Liam Roberts the Corporation

By Liam Michael Roberts, or Liam-Michael: Roberts, or liam michael roberts, or something...

By me!


My name is liam michael roberts, thats me!


Stay with me, this is very interesting.

The use of upper case and lower case in words can be used to make a legal statement and in this case LIAM MICHAEL ROBERTS is actually a corporation set up by the government (which is also a corporation), through the treasury at my birth.  

Its the same for all of us.

Look at any letter relating to finance or any government or 'official' documentation, your drivers license even, your name will always be written in upper case, or the form may read 'USE BLOCK CAPS ONLY'. My partner works for a financial organisation and confirms that all documentation will display upper case letters in the name of the account holder, "we can't even change it on the PC if we wanted to, it always defaults back to upper case". And it would, because financial laws as with government laws only apply to corporations because they are the laws of corporations, therefore these laws do not apply to humans! We are, or should be subject to common Law, not commercial law, and this is why a corporation is set up in your name at birth.  

Similarly in America, you would register with the federal government through obtaining a social security number, getting a drivers license, passport etc, this makes a contract between the two corporations, (the 'individual' being one corporation when his/her name is written in upper case). 
Again, like with each and every American citizen the US government is a corporation and therefore operates under the jurisdiction of British maritime law, commercial law or UCC (3 names, same thing) and not common law.

The trick is to keep us from becoming aware that whenever our name appears in upper case it is referring to a corporation and not the living breathing person.


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