and, crucially, charges of murder, the powers-that-be devised ‘the lone nutter theory’ and blamed the co-pilot, altering the news to fit their lies.


I also believe that pilots and airlines know more than is being let on… many German Flights were cancelled in the following days, not for safety reasons, but because Pilots were refusing to fly…

If it’s so conclusively deemed to be suicide what are other pilots concerned about?


Or is it because they are they concerned about known US Military testing possibly responsible for downing Germanwings Flight 9525?

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