April 2022

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ConspiracyTruths does not support the false narrative that Covid-19 exists.

Some of the following articles are written by those who believe that Covid-19 exists, however, these contributions on the subject are still valuable to an extent and are posted here because they raise many points worth addressing. 

A British judge on Wednesday officially approved the U.S. government’s request to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who faces espionage charges for publishing classified material that exposed war crimes by American forces.

The judge’s new and widely expected procedural order, the culmination of a drawn-out legal battle, places the final decision on Assange’s extradition in the hands of U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel, leaving the WikiLeaks publisher with dwindling options to fight his removal to the U.S.—where he could be hit with a 175-year prison sentence.

Patel is expected to make a final decision by May 18, after which Assange can attempt to appeal via judicial review, Reuters reported Wednesday. As Patel weighs the extradition order, Assange will remain jailed in a high-security London prison, where he has languished for years under conditions that experts have condemned as torture.

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The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The PCR Deception

Researched, written, and narrated by Derrick Broze

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*I dont support many of the views on this site. They somehow still support the covid narrative, and think they were doing the right thing... But none the less they have a right to be heard about the injuries caused by the vaccine, as they are now finding out, the government does not want to know. 


"Our government asked us to do our part to stop the virus. We thought we were doing the right thing. Now we are injured, many severely. We are hurting, in pain, and losing our jobs. We are demanding our government do the right thing by acknowledging our injuries, as well as establish compensation for the tens of thousands who have been injured or have died."

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This video looks at the paper cited by Dr Bryan Ardis as the main evidence that snake venom plays a role in the current plandemic. The paper purports to have found a potential association between venom-like peptides found from various animals and Covid-19. Dr. Kaufman gives an overview of the relevant issues related to the snake venom controversy and gives a critical appraisal of the experiment and conclusions.

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A group of international lawyers, top level experts, and renowned scientists present the evidence before a Grand Jury that the COVID-19 pandemic is a criminal operation, with the purpose of installing a world dictatorship.

Among the expert witnesses are World Health Organization advisors, a United Nations official, members of British Intelligence Services, former officers from the U.S. and U.K. military, an expert from the Center for Disease Control, a former vice-president from Pfizer, a Nobel prize winner for medicine, and many other high-level witnesses.

The experts show how mind control, psychological manipulation and hypnosis techniques are used to control the opinions and behavior of the public worldwide. The information is backed up with official documents issued by the governments and the named organizations.

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UK Government is offering farmers the opportunity to apply for a lump sum payment to leave or retire from farming. 

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Dr. Paul Thomas Blows Up the "Conventional" Vaccine Narrative ~ Mind Boggling Injury Stats!

This video will turn the Covid-19 vaccine hesitant people to full on haters of all vaccines created.

'The Control Group' Stats ~ Vaccinated VS Unvaccinated

60% / 5.71% - Chronic Conditions
16.67% / 0% - Arthritis
48% / 0% - Heart Disease
10% / 0% - Diabetes
7.7% / 0% - Asthma
2.5% / 0% - Autism
9.4% / 0.47% - ADHD
6.0% / 0% - Cancer

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The UK Health Security Agency is refusing to publish any further data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status because previous figures show that the triple vaccinated population are on the verge of developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, and the double vaccinated are suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

Back in October 2021, The Expose exclusively revealed how the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) data was showing that the Covid-19 injections has a real-world effectiveness against infection of minus-109%.

Not long after this, the UKHSA added a note to their reports stating ‘case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection

This was clearly done in response to our report, and also because they could no longer use their own data to show that the Covid-19 injections are effective. But it was perfectly okay when Pfizer used this exact method to falsely claim their mRNA Covid-19 injection was 95% effective of course.

Now, as we quitely predicted, the UKHSA have gone one step further, and have announced that they will no longer publish the number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths by vaccine status.

The reason?

The UKHSA claims this is because the UK Government has ended free universal Covid-19 testing and this therefore affects their “ability to robustly monitor Covid-19 cases by vaccination status”.

However, this doesn’t explain why they’re no longer able to publish the data on Covid hospitalisations and deaths. If someone is hospitalised with Covid-19 then we’re pretty sure the doctors and nurses are going to know about it, and if someone dies of Covid-19 we’re pretty sure a doctor is going to know about it.

There’s a good reason though as to why their excuse falls short, and it’s because they are lying. The UK Health Security Agency has been looking for an excuse for months to stop publishing the data because it clearly shows that the triple vaccinated population are on the cusp of developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and the double vaccinated population are suffering Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease (VAED) and Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).

The Evidence

The UKHSA claims that vaccine effectiveness wanes substantially over time and this is why it’s important to get a booster dose.

But this is a lie. Vaccine effectiveness doesn’t wane. Immune system performance does.

Vaccine effectiveness isn’t really a measure of a vaccine, it is a measure of a vaccine recipients immune system performance compared to the immune system performance of an unvaccinated person.

Vaccines allegedly help develop immunity by imitating an infection. Once the imitation infection induced by the vaccine goes away, the body is left with a supply of “memory” t-cells and antibodies that will remember how to fight that disease in the future.

So, when the authorities state that the effectiveness of the vaccines weaken over time, what they really mean is that the performance of your immune system weakens over time.

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Delivery Manager - Covid Pass

Advertising Start Date: 11 Apr 2022


Salary Details: Band 8A - £47,126 - £53,219

Location: London

Vacancy Type: Permanent

Hours Per Week: 37.5

Working Pattern: Full-time, flexible working options considered

Additional allowances: Where applicable subject to a London weighting allowance which is 20% of your salary subject to a minimum payment of £4,608 and a maximum payment of £7,097

Closing Date: 02 May 2022

No medical skills required

Desirable Skills: Lack of empathy, lack of compassion, psychopathic tendancies, intense hatred of other people and obsessive desire to ruin lives. Must be able to follow orders without considering consequences.

Please Note: Only true psychopaths will be considered for this role.

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A disturbing video has emerged online of residents in Shanghai being manhandled and terrorised by police officers covered head to toe in PPE. What exactly is going on in the video is unclear but it is obvious from the audio that residents are deeply distressed by the actions of the officers.

UPDATE: According to an online source the residents in the video have been evicted from their homes so that the building can be used as a quarantine facility.

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Official data published by the UK Health Security Agency confirms the fully vaccinated population accounted for a shocking 92% of all Covid-19 deaths across England throughout March,but what’s even more shocking is that 82% of those deaths were among the triple vaccinated population.

But something even stranger than this is also occurring. Covid-19 is currently on the rise again across the UK, but the data confirms cases, hospitalisations and deaths are only rising among the triple vaccinated population, whereas they are declining significantly among the unvaccinated population.

You have been lied to on a monumental scale over the past two years by your Government, its Scientific Advisers, and the mainstream media. But the biggest lie of all is perhaps that the Covid-19 injections are both safe and effective. Neither of these statements are true. If you want recent evidence of them not being safe then look no further than the recent announcement from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).

On the 6th April 2022, the UKHSA released a statement confirming they were launching an urgent investigation due to the detection of higher than usual rate of liver inflammation (hepatitis) among children, and that similar cases were also being assessed in Scotland.

They have already ruled out the common viruses that cause hepatitis, so now they need look no further than the Covid-19 injection that has been unnecessarily offered to children, because Pfizer’s own study confirms the Covid-19 mRNA jab accumulates in the liver following vaccination and causes hepatitis.

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Over the past year-plus, athletes across the world have been dropping like flies as they compete in games. If they aren’t passed out cold, they are seen gripping their chests in agony, unable to breathe due to sudden cardiac events that hit in the heat of the competition.

