Halloween - its Satanic and Catholic

Halloween – What is it?

By Liam-Michael Roberts


I’m writing this article a few days before Halloween and for the first time I was wondering to myself, what is this festival really all about? 

I’ve heard bits and pieces about the origin of Halloween and in more recent times I have come across this date numerous times when researching Satanism.  Ok, well that may not be entirely surprising considering modern Halloween themes, but that begs the question how has it become a popular ‘holiday’ or at least a widely ‘celebrated’ day throughout the world?


I’m astonished at what I have discovered…


It began as a small project, the idea being to briefly talk about the history of Halloween, well I tried to keep it short but I was getting so much conflicting information in my research that something just didn’t seem right. I don’t know if anyone else has managed to put this all together but it really makes for fascinating reading. 


So my research is as goes,


The Druidic version of the modern festival


Halloween began among the Celts and their pagan priests called the Druids.  The druids were popular in Britain, Ireland, and Gaul (France), and possibly other parts of Celtic Europe and Galatia during the Iron Age and possibly earlier.

Its interesting to note that when searching for information on the druids one of the first pieces of information I find is “Very little is known about the ancient druids.” Just hold that in mind.


It is accepted among all researchers that the druids and Celts among others took part in a festival that was called Samhain, sometimes Anglicized as Sawin, Sowin, or similar.

Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the 'darker half' of the year. Most commonly it is held on 31 October–1 November, or halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Samhain is balanced by the corresponding seasonal day of celebration called Beltain (Bealtaine, Beltaine), which signals the start of summer 6 months later (around May 1st or May day). These are both fire festivals. Essentially it was the time when cattle were brought back down from the summer pastures and when livestock were slaughtered for the winter. In much of the Gaelic world, bonfires were lit and there were said to be rituals involving them.

People and their livestock would often walk between two bonfires as a cleansing ritual, and the bones of slaughtered livestock were cast into its flames, (bone-fire, where the word bonfire originates).

Samhain was seen as a time when the 'door' to the Otherworld opened enough for the souls of the dead, and other beings, to come into our world.

The Celts believed that upon death, everyone went to a beautiful place free of hunger, pain and disease. It was called "Tir nan Og", sometimes translated as "Summerland". They had no concept of Heaven and Hell like that seen in modern religion. Many believed that two separate and nearly identical worlds existed. When a person died, they were transferred to the"ghostworld"; when they were born, they were transferred from the ghostworld to the mortal one.

The souls of the dead were said to revisit their homes, feasts were had, at which the souls of dead kin were beckoned to attend and a place set at the table for them. The Celts celebrated rituals at this time to make contact with their ancestors who had died before them, in the hopes of obtaining guidance from those in the next world.

halloweentrick_treatersHowever, harmful spirits and fairies were also thought to be active at Samhain and as such people took steps to protect themselves from them, which is thought to have led to the custom of guising (children going from house to house in disguise).


Turnip lanterns with faces carved into them were also made, later replaced by pumpkins. The purpose of these lanterns was said to be to protect oneself and one's home from evil spirits and demons.





Divination was also said to be common practice at Samhain, this is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation by way of an occultist process or ritual.  This is believed to be where Halloween games like bobbing apples originates for example. The current game dates back to when the Romans conquered Britain, bringing with them the apple tree, a representation of the goddess of fruit trees, Pomona. The combination of Pomona, a fertility goddess, and the Celts' belief that the pentagram was a fertility symbol began the origins of bobbing for apples - When an apple is sliced in half, the seeds form a pentagram-like shape, and it is thought that the manifestation of such a symbol meant that the apple could be used to determine marriages during this time of year.



Ask a Christian about the origins of Halloween

(Please note, not my words)

October 31 is the most important day in the satanic year. [It is known as the devil's birthday.] It marks the Celtic New Year. It was the end of the growing season. It became a festival of death. On this day, the god of the Celtics was to have called up the spirits of the wicked dead who had died during the past year. At the same time, other evil spirits arose and went about the countryside harassing the people. On October 31, the Celtics expected to be harassed by ghosts, evil spirits and demons; they would light bonfires to guide the spirits to their own town and to ward off evil spirits.

