Letter to Gordon Brown

Here is a copy of the brief letter I sent to Gordon Brown after the expenses scandal came to light in the press in the UK in late 2009.  I didn't go into great detail, I was angry and frustrated at the time and this letter was the result of those feelings.  Of course I did get a reply, not from Brown himself though, from his bitch, telling me Brown is too busy to care.


Dear Mr Brown,
I like many other British citizens pay lots of Tax. I am taxed an amount on what I earn, and in turn the money I spend is taxed again, something I have never been able to understand!
I have been employed full time for the last 7 years, (since turning 16), My basic salary is less than £12000, currently I work 32 hours a week over six days and I also study every evening. I have been a homeowner since January 2007 and my mortgage payments are £600 per month, (this is for a 1 bedroom house in the "delightful" town of Cliftonville in Margate). By the time I have paid of my mortgage after 25 years at the current rate it will cost me almost £250,000. In 25 years my current salary will pay me £300,000 (but thats before tax). That would leave me about enough to feed my cat for the rest of this week. Good job I don't have to pay for food, electric, water, gas, council tax, TV license, Internet, Telephone, Mobile phone, oh wait, I do. Thats why I also pay for 3 credit cards and an £8000 loan (which will cost me almost £15000). Looks like I should try and get a better job, Oh I have, thats why I'm paying £6000 to train as an electrician. So by the time I get into a good job I should have a nice big debt to pay off and if I'm really lucky I will have paid off my mortgage by the time I reach 50 and be debt free. But, that doesn't give me long to save for my pension does it? So after all that, I'll probably have to sell my house so I can afford to live into old age, isn't that great, after all that working and paying mortgage and taxes I'll still be left with nothing. The system doesn't work for us does it.  

MP's have been using expenses to claim for ridiculous things, second homes, painting summer homes, buying kit-kats and pet food.
Something really must be done about this Mr. Brown.
Why did MP's think they had the right to claim for such unnecessary things? I think most MP's have an above average wage and should, like everyone else, get by on it. The money being spent has come straight from the public's pocket, thats my pocket too. As far as I am concerned it is theft. Money which could have been used to save lives, feed people and give them homes to live in. The official figure is £10m, this is staggering but I'm sure its only a fraction of the true figure. MP's seem happy with their consciences even though tax payers have died because of lack of money, tax payers have had their homes taken away and families have fallen apart, all because this so called democratic system is bleeding us dry. In most other occupations this type of spending is known as embezzlement and is usually punishable in a court of law, yes apparently it is a criminal offense!  
So when are you going to announce the reduction in tax now that we won't be paying for MPs to save their salaries? And when we will get our money back?

I'd like to see a new system introduced, how about before automatically debiting tax from my salary, you let me know each month what your spending the money on and i'll let you know if thats acceptable, after all, I never agreed that tax could be taken from my wages in the first place. I don't want to be part of this system as I would be better off on my own. If this is a democracy why is my life being dictated?

Kindest regards,

Liam M Roberts


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