This wave of heart issues is unprecedented, to say the least. Never before have we seen young, healthy, world-class athletes experiencing heart issues en masse like this. It has never happened, ever. Furthermore, the timing of this sweeping phenomenon could not be more relevant, coinciding perfectly with the rollout of the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

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Scott Ritter, in part one of a two-part series, lays out international law regarding the crime of aggression and how it relates to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

When it comes to the legal use of force between states, it is considered unimpeachable fact that in accordance with the intent of the United Nations Charter to ban all conflict, there are only two acceptable exceptions. One is an enforcement action to maintain international peace and security authorized by a Security Council resolution passed under Chapter VII of the Charter, which permits the use of force. 

The other is the inherent right of individual and collective self-defense, as enshrined in Article 51 of the Charter, which reads as follows:

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defense if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defense shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.”...

...The bottom line is that Russia has set forth a cognizable claim under the doctrine of anticipatory collective self defense, devised originally by the U.S. and NATO, as it applies to Article 51 which is predicated on fact, not fiction.

While it might be in vogue for people, organizations, and governments in the West to embrace the knee-jerk conclusion that Russia’s military intervention constitutes a wanton violation of the United Nations Charter and, as such, constitutes an illegal war of aggression, the uncomfortable truth is that, of all the claims made regarding the legality of pre-emption under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, Russia’s justification for invading Ukraine is on solid legal ground.

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Welcome to Prison Australia where unvaccinated citizens are not able to leave.  (And Canadians thought they were the only ones). If your best friend is getting married in Madagascar, the Africans will let you fly in, but you can’t go because Australia won’t let you out.

Australians who are unvaccinated or not-jabbed-enough can apply for permission to leave. But unless you need foreign medical care, live or work overseas, or are flying in the “national interest” (meaning you’re a politician) you may not qualify. Trips need to be “longer than three months” for no good reason I can think of, except that it stops most holidayers. Which is obviously the point.

People may get an exemption if they need to work overseas. Which is fine if your boss wants to send you to conventions in the Greek Islands but you can’t take the wife and kids unless she owns the company, and the kids are your employees. Otherwise, there’s no pleasure cruises for the unjabbed peasants from Oz.

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We are accustomed to treachery, deceit, selfishness and hypocrisy among our politicians.

We know that many politicians and civil servants ignored the lockdown rules they’d imposed on the country. (They ignored the rules because they knew they were useless.)

But in my view Sunak, the UK’s current Chancellor of the Exchequer is the worst and most thoroughly despicable politician we’ve seen for many years. His breath-taking arrogance has put even Blair, Hancock and Johnson in the shade.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

For absolutely no sensible reason at all the British Government (which has ignored far deadlier wars in Yemen and Syria) decided to introduce sanctions against Russia because of its dispute with Ukraine.

The sanctions have meant that millions of Britons have lost huge amounts of money. Anyone with a pension or an investment of any kind will have almost certainly suffered financial losses – in some cases massive losses – because of their Government’s decision to halt trade with Russia. Today’s pensioners and tomorrow’s pensioners will be savagely damaged by this egregious policy – they will be much poorer.

Ignorant and manipulated do-gooders have made things infinitely worse by forcing British companies and businessmen to break off trade with Russia.

Shares of the affected companies have fallen a great deal as a result.

But, almost unbelievably, Sunak’s wife is reported to still have shares in a company operating in Russia.

Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murty, owns shares worth more than £400 million in the company.

When questioned about his wife’s continuing business links with Russia, Sunak dismissed concerns, turned round the criticism and saying he knew how Will Smith felt about his wife being criticised.

‘At least I didn’t slap anyone,’ he said, according to an unsurprisingly rather sympathetic report by the BBC.

Unbelievably, Sunak said it was upsetting and wrong for people to criticise his wife’s continued business interests in Russia.

Meanwhile, Sunak is also continuing the Government’s attacks on the elderly.

First, he has denied every pensioner in the UK a pay rise of £822 this year. That was a pay rise which the Government had promised pensioners. Now they’ve reneged on their promise. MPs will, of course, continue to get their recent massive pay rise.

Second, pensioners who have to keep working in order to survive (because of the recession deliberately created by Sunak and the rest of the Government) will now, for the first time in history, have to pay national insurance on their earnings. So, as a result, taxes for the elderly will go up more than taxes for politicians or billionaires.

Third, the Government has allowed the BBC to renege on its promise to allow those who are over 75 to be exempt from the extortionate and anachronistic licence fee. Morally, I believe that the over 75s are entitled to avoid paying the licence fee. (I do not of course recommend breaking the law. But there are ways round paying the licence fee.) I haven’t paid the damned licence fee for many years. And now that I’m 75 I shan’t be paying it twice as enthusiastically. I ignore the monthly threatening letters with great joy.

Fourth, as energy prices soar (because of the Government’s conspiracies against the people) Sunak is opposed to a plan to build up to six new nuclear power stations. Sunak seems to be putting his hopes on hydrogen as a source of energy. As I have proved previously this is just plain barking. Pure hydrogen is hard to come by and has to be produced by the electrolysis of water (which consumes a great deal of energy) or from fossil fuels. In practice, 95% of the hydrogen will come from fossil fuels. Without nuclear power stations, and with oil and gas being banned, thousands will die because they cannot eat and keep warm. Sunak, of course, has his wife’s £400 million to keep him cosy.

We need a campaign: ‘Sunak Must Go!’

In my view, Sunak is a hypocrite; he’s a menace to the country, and he’s a bigger threat to the elderly than midazolam.

Vernon Coleman’s book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change: the End of Oil is available as a paperback and an eBook.

Australian scientists have provided evidence replicating the findings of nanotechnology in the COVID-19 Vaccines.

The scientists for reasons of fear of Pharma mafia-style reprisals have withheld their identities.

These findings replicate those of many others internationally as we have documented. It is imperative that everyone with the ability to investigate does so NOW. This must not be left to the few brave scientists, and doctors in getting this information about the 2021 vaccine holocaust to the masses.

The more people across borders replicate findings, the more persuasive the evidence becomes until it snowballs into the mass consciousness.The more professional voices that speak out, sticking their heads above the parapet, the safer it is for those who have made the first moves.

And the evidence of this human-a-cide breaks into the mass consciousness – we defeat this evil.

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The corporate media is now controlled by the interests of Big Pharma which has spent over $1 BILLION in promoting COVID-19 vaccines.

Even last night’s Oscar’s show was sponsored by Pfizer and BioNTech.

So when this corporate media now switches their focus to trying to convince the American public that Russia and Putin are a threat to our national security, that’s an indication to look around and see what they are trying to cover up and hide.

And one does not have to look very far to see the damaging effects of their COVID-19 vaccines. The government’s own database of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) through March 18, 2022 shows that there are unprecedented increases in recorded deaths and injuries following COVID-19 vaccines for the past 15 months since they were issued emergency use authorizations (EUAs), as compared to recorded deaths and injuries reported following all FDA-approved vaccines for the previous 30 years.

These government statistics show there is no greater danger to the lives of Americans today than our own government which is sitting on data that show the following increases of reports in VAERS following COVID-19 vaccines:

  • 68,000% increase in strokes
  • 44,000% increase in heart disease
  • 6,800% increase in deaths
  • 5,700% increase in permanent disabilities
  • 5,000% increase in life threatening injuries
  • 4,400% increase in hospitalizations

This is mass murder and genocide.

If the corporate media switched from covering the war in Ukraine and published this data directly from the government’s own database, there would be riots all across the U.S. right now, if not a Civil War.

But the largely brain-dead American consumer is content to watch their corporate news and blame all the world’s problems on Russia right now instead, as we face huge labor shortages and supply chain bottlenecks due to all these deaths and injuries from the COVID-19 vaccines that will now be blamed on Russia.