The Celtics had priests called druids. On October 31, the druids went from house to house demanding certain foods, and all those who refused were cursed. The people were tormented by means of magic. As they went, the druids carried large turnips that they had hollowed out and on which they had carved demon faces as charms. Each one was believed to contain the demon spirit that personally led or guided that priest.

Those who practiced fortune telling and divination found that this was the night that they had the most success. They called upon Satan to bless their efforts.

These things happened several centuries before CHRIST. Sacrifices were made to the gods, especially the god of death – Samhain. Sacrifices all the way from vegetable to human were offered. This went on and on, and, in some parts of the world, still goes on today

In the 8th century, the Pope, in an effort to get the people to quit the festival of Samhain, invented All Saints Day (Nov. 1). This was an attempt to get the people to turn away from the horrible observance of Samhain. All Saints Day was intended to honor the martyrs of the Roman persecutions. It did not work! It never works to Christianize a pagan holiday. The holy and the profane do not mix.

In the middle Ages, there was a great revival of satanic practices and witchcraft and magic - like there is today. During this time the belief developed that witches traveled on broomsticks to the black Sabbaths to worship Satan on October 31. Spirits in the form of black cats guided them. The Druids worshiped cats believing them to be reincarnated evil people.

This festival of death has survived all the efforts of the church to stamp it out. The church is joining the opposition by celebrating this festival.

All Saints Day became All Hallows Day. Hallow means holy or sacred. October 31 is the evening before All Hallows Day and came to be called in the western world all hallows evening and then all hallows een. Een is an abbreviation for evening. Finally, the word was reduced to the way we have it today, Halloween. That's where the name came from, and even if it is called all hallows evening, it has nothing to do with Christian faith, and it never did.

Now let's look at the present day celebration of Halloween. Isn't the whole theme one of darkness, death, fear, threats, destruction and evil? There are witches, broomsticks, bats, owls, ghosts, skeletons, death, and monsters. You dress up your children as demons and witches and ghouls and monsters and werewolves and send them out into the street in the darkness to reenact the Druids' practice of demanding food from people under threat of tricks (or curses) if they don't comply.


You take, not a turnip, but a pumpkin and carve demon faces in it and decorate with it.

At Halloween there will be apple bobbing, divination, fortune telling, haunted houses, candles lit and spirits called up. There will be séances and Ouija boards in the name of fun and excitement. There will be sacrifices of dogs, cats, rats, chickens, goats and even humans!

You say, "Well, we don't take it seriously." But the devil does and so does God. Particularly this is true when the Church which He purchased with His own precious blood builds houses of horror in its fellowship halls so that the little lambs who have been entrusted to its care can be terrified and opened up to invading spirits of fear and torment and confusion…


Manipulating History


On Wikipedia it states the following;

Various recurring themes emerge in a number of the Greco-Roman accounts of the druids, including that they performed human sacrifice, believed in a form of reincarnation, and held a high position in Gaulish society.


Well no they don’t. I cannot find anything recurring in relation to human sacrifice and the druids. In fact one website says,

“Ancient Druids were not bloodthirsty killers of humans. All of the stories of human sacrifices by Druids are traceable to a single passage in one of Julius Caesar's books. And that passage is probably simply a centuries-old example of wartime propaganda.”


I tend to agree with this idea.  

Let me try and explain why…

I said at the beginning that when searching for information on the druids one of the first pieces of information I find is “Very little is known about the ancient druids.”  There is of course a reason for this, not least because it was many years ago but because of the deliberate attempt to eradicate any evidence of their existence by the Romans and the Catholic Church - who were busy during their conquests wiping out cultures and beliefs that didn’t suit their own agenda. (See countless other cultures from all over the world that were destroyed by these forces).