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The number of injuries and deaths recorded in the U.S. Government’s database of Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccines has now reached 1.2 million cases as of the last update on Friday, April 1st. (Source.)

By way of contrast, there are 930,952 cases of injuries and deaths following all other vaccines for the previous 30+ years before the COVID-19 vaccines were issued emergency use authorizations in December of 2020. (Source.)

When you take the monthly average of cases filed in VAERS following all vaccines for the previous 30 years (360 months – 2,586 cases per month), and compare that to the monthly average of cases recorded after COVID-19 vaccines for the past 15 months (80,384 cases per month), that is an increase of 3,008%.

Heart Disease Exploding in Children Following COVID-19 Vaccines

The CDC admits that the COVID-19 vaccines are causing heart disease in young people, but they claim these cases are “rare” and so they continue to recommend the vaccines for children, as vaccine manufacturers are now petitioning the FDA to give emergency use authorizations to start injecting children below the age of 5 with COVID-19 vaccines.

Myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. Most patients with myocarditis or pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination responded well to medicine and rest and felt better quickly. As of March 24, 2022, VAERS has received 2,323 preliminary reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among people ages 30 years and younger who received COVID-19 vaccines.

Most cases have been reported after receiving Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, (mRNA COVID-19 vaccines) particularly in male adolescents and young adults. (Source.)

So let’s “fact check” the CDC’s claims that these cases of heart disease in young people are “rare” by using their own data.

First of all, the CDC only reports on 2 types of heart disease: myocarditis and pericarditis.

We are going to search for ALL cases of “*carditis,” and since they want to start injecting babies with these shots, we are only going to include children under the age of 18 in our search of VAERS.

That search produces 1,261 cases of heart disease in children under the age of 18 in the past 15 months since the COVID-19 vaccines were given emergency use authorization. (Source.)

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The National Farmers' Union has warned the UK is sleepwalking into a food security crisis. Soaring energy and fertilizer costs have led to an unprecedented situation where growers' margins have collapsed, forcing many to halt growing operations. 

Reuters says because of the inclement weather in the UK. Farmers grow cumbers, plant peppers, aubergines, and tomatoes in vast greenhouses. Greenhouses use natural gas for heat, but after last year's surge in gas prices exacerbated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine last month, the crops have become uneconomical to produce. 

Trade body British Growers said the average cost to produce a cucumber in Britain before the energy crisis was around 25 pence, which is now more than doubled and set to hit 70 pence when higher energy prices fully kick in. 

"Gas prices being so sky-high, it's a worrying time," grower Tony Montalbano said. 

"All the years of us working hard to get to where we are, and then one year it could just all finish," Montalbano said.

He noted his 30,000 square meters of glasshouses at Green Acre Salads business, which supplies major supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons, are shuttered because costs outpace market prices. In fact, the farmer would be losing money if he were to grow. 

Compared with this time last year, European gas prices are up a mindboggling 500%. 

Fertilizer prices have tripled since last year, along with soaring prices for packaging, diesel, freight, labor, and everything related to running a grow operation. 

"We are now in an unprecedented situation where the cost increases have far outstripped a grower's ability to do anything about them," said Jack Ward, head of British Growers.

With many greenhouses offline, this will inevitably push down the output of produce for supermarkets and result in persistent and or even higher food inflation when overall inflation is at historic levels. 

To give an idea of just how bad the situation is, the Valley Growers Association, whose members produce about 75% of Britain's cucumber and sweet pepper crop, said 90% of farmers didn't plant in January. Others said they would not grow with elevated gas prices. 

"There's definitely going to be a lack of British produce in the supermarkets," association secretary Lee Stiles said. "Whether there's a lack of produce overall depends on where and how far away the retailers are prepared to source it from."

The UK could increase imports of produce, but countries worldwide are implementing protectionism measures to keep farm goods domestically to mitigate shortages due to the Ukraine conflict disrupting the global food supply. 

Like many other countries worldwide, the UK is sleepwalking into a food crisis.

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Guests today, for a special Ukraine-focused roundtable, are investigative journalists Vanessa Beeley & Eva Bartlett, as well as former GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) officer, regional expert & regular guest on UK Column News, Alex Thomson. Today we will dissect the narrative around the current conflict in Ukraine and give insight into how many around the world are being mislead and outright deceived. 

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COVID-19 has magically disappeared.

After more than two years of non-stop bombardment with Covid “news”, there has been none at all in mainstream headlines for over a week. The media giveth and the media taketh away.

Through the immaculate erasure of the ‘Covid Crisis,’ those responsible for these harms are attempting to make us forget what they did to us, our families, and the permanent damage they caused to society.

Think back to what life was like two years ago and imagine if someone told you that a “health emergency” would require a crackdown on all social and economic life.

Remarkably, the public health orders moved quickly from “flattening the curve” and “slowing the spread” to containment, suppression, contact tracing, social isolation, quarantine, face coverings, de facto house arrest aka “lockdowns” (a prison/slave camp term), and mandated experimental injections.

In order to “keep us safe” government policies mushroomed from innocuous instructions into draconian decrees.

The limitation of the right to engage in basic economic transactions; the limitation of the right to freedom of movement; limitations on the right to practice religion; the suspension of the right to an education; the denial of the right to a livelihood; the removal of the right to receive or refuse medical attention; suspension of public meetings; suspension of juries; suppression of the right to freedom of expression; denial of the right to assembly; and much else became the new operating principles of “The Covid World.”

The institution of a bio-security police state was birthed according to health authorities and others the power to quarantine someone considered “infected” or simply to have been in contact with a purported “case.”

To make this appear necessary and acceptable, an intensive full-spectrum psychological assault on our sensibilities was implemented. Covid-19 was hyped as the ‘New Black Death’.

We were told by ‘important-looking people’ that millions will die, the entire planet is in danger, a global response is required and everyone must get in line with the program whilst “heroes” and “experts” take charge of this new global war to keep us safe.

Illogical catchphrases designed to hypnotize the public into a malleable mental state were repeated over and over in every media outlet, across virtually every social institution, and plastered throughout all walks of the public sphere.

“Flatten the Curve”, “The New Normal”, “Social Distancing” and “Follow the Science“ became the nation’s Covid shibboleths. Media bullhorns relentlessly blasted the doublespeak into the public psyche. Oxymorons and euphemisms dominated the contours of any and all “Covid-related” discourse.

Such linguistic manipulations were readily absorbed and seamlessly adopted by much of the public and became the Doublethink phraseology of the Covid Era.

Mantras of the Covid Era were followed by a fleet of psychologically disorienting and arbitrary ‘regulations’, ‘advice‘, and ‘guidelines’ which were quickly put in place, selectively enforced and subsequently changed.

No one was spared.

Children came under sustained psychological attacks, branded ‘super spreaders’, and were told to keep away from the grandparents lest they “kill granny.”

Operating in a fog of psychological trauma, everyone moved through a world devoid of smiles and laughter where faces were hidden by masks and smothered in cloth.

This barrage of brutalizing manipulations was designed to condition us to accept the tyrannical impositions of “The New Normal.” The emotional toll, because of COVID fear-mongering and media hysteria, caused the citizenry to become mentally tamed like institutionalized prisoners who would come begging for “a way out.”

The preordained and only “allowed” exit from this viral nightmare demanded that society embrace the magical “cure” of the “miracle” inoculation. A medical miracle promised to be so effective that it would be required year after year after year.

When not embraced it would be enforced.

One of the striking characteristics of the media blitzkrieg surrounding the Covid “pandemic” – or, to be more precise, the reporting of the “pandemic” – is how it so easily resembled the “War on Terror” or indeed, any war, when considered purely in terms of its effect.

Mask wearing became a patriotic duty. “Security theater” became a feature of everyday life. The vast carnage of Covid policies was sloughed off as “collateral damage.”

Lost in the sound and fury of this media bombardment were evidence, observation, and measurement– 3 of the key pillars of science.

These were replaced by make-believe forecasts, computer-generated estimates, or other not to be questioned ‘scientific metrics’ that hospitals would be over-run, mortuaries would spill into the streets and crematoriums would run out of fuel disposing of all the bodies.

Even as direct observation and real scientific data showed none of this to be true, the public health apparatus and media juggernaut ensured the public would not be exposed to such heresy.

A digital curtain of mass McCarthyite-like censorship descended upon this “Brave New World” of fact-free hysteria.

No amount of evidence could slow the propaganda machine which remained in high gear spitting out a non-stop stream of sanctimonious slogans and exaggerated death tallies.

The intended effect was widespread panic, resulting in a collective psychosis that negated all thought.

“We don’t have time!”

“We must act now!”

“Listen to the “experts!”

“Follow the science!”

“We don’t have the “luxury” of critical thinking!”

And most importantly:

“All who question the “official” narrative must be condemned.”

Put simply, Covid-19 was not an epidemiological event, it was a psychological operation.

Two years later, as bureaucrats and politicians wind down the Covid restrictions in order to quell growing unrest, we can be assured they will insist on retaining the “right” to re-impose them at will.

As long as “new variants lurk right around the corner”, public health bureaucrats and pandemic profiteers can invent the next “health emergency” to impose more shutdowns for any “viral event” that conveniently suits their political and financial aims.

While the Covid propaganda has vanished it is imperative we keep the mountain of lies under scrutiny and continue unveiling the massive corruption that defines the “Covid Era.” This is the only path towards justice and is necessary to defend against future episodes of “pandemic” hysteria.

Ultimately there can be no comprehensive debate and complete understanding of the devastating consequences of the ‘Covid Crisis’ policies without a historical and up-to-date analysis of the Medical Industry’s role in pushing socioeconomic and political agendas which benefit the ruling elites.

It is vital to understand that the public health industry is now directly tied to global markets and operates based on the demands of those financial conglomerates. Manufactured pandemics are now mammoth investment opportunities that increase the wealth of billionaires and further consolidate their power.

It is also necessary to recognize that the primary purpose of the medical industry is no longer the “art of healing”, rather as a financial instrument benefiting investors.

‘We the people‘
 must also recognize that the Medical Industry has now been fully weaponized as a punitive system designed to process, dehumanize and control every single person in the system. Before our very eyes, we have seen up close how mere biological existence is criminalized by that system.

The magic act of Covid vanishing from media view and public perception is not due to any medical miracle or the natural trajectory of a virus losing its potency. It was performed by those who manufactured this reality and committed countless crimes, coordinated in an attempt to slip out the back door, avoid further public inquiry and escape any legal consequences.

Though the story of the virus is nearly over, the sorcery that created it has not been exorcised.

The urgent message that we must take from these past two years is that we are under sustained psychological warfare and have been for quite some time.

We won’t have truly won until it is universally established that Medical Freedom is not a negotiable commodity controlled by state bureaucrats, political opportunists, or the medical cartel.

Nothing has been won until the ideology that the state controls our bodily autonomy has been thoroughly repudiated.

This story is not finished until the individuals and institutions that deceived the public and censored and persecuted dissenting voices over the past two years are publicly held accountable.

This fight is not over.

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The PCR "Covid-19 Confirmed Cases" are Meaningless. The Multibillion Dollar Antigen and Home Test Project is Fake

Destabilizing the social, political and economic structure of 190 sovereign countries cannot constitute  a “solution” to combating the virus. But that was the imposed “solution” which was implemented in several stages from the very outset of the corona crisis in January 2020.  It’s the destruction of people’s  lives. It is the destabilization of civil society.

Fake science was supportive of this devastating agenda. The lies were sustained by a massive media disinformation campaign. 24/7, Incessant and Repetitive “Covid alerts” in the course of the last two years.

The  historic March 11, 2020 lockdown triggered economic and social chaos Worldwide. It was an act of “economic warfare”: a war against humanity. 

This diabolical agenda has undermined the sovereignty of nation states. 

It has contributed  to a wave of bankruptcies. It has impoverished people Worldwide.

It has led to a spiralling dollar denominated global debt. 

The powerful structures of global capitalism, Big Money coupled with its intelligence and military apparatus are the driving force.

Using advanced digital and communications technologies, the lockdown and “closure” of the global economy is unprecedented in World history.

The Central Role of the Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT-PCR)

From the very outset, both the media and the governments have overlooked and ignored the flaws and falsehoods pertaining to the RT-PCR test as a means to detecting the spread of the virus and identifying SARS-CoV-2.

“The PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick”.

Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the RT-PCR, passed away in August 2019.

This misuse of the RT-PCR technique is applied as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, … under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients. .

Dr. Pascal Sacré, Belgian physician specialized in critical care and renowned public health analyst.

The Entire Data Base of “Covid-19 Confirmed Cases” is Invalid.

Media disinformation has prevailed  for more than two years despite the fact that both the WHO and the CDC (with the usual innuendos) have confirmed what was known from the very outset in January 2020, namely that the RT-PCR test used to justify every single policy mandate including lockdowns, social distancing, the mask, confinement of the labor force, closure of economic activity, etc. was flawed and invalid. 

The WHO issued its Mea Culpa more than a year ago on January 20, 2021. A few months later, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)  (July 21, 2021) called for the withdrawal of the PCR test as a valid method for detecting and identifying SARS-CoV-2. 

As of December, 31 2021, the PCR test is no longer considered valid by the CDC in the U.S.  For more details see: CDC No Longer Recognizes the PCR Test As a Valid Method for Detecting “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases”?

The CDC has now firmly acknowledged that the PCR test does not effectively differentiate between Covid-19 and Seasonal Influenza. A PCR positive does not imply a “Covid-19 Confirmed Case”. It could be influenza or a corona common cold. The CDC called for its withdrawal effective December 31, 2021.

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I see quite frequently, people warning that the US is becoming an ‘Orwellian nightmare,’ or that we’re living in a country that’s fast becoming a new 1984. I think they’re wrong. It’s worse.

We here in the US look at what China’s doing as if they’re on a reality TV show. Seeing what they’re doing with surveillance and their social credit system as if we’re watching some kind of dystopian entertainment series fashioned after the George Orwell book, 1984. Our burgeoning dystopia isn’t as overtly dystopian as Orwell warned against, and that’s the problem.

If you haven’t read 1984, you really should. I’m not really a fan of the storyline since it’s pretty crappy but the message still comes through, and it’ll give you an idea of why people reference it so much when talking about governments gone awry. Then, get yourself a copy of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and you’ll start to see the problem. The story’s a little better, but not much. The message is more apropos, however.

1984 was about a government that would ban information and rule with a leather boot on your throat, whereas Brave New World was about a system that would slowly seep into our life like a drug. In other words, Orwell warned us about a dystopia that we wouldn’t be able to stop, Huxley warned us about a dystopia that we would beg not to stop. The US isn’t becoming Orwellian, it’s becoming Huxleyan.

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The World Health Organisation has issued a global alert about a new form of severe acute Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) with an unknown cause affecting previously healthy children in the UK, Spain and Ireland.

This has prompted the UK Health Security Agency has announced that it has launched an urgent investigation.

With all three countries now offering and administering the Pfizer Covid-19 injection to children as young as 5; with the UK quietly granting the jab emergency use approval for use in children aged 5 to 11 in December 2021, this is the very first place they should be looking.