Julius Caesar claimed that the druids were one of the two most important social groups in the region (alongside the equites, or nobles) and were responsible for organising worship and sacrifices, divination, and judicial procedure in Gaulish, British and Irish society. He also claimed that they were exempt from military service and from the payment of taxes, and that they had the power to excommunicate people from religious festivals, making them social outcasts.

The Roman government suppressed druidism following the invasion of Gaul under the 1st Century CE emperors Tiberius and Claudius, it had disappeared from the written record by the 2nd century.

Historian Ronald Hutton says, "we can know virtually nothing of certainty about the ancient Druids, so that—although they certainly existed—they function more or less as legendary figures."


In several Roman and Greek writings it is mentioned that Druids performed the execution of criminals and prisoners of war in religious ceremonies. Other writings give specific details about a number of rituals that were supposed to be executed by Druids. However, the writings mention no witnesses to such rituals; merchants, Roman soldiers and other sources told them about them indirectly. None of them can be considered neutral in any way, nor would most of them actually have been able to witness a Druidic ritual. For the most part, the stories are very unreliable.

It seems to me that the idea of the druids being involved in human sacrifices and also the idea that many other sources suggest, that they were evil and worshipped dark spirits etc is a manipulation which was bought about by Roman/Religious influence.

After a fair amount of research the picture that emerges of a druid, is one of a thoughtful philosopher and magician, schooled in the lore of the traditions, and in charge of the education of the chieftains as well as those who sought esoteric knowledge. A druid is a knower of truth, (literal translation - Steadfast knowledge) able to manipulate that truth as well as inform others about it. As scholars, they were advisers to kings. As healers, they treated the ill.


Catholicism Created Halloween

halloweenAll-Saints-DayHalloween is heavily influenced by The Catholic festivals of All Saints Day and All Souls' Day. All Saints day for Christians was/is a time for honoring the saints and praying for the recently departed who had yet to reach Heaven. It was introduced in 609 and originally celebrated on May 13 but switched to November 1st at the demand of Pope Gregory IV.

In England, a custom similar to trick-or-treating was called "souling" or "soul-caking". On All Souls' Day (November 2nd), the poor begged for soul cakes - square buns with currents. In return for the soul cakes, the beggars promised to pray for any dead relatives of the person giving the cakes. Later, children started "souling," getting apples, buns, and sometimes money in return. It is associated with the doctrine that the souls of the faithful who at death have not been cleansed of sin must be prayed for to get to heaven.



The day before All saints day was recognised as All Hallows Eve. Eventually, All Hallows Eve became Hallows Eve; hallow’even; hallow’en and ultimately today’s Halloween.

Pope Gregory IV "blessed" All Saint’s Day as a sacred "day of obligation," consequently on that day, the Catholic Church officially "ordained" Halloween. So Halloween in popular culture owes its very life and breath to the "blessing" of the Catholic Church.

What seems clear is that rather than extinguishing old customs, i.e. druidic rituals, the church leaders provided Christian versions of them, claimed these as their own and then demonized the druid versions, changing the meaning of Samhain forever more.

From the Middles Ages on, Halloween, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day replaced the ancient Celtic celebrations of the dead.


I could stop here, saying, and there you have it, that’s where the original idea of Halloween comes from, but I think there is more to be said, i'm literally going to scratch the surface in this final section of the article… 


Catholicism is Satanism

halloween pope hat pope-symNow we can ask the question why would the Catholic Church adopt a festival like samhain and turn it into the Halloween we have today? Just to demonise druids? Of course not, that was achieved a long time ago, now the idea is to bring Satanism into the mainstream, because Catholicism is Satanism

The church may claim not to support Halloween but the fact of the matter is that the Church is responsible for the very creation of it as a mainstream celebration as we have just discussed.

Researchers have for a long time maintained that Satanists have infiltrated the Vatican.