Because Pfizer’s own study proves that the mRNA jab accumulates in the liver causing hepatitis.

On April 15 2022, the World Health Organisation issued a global alert about a new form of severe acute Hepatitis with an unknown aetiology (cause) affecting previously healthy children in the UK over the last month. Cases have also been notified in Spain and Ireland. Tests have excluded all previously known Hepatitis viruses. 74 cases have been found so far, with more expected. The WHO alert said:

“The clinical syndrome in identified cases is of acute hepatitis with markedly elevated liver enzymes, often with jaundice, sometimes preceded by gastrointestinal symptoms, in children principally up to 10 years old. Some cases have required transfer to specialist children’s liver units and six children have undergone liver transplantation. As of 11 April, no death has been reported among these cases and one epidemiologically linked case has been detected.”

The announcement comes after the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) recently detected higher than usual rates of liver inflammation (hepatitis) in children. Similar cases are also being assessed in Scotland.

Hepatitis is a condition that affects the liver and may occur for a number of reasons, including several viral infections common in children. However, in the cases under investigation the common viruses that cause hepatitis have not been detected.

Hepatitis symptoms include:

  • dark urine
  • pale, grey-coloured poo
  • itchy skin
  • yellowing of the eyes and skin (jaundice)
  • muscle and joint pain
  • a high temperature
  • feeling and being sick
  • feeling unusually tired all the time
  • loss of appetite
  • tummy pain

The WHO rt discussed a possible role of the Covid-19 virus in the outbreak:

“Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus type 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and/or adenovirus have been detected in several cases. The United Kingdom has recently observed an increase in adenovirus activity, which is co-circulating with SARS-CoV-2, though the role of these viruses in the pathogenesis (mechanism by which disease develops) is not yet clear….

“While some cases tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 and/or adenovirus, genetic characterization of viruses should be undertaken to determine any potential associations between cases.”

There are other possible causes of hepatitis.

These include autoimmune hepatitis and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of vaccines, medications, drugs, toxins, and alcohol. 

Autoimmune hepatitis is a disease that occurs when your body makes antibodies against your liver tissue.

Autoimmune conditions are known to be associated with both Covid-19 viral infection and Covid-19 vaccination.

A case reports paper published at PubMed in September 2021 entitled Auto-immune hepatitis following COVID vaccination described two cases of auto-immune hepatitis following Covid-19 vaccination. 

No investigation of Covid-19 vaccination as a possible complicating factor in the development of the new form of hepatitis has yet taken place, but it’s the very first place they should be looking.

It was assumed that the Covid-19 vaccine’s spike protein would remain at the injection site and last up to several weeks like other proteins produced in the body.

But as we all know assumptions make an ass out of u and me, and Pfizer’s own study shows this is not the case and that spike proteins circulate in the body following mRNA Covid-19 vaccination, and the highest concentration ends up in the liver.

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Is this the biggest scandal in New Zealand’s history?

This is a question that can only really be answered if the full truth and the full evidence is known and assessed by the people of New Zealand. Thankfully that may be beginning to happen now. But one thing is for certain. The biggest victims of this situation are now coming together, they are uniting to support each other, they are uniting to tell their stories, and they will be SILENT NO MORE.

An important point to note here. This is not an anti-vax story at all, and the information presented here is not anti-vax in any way. This is simply information and evidence about one particular vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine.

On March 29th the ‘Silent No More’ movement was officially born in New Zealand. It was an event that was created out of a collective vision and a collective effort of numerous passionate Kiwis from around the country who all had a shared desire and need to come together to tell their story and to just be heard. People from right across the country gathered in front of parliament in a memorial service to grieve together, to tell their stories together, and to deliver their petition with 12,000 signatures (gathered in just 5 days) to parliament.

Some were grieving for the health that they, and so many fellow Kiwis, have now lost. Many permanently. Some were grieving for their loved ones who have paid the ultimate price from taking the COVID-19 vaccine. All were grieving for what has been done collectively to their country and its people. There were tears. A lot of tears. But it was a watershed moment for these people, and for the thousands of others who couldn’t be there but wanted to. No longer would they be hushed up, ignored, and ridiculed by their government and the media.

‘Little White Crosses’ is a moving song written by NZ song writer Aly Cook as a tribute to the ‘Silent No More’ memorial on March 29th. It is a reference and a tribute to all those hundreds of ‘little white crosses’ that were hanging peacefully on a long piece of string in front of parliament for three weeks during the recent Wellington Freedom Camp.

The people of New Zealand MUST know the truth about what has really happened in this country since the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine began in mid 2021. Not what we have been told on an almost daily basis on our television screens from the government’s podium of the ‘single source of truth’, and not what we have been told by our mainstream media who have been paid $55 million+ by that ‘single source of truth’.

Before we proceed here, the following are a few sobering facts (not misinformation) that will not be told to the people of New Zealand from the ‘single source of truth’.

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As food uncertainly lingers on the horizon thanks to US sanctions and government decimation of the economy during the past two years, there is another factor contributing to the problem. Since the beginning of the year, there have been several very large food processing facilities that have exploded or burned to the ground across the U.S.

This week, a vegetable and nut processing facility in Dufur, Oregon became engulfed in flames for unknown reasons.

“Lights flickered; They heard a pop and went up there to check it out and there was a fire,” according to a report made to Wasco County 911 records listed in the Wasco County Sheriff’s log.

The independent distributor of natural, organic and non-GMO foods which employees around 150 people burned to the ground.

One week before that fire in Oregon, a massive fire brought down a meat processing plant in Conway, New Hampshire. After burning for 16 hours, multiple fire crews finally put out the fire at East Conway Beef and Pork but the facility is completely destroyed.

That same week, in Salinas, California, a massive fire at the Taylor Farms Processing Facility led to the evacuation of residents as it burned for over 17 hours. Taylor Farms is a major agriculture company that processes and delivers many of the salad kits seen in grocery stores. The cause of this fire is currently under investigation.

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The first public hearings on the proposed “Pandemic Treaty” are closed, with the next round due to start in mid-June.

We’ve been trying to keep this issue on our front page, entirely because the mainstream is so keen to ignore it and keep churning out partisan war porn and propaganda.

When we – and others – linked to the public submissions page, there was such a response that the WHO’s website actually briefly crashed, or they pretended it crashed so people would stop sending them letters.

Either way, it’s a win. Hopefully one we can replicate in the summer.

Until then, the signs are that what scant press coverage there is, mostly across the metaphorical back-pages of the internet, will be focused on making the treaty “strong enough” and ensuring national governments can be “held accountable”.

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From predicting ecological collapse and the end of civilization to warnings that the world is running out of oil, all environmental doomsday predictions of the first Earth Day in 1970 have turned out to be flat out wrong.

More than three decades before Greta Thunberg was born — the Swedish environmental activist on climate change — more than 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970.

We now look back at quotes from Earth Day, Then and Now,” by Ronald Bailey of the spectacularly wrong apocalyptic predictions from Earth Day 1970.

Considering the current doomsday predictions scaremonger activists are verbalizing about global warming that will result in the demise of civilization within the next decade, many of those unscientific 1970 predictions are being reincarnated on today’s social and news media outlets.

Many of the same are being regurgitated today, but the best prediction from the first earth day five decades ago, yes 50 years ago, was that the “the pending ice age as earth had been cooling since 1950 and that the temperature would be 11 degrees cooler by the year 2000”.

The 1970’s were a lousy decade. Embarrassing movies and dreadful music reflected the national doomsday mood following an unpopular war, endless political scandals, and a faltering economy.

The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 — okay, “celebrated” doesn’t capture the funereal tone of the event. The events (organized in part by then hippie and now convicted murderer Ira Einhorn) predicted death, destruction and disease unless we did exactly as progressives commanded.

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Project Veritas has obtained a recording of an AstraZeneca company-wide zoom call held on 3 December 2020. In the recording CEO Pascal Soriot said that people with immune deficiencies should not receive the “vaccine.” This contradicts guidance from health officials such as the World Health Organisation (“WHO”). 

Soriot also suggested that antibody treatment was often a better alternative.  Yet, the US government, and others, have blocked monoclonal antibody treatments.  Time and time again, governments and Big Pharma have been preaching universal vaccinations as the only effective way to fight Covid.

“Like if you have an immune disease, lupus, or some other immune condition, you cannot – or multiple sclerosis, you can’t be vaccinated. So, there are millions of people in the world that will need a protection that cannot be coming from a vaccine. So, the longer antibody has enormous potential,” Soriot said.

Adding, “the long-acting antibody is quite unique because this is the only combination potentially will last more than six months, up to potentially 12 months and protect people for a long period of time.”

In guidance published on 16 March 2022, WHO reasserted its stance that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe for immunocompromised people.

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The national system for compensating the COVID-19 vaccine injured has not paid out a single claim.

As reported by Maryanne Demasi, PhD in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the national system for compensating the COVID-19 vaccine injured has not paid out a single claim.

The Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) was set up to address vaccine injuries associated with vaccines and other countermeasures during a pandemic or bio-threat event. A person cannot sue a manufacturer for an injury caused by a vaccine or other product listed as a countermeasure, they can only seek compensation from CICP by filing a claim. Shockingly, the US government through CICP has only approved one claim and has yet to pay out a single dollar to anyone vaccine injured or for death benefits to those who have died.

The table below from the VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 4/8/2022 . It shows the extensive vaccine injuries and deaths reported. The government is quick to point out that these are reported injuries and deaths to the US government, which will not be fully investigated by the CDC and so therefore can not be verified…

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Nothing to see here. Just the BBC reporting on implantable microchips, like it’s totally normal.

The article reads like an advert for the company Walletmor, which is offering to put the chips literally in people’s hands for just $300.

“The implant can be used to pay for a drink on the beach in Rio, a coffee in New York, a haircut in Paris – or at your local grocery store,” says founder and chief executive Wojtek Paprota. “It can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted.”

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Captagon is a drug that first came to prominence during the Islamic State’s terror wave throughout the middle east. Since 2014, the drug reportedly reemerged within Ukraine, fueling neo-nazi terrorists who have used the meth-like substance on the battlefield to overcome the fear of death, becoming what some people call “zombie soldiers.”

The Donetsk People Republic (DPR) recently uncovered drug laboratories where ‘combat drugs’ have reportedly been developed in the village of Sopino near Mariupol, and administered to the Azov Battalion. Sputnik reported.

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BEIJING—Beibei sleeps beside thousands of strangers in rows of cots in a high-ceilinged exhibition center. The lights stay on all night, and the 30-year-old real estate saleswoman has yet to find a hot shower.

Beibei and her husband were ordered into the massive National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai last Tuesday after spending 10 days isolated at home following a positive test. Their 2-year-old daughter, who was negative, went to her grandfather, while her nanny also went into quarantine.

The convention center, with 50,000 beds, is among more than 100 quarantine facilities set up in Shanghai for people such as Beibei who test positive for COVID-19 but have no symptoms. It is part of official efforts to contain China’s biggest coronavirus outbreak since the 2-year-old pandemic began.

Residents show “no obvious symptoms,” Beibei, who asked to be identified only by her given name, told The Associated Press in an interview by video phone.

“There are people coughing,” she said. “But I have no idea if they have laryngitis or Omicron.”

The shutdown of Shanghai, which confined most of its 25 million people to their homes, is testing patience of people who are increasingly fed up with the Chinese regime’s “zero-COVID” policy that aims to isolate every case.

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The former general manager of a Central Valley water district has been charged with stealing more than $25 million worth of water over 23 years, the latest development in a years-long saga of corruption and theft, federal authorities said Thursday.

A federal grand jury returned a five-count indictment against 75-year-old Aptos resident Dennis Falaschi, according to the U.S. attorney's office for the Eastern District of California.

He faces one count each of conspiracy and theft of government property, and three counts of filing false tax returns, according to the indictment.

Falaschi was the general manager for the Panoche Water District, which serves portions of Fresno and Merced counties near Dos Palos, Firebaugh and Los Banos, according to court documents.

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In a rare admission that the Covid vaccines cause serious side effects the UK Government have issued official guidance for healthcare professionals on how to manage myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination.

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For months the British public have been deceived with tales that there are just 5 million people in the United Kingdom who have refused to take up the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine. But this is a complete fabrication that has no doubt been used to make those who have refused the jab feel as if they are part of a minority.

Because an official UK Government report proves that in England alone there are at least 19.2 million people who have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, 21.8 million people who have not had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, and 31 million who have not had 3 doses of a Covid-19 Vaccine, meaning nearly half of England’s population has become wise to the propaganda and lies spouted by the Government and mainstream media over the past two years.

It was back in September that the British public were told there were 5 million Brits who had so far refused the experimental jabs. Sir Patrick Vallance, the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor and former president of GlaxoSmithKline, announced in a televised Covid-19 briefing that “There are five million or so people who are eligible for vaccines now who haven’t been vaccinated,”.

Well it turns out the “or so” make up approximately another 14.2 million people in England alone as of 10th April 22 , bringing the grand total of people who have refused the Covid-19 jab to 19,184,986.

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began two years ago, the US government has poured billions of your tax dollars into the vaccine program. More than $9 billion of your tax dollars were given to vaccine companies for research and $22 billion of your tax dollars were then used to support vaccine distribution. The feds also shelled out another $10 billion to expand access and currently announced $3 billion more to spend on an ad campaign to combat vaccine hesitancy.

The US government spent well over $130 for every man, woman, and child in America to push the COVID-19 vaccines and yet over one-third of the country still refuses to get fully jabbed while nearly 70 percent refuse to take the booster. Why is that?

Periodically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases the new information on reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The number of reports are at historical levels and more deaths and adverse events have been reported than ever before.

Before going any further, as not to set off the “fact checkers,” it is important to point out that just because data is submitted to the CDC through VAERS, this does not in anyway mean that these reactions are related to the COVID-19 vaccine.

However, also according to the CDC, “VAERS is a national early warning system to detect possible safety problems in U.S. licensed vaccines.” And, given the sheer volume of reports, alarm bells should be sounding everywhere. Yet the are not.

While the CDC assures us that their database is inaccurate, the volume of claims should be enough to raise some serious red flags. The most current numbers from the CDC came out on April 1, 2022. The most recent numbers consist of 1,446,252 total adverse events, including 49,535 reports of permanent disability post vaccination, 30,032 life threatening events, 147,361 hospitalizations, 1,030 birth defects, and 26,699 reported deaths.

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It is definitely not normal for so many mainly young athletes to suffer from cardiac arrests or to die while playing their sport, but this year it is happening. Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after they got a COVID vaccine. While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause.

The so-called health professionals running the COVID vaccine programs around the world keep repeating that “the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine and it is safe and effective.”

In response to their pronouncement, here is a non-exhaustive and continuously growing list of mainly young athletes who had major medical issues in 2021/2022 after receiving one or more COVID vaccines. Initially, many of these were not reported. We know that many people were told not to tell anyone about their adverse reactions and the media was not reporting them. They started happening and ramping up after the first COVID vaccinations. The mainstream media still are not reporting most, but sports news cannot ignore the fact that soccer players and other stars collapse in the middle of a game due to a sudden cardiac arrest. Many of those die – more than 50%.