Satanic Symbols:

halloween pope fish hat pentagram papal-mitre-300x211halloween satanic invcross1halloween pope chair popesata


An eminent theologian and expert in the Catholic Church, Fr. Malachi Martin, writes that the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church is a precondition for the end of time as we presently know it and for the second coming of Jesus Christ. Fr. Malachi Martin, a Vatican insider, studied Theology at Louvain where he received doctorates in Semitic Languages, Archeology and Oriental History. He also studied at Oxford and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and served as Professor at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute. Fr. Martin was, in addition, a world recognized "Exorcist" and an expert in combating Satan and the practitioners of Demonology. He was also an expert in the Dead Sea Scrolls. He served in the Vatican from 1958 to 1964 where he was a close associate of the renowned Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea and Pope John XXIII. 

halloween sacrif_dees2Just before his deathin 1999, Fr. Martin said that soon after the installation of Pope Paul VI in 1963,"Vatican Satanists clandestinely installed "Lucifer" in a secret ceremony called "The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer". The ceremony was conducted at the St. Paul’s Chapel located within the Vatican."

Pope Paul VI later wrote that "the smoke of Satan has entered the Sanctuary".

Fr. Malachi Martin said that the incidence of Satanic pedophilia and its rites and practices was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States.

He emphasised, "The systematic organizational links of the network that had been established between certain clerical homosexual groups and Satanist covens had inordinate power and influence."  (See picture to the left I suggest).

When we read the news headlines today concerning the evil acts of numerous Catholic priests and even bishops against children, we cannot help think about what Fr. Malachi Martin said.

halloween church catholic-all_seeing_eye2Fr. Martin also said that the "Third Secret of Fatima" concerned the apostasy of the Roman Catholic Church. He said that the essential message seems to be about Satanists lurking in the shadows, from the heart of the Vatican down to the local parishes, manipulating events and putting great effort to subvert the Roman Catholic Church. He said that these Satanists are in league with Zionists and what he called the “Universal Assembly”, a Masonic group of Western plutocrats and the Illuminati.

Fr. Malachi Martin also spoke about a shadowy evil character he described as the “Cardinal of Centurycity,” who bears a strange similarity to Cardinal Roger Mahoney of Los Angeles. Presently, there is a growing tide of people calling for his resignation due to the cover-up of the satanic homosexual pedophile crimes against children.



In the final years before his death, Martin was received in a private audience by pope John Paul II.  Afterwards, he started working on a book with the working title Primacy: How the Institutional Roman Catholic Church became a Creature of the New World Order. This book, which promised to be his most controversial and detailed work ever, was never completed. Martin died of brain hemorrhage after a fall in his apartment in Manhattan, New York, in 1999. Suspicious, maybe?

halloween pope_johnpaul2_one_world_government

And where did Pope John Paul II stand in all of this? Pope John Paul II stated that we are definitely in the end times. He says, "The signs are clear"! The Pope has expressed concerns that his successor will be "the final pope" and the "anti-pope". The anti-pope is a person who will betray true Catholicism and Christianity as part of a pact with "Lucifer" and a future "world government."

And here he is, notice the satanic symbols...

halloween pope-benedict-xvi-ratziner-hitler-youthI thought he was Gods representative on Earth?halloween pope fish hat pentagram papal-mitre-300x211



Bearing in mind that this article was supposed to simply be a short explanation of Halloween I am not going to start detailing all of the Catholic – Satanic connections here, but be sure its something I am going to come back to and write about at length soon.  Its something I had knowledge of but I hadn’t quite expected this article to go in this direction although I’m fascinated how my research bought me right back to Paedophilia and Satanism.  I encourage you to do your own research into this but beware there is a lot of conflicting stuff in books and on the Internet so digest the information carefully. 


For now you can read some of my other articles on Paedophilia and Satanism, Jimmy Savile, MP Sex offenders and Hollie Demands Justice, check back for more soon.

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