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“Yeah, I think we have to recognize – I’ve always said that I think the Covid pandemic was a wakeup call. I don’t believe it’s the great pandemic.”

“I believe the great pandemic is still in the future, and that’s going to be a bird flu pandemic for man. It’s gonna have significant mortality in the 10-50% range. It’s gonna be trouble.”

Robert Redfield—Former CDC Director, March 30th, 2022 interview with Doug McKelway on “Center Point”

Yes, the writing is on the wall, and in the U.S. testing ground that is U.S. created China, cases of ‘avian bird flu’ are already being reported by ‘news’ outlets. So far, as of a few days ago, 19 cases of H5N6 bird flu among Chinese citizens have been reported as confirmed this year. ‘Coincidentally,’ two new cases were reported just as Redfield’s statements were released. Supposed ‘fears’ of a major outbreak are said to be advancing as the propaganda continues. As this plotted forewarning is being broadcast to the masses, the U.S. has been slaughtering chickens, turkeys, and other birds meant for food by the millions in Iowa and elsewhere; in addition to hundreds of millions being slaughtered worldwide, and this is no coincidence. These are planned tactics of fear-mongering and brainwashing the public. Every announcement and every warning by the state is by design, as nothing is what it seems, and all is based upon the indoctrination and psychological manipulation of the public in advance, so as to lessen the risk of exposure to the state once any real weaponized ‘virus’ is released, or any fake pandemic scenario is announced.

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In another testament to The Walt Disney Company becoming the “tranniest” place on Earth, leaked footage revealed that the media conglomerate shoulders both trans surgeries and hormones for employees and their children.

Christopher Rufo of the City Journal posted the footage on Twitter, which was leaked from Disney’s Reimagine Tomorrow virtual summit. He wrote: “Disney has adopted a benefits program to assist employees and their minor children with ‘gender affirmation procedures.’ This type of treatment typically includes puberty blockers, breast removal and genital surgeries for ‘kids who are transitioning.'”

The video showed an unidentified Disney employee explaining the company’s efforts to support transgender employees.

“The other big area we are working on is gender identity and expression. We are doing all of this work to ensure that our employees and cast [members] can express their gender here authentically and proudly at the company. [Disney management is] working on coming up with guides on how to change your photo [and] information about pronouns.”

The employee added that Disney’s benefits team can provide more details about “gender affirmation procedures both for our employees who are transitioning or [already] trans, [and] also for our employees who have kids who are transitioning.”

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The number of patients waiting for routine hospital treatment in England has soared to a new record of 6.18 million, as ambulance and emergency department waits also reach all-time highs.

NHS data show one in nine people were in the queue, often in pain, for elective operations such as hip and knee replacements and cataracts surgery by February – up from 6.1 million in January. 

Separate data show A&E performance plummeted to its worst ever level in March, with a record 22,506 people waiting 12 hours to be treated, three times longer than the NHS target. Just seven in 10 patients in casualty units were seen within the four-hour threshold, marking the worst performance yet.

Ambulance figures reveal heart attack and stroke patients were left waiting for more than an hour for paramedics to arrive on average – another record.

Health bosses argue the NHS has faced its busiest ever winter and a slight drop among the longest waiters show it is tackling the backlog.  

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  • More than 3,000 Britons have complained about Covid tests
  • At least 555 claim to have suffered 'minor' or 'serious' harm from using the swabs
  • But the medicines watchdog says incidents may be caused by 'unrelated' factors

What they haven't considered, or reported in the Daily Mail article is that the test swabs are coated in a carcinogenic that is most likely the cause of all these illnesses. Lateral flow test swabs are coated in Ethylene Oxide. This is clearly labelled on the packaging as 'Sterile EO'. Although used in the steralisation of some other medical products, regular exposure, such as covid testing, has the ability to damage DNA, according to cancer.gov this accounts for its cancer-causing activity.

Read article: Disturbing letter sent to parents from UK schools

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of Tesla Inc, is no longer the largest shareholder of Twitter.

Musk currently owns a 9.2 per cent stake in the company.

But Vanguard Group, an American registered investment advisor, now owns 82.4 million shares of Twitter, which means 10.3 per cent of the company — making it Twitter’s largest shareholder and bumping Musk out of the top spot.

According to the most recent publicly available filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the asset manager increased its stake in the company at some point during the first quarter.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Vanguard’s holdings are worth $3.78 billion, based on Twitter stock’s closing price on April 13.

Newsmen had earlier reported Musk’s proposal to buy 100 per cent of the social media company at $54.20 per share in cash, valuing it at around $43 billion.

At a TED conference on Thursday, Musk insisted that buying Twitter wasn’t an economic move for him.

“I could technically afford it. But this [deal] is not a way to make money. Having a public platform that is trusted and broadly inclusive is extremely important to the future of civilization. I don’t care about the economics at all,” Musk said.

MONOPOLY - Who Owns the World?

Genetic tracking used to create Covid vaccines is now being adapted to help regenerate hearts damaged from cardiac arrests.

Scientists at King’s College London have tracked genetic codes called mRNAs which produce proteins to generate healthy heart cells.

The ground-breaking research could lead to the world’s first cure for heart attack victims, The Times reports.

Similar technology was used to create the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

Don't read full article - it is bollocks!

A counter-terror police officer has been found guilty of child sex offences after he travelled with condoms and lubricant to a meet a 13-year-old girl.

Francois Olwage, a detective constable with the Metropolitan Police's specialist operations unit, thought he had been chatting online to a teenage girl but it was actually an undercover officer.

He was arrested at a McDonald's in Basingstoke as he was about to buy a McFlurry ice cream to take to his meeting in a park with "Caitlin".

Two condoms, lubricant, erectile disfunction tablets and a box of Ferrero Rocher were found in his bag.

Olwage, 52, from Stevenage in Hertfordshire, set up the meeting after a fortnight of explicit conversations online and using WhatsApp.

His trial at Winchester Crown Court heard he was meant to be "on duty working from home" when he arranged the rendezvous in October 2021.

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Doctors are investigating a mysterious outbreak of liver disease in young children in the UK. So far, there have been 60 cases in England and 11 in Scotland of unexplained hepatitis, or liver inflammation, since the start of the year, most of them in children who are 2 to 5 years old. Case numbers in Wales and Northern Ireland haven’t been released.

Although no child has died, a “small number” have needed a liver transplant, said the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) on 8 April. This means they will have to take drugs that suppress the immune system for the rest of their lives, which will leave them at risk of infections.

Hepatitis is often associated with specific pathogens, such as the hepatitis C virus, but it can be triggered by many other things. There have previously been small clusters of cases caused by the hepatitis A virus, which can be spread by faecal contamination of food or water. The hepatitis viruses A to E have all been ruled out in the current outbreak, though.

Finding the cause will require carefully investigating every case to see if they have factors in common, (COVID VACCINATION) says Graham Cooke, an infectious disease specialist at Imperial College London.

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Appearing on MSNBC Wednesday, Anthony Fauci let the truth about lockdowns slip… that they are theatre designed to scare people into getting vaccinated.

When asked by host Andrea Mitchell about the unfolding lockdown hellscape in China, Fauci actually praised the Communist government’s actions.

Fauci stated “China has a number of problems, two of which are that the complete lockdown, which was their approach, a strictest lockdown you’d never be able to implement in the United States. Although that prevents the spread of infection, I remember early on they were saying, and I think accurately, they were doing better than anyone else.”

Then came the kicker as Fauci declared “You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up, you won’t have a surge of infections.”

Completely ignoring the concept of natural immunity, Fauci added “Because you’re dealing with an immunologically naive population of the virus because they’ve not been exposed because of the lockdown.”

He went on to state that China’s vaccines are not good enough.

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Graham Phillips is a British journalist who has free-lanced for both Russian and Western channels but became a “fully crowdfunded journalist” in 2016.  He became known for his reporting of events in Ukraine in 2014.  Now, it appears, corporate media is returning to events of 2014, and twisting them, in an attempt to discredit him.

On 9 May 2014, during Victory Day celebrations in Mariupol, Ukraine, dozens of armed militants barricaded themselves inside a police station and exchanged fire with government forces. During the fighting, the building burned down. Pools of blood and singed bodies appeared in the street.

But how many people were killed? Local news reported two deaths. Ukraine’s interior minister said 21 people died in the fighting. Human Rights Watch could only confirm seven deaths after visiting all four hospitals where the wounded were taken.

None of that seemed right to Phillips so he set out to investigate in the way that made him popular in east Ukraine’s crisis: by interviewing people on the street.

Some people told him that more than 100 people had died in the fighting.

On 20 May 2014, RT, which employed Phillips as a freelancer three days a week, said that Ukraine’s national guard detained Phillips at a checkpoint outside Mariupol on suspicion of being a spy. According to the ministry’s press service, Phillips was detained for “filming facilities which are forbidden from being filmed.”

Phillips was deported to Poland and banned from Ukraine for three years in 2014. He was accused of being a “Kremlin propagandist” and supposedly “supporting terrorism” but has always denied this and maintains his reporting is independent, The Courier wrote on hearing of his return to Ukraine during the current conflict.  An entirely different tone of reporting compared to those when he was detained in Ukraine six years before.

In March 2022, Phillips returned to Ukraine for three weeks and posted his first video report on 14 March.  The next day Tanya Kozyreva – an “investigative journalist” who, judging by her Twitter posts, also appears to be an activist for the Ukrainian cause – tweeted the news of Phillips’ return to Ukraine and asked YouTube to consider banning what she described as his “disinformation” channel.

The next day, Kozyreva tweeted at Melinda Simmons, British Ambassador to Ukraine, and Boris Johnson “consider sanctions against British citizen Graham Phillips as a part of Russia-linked disinformation network.”

On 5 April, having now left Ukraine, Phillips posted a video on YouTube giving his opinion, and clearly stated it as such, on the likelihood of Russian soldiers committing atrocities in Bucha.

Graham Phillips: Ukraine, ‘ Bucha Massacre ‘ The Truth versus the Propaganda, 5 April 2022 (5 mins)

On 11 April Phillips posted on his Telegram channel an image of an email he had received from Tom Ball, a journalist at The Times:

Hi Graham,

I’m a journalist from The Times.  We are writing a story about your return to Ukraine and the films that you have been making to promote pro-Kremlin narratives around the war.  We will note in our article that one of your recent films seeks to promote the claim that the Bucha massacre was a staged provocation by the Ukrainian authorities.  If you would like to respond to this please let me know.  Could you please also tell me if your work is being funded or accredited by the Russian state?

Our deadline is 5 pm.

Yours, Tom

Ball’s email was received at 12:10 pm.  Phillips responded:

That is a rather aggressive and provocative tone, Tom. My video reportage is on the scene, asking questions that the mass media don’t want to ask. Your assertion on my video report on Bucha is also entirely incorrect, my video report asked viewers to look at evidence from all sides before making their own conclusion. Are you against that? Surely all sides must be considered, right?

In any case it’s clear that you are going to write a hit piece against myself and my work, based on false assumptions and incorrect assertions. I believe in playing fair, and freedom of speech, however I am sure you are aware of the laws regarding slander, in the United Kingdom. If not, your lawyers will be.

All my reportage is done in good faith with clear conscience and adheres to the applicable YouTube guidance.

The Russian state has zero to do with my work, no involvement, funding whatsoever. I am, as yourself, a British journalist, however on the basis of your email, I am clearly much more polite.

I am a freelance journalist, work supported by crowdfunding from individuals across the world who want to see the truth. And reporting the truth is my absolute dedication in life, nothing I do is ever motivated by finance, it is all about the truth. Can you say the same, Tom?

Regards, Graham

The next day The Times published the article titled ‘Graham Phillips: Briton banned from Ukraine is back doing Kremlin’s bidding’ at 12:01 am.

“A former British civil servant who was expelled from Ukraine on suspicion of being a Russian spy has returned to the country to promote pro-Kremlin conspiracy theories, including the claim that the Bucha massacre was staged,” The Times article began.

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While pushing a billion dollar ‘pandemic prevention’ global government health ‘solution’ at a TED Talk this week, Bill Gates addressed ‘conspiracy theories’ regarding himself and COVID vaccines, calling those who speak about them “crazy.”

In an appearance at the TED2022 conference in Vancouver, Canada, Gates declared that it was “somewhat ironic” that protesters had gathered outside the venue because he has “saved tens of millions of lives.”

Gates said that “The Gates Foundation is very involved in vaccines, the invention of new vaccines, funding vaccines. So it’s somewhat ironic to have somebody turn around and say we’re using vaccines to kill people or to make money or we started the [Covid-19] pandemic,” Insider reported.

Gates continued, “Or when we started during the pandemic, even some strange things — like that I somehow want to track, you know, the location of individuals — because I’m so deeply desirous of knowing where everyone is.”

Gates also proclaimed that it’s “kind of weird,” that people don’t like him, adding “Does this turn into something where there’s constantly crazy people showing up?”

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A recent report by Ofsted on the impact of lockdown on children suggests children came back after months in isolation more anxious about socialising, more attached to technology and behind on the most basic educational and life skills.

The report found children are struggling more than ever to carry out the most basic tasks. It said: “More children needed help putting on their coat and blowing their nose… An increasing number of providers were concerned that fewer children have learned to use the toilet independently.”

Ofsted suggested because of these deficiencies, more children may not be ready for school by the age of four.

It raised further concerns over obesity and dental health.

A teacher trainer working in a north London primary school told Express.co.uk she had noticed similar traits among her pupils. She said: “In Year Five [ages nine to 10] so many children don’t know how to tie their laces. It’s always worth remembering their last full year of school was Year Two [when they were aged six to seven]. Everything is impacted.”

Citing another example of a basic, important skill lacked by many of her pupils, the teacher trainer added: “They don’t know how to tell the time as it’s always taught towards the end of terms two, so the last time they were taught it in person [at school] was Year Two.”

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Dr. Reiner Fuellmich joins us for an update on the Grand Jury, explaining Phase 2: an actual trial and enforcement for judgement of crimes against humanity.

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A French journalist who returned from Ukraine after arriving with volunteer fighters told broadcaster CNews that Americans are directly “in charge” of the war on the ground.

The assertion was made by Le Figaro senior international correspondent Georges Malbrunot.

Malbrunot said he had accompanied French volunteer fighters, two of whom had previously fought against ISIS.

“I had the surprise, and so did they, to discover that to be able to enter the Ukrainian army, well it’s the Americans who are in charge,” said Malbrunot.

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Thousands of outraged freedom activists surrounded the Vancouver Trade & Convention Center in Canada on Sunday demanding the arrest of Bill Gates ahead of the globalist billionaire’s keynote appearance at TED Talk where he has previously outlined plans for depopulation through the vaccines.

Opponents of COVID-19 mandates have been mobilizing for weeks to publicly shame the billionaire magnate who has religiously promoted experimental gene modification injections that have taken millions of lives around the globe and left others critically injured.

Chris Sky, an ardent freedom activist who has been arrested multiple times while protesting vaccine mandates in Canada, led the massive crowd of protesters to peacefully march to the front door of the convention center.

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When did so many young and healthy middle-aged people, described as fit and sporty, drop dead before 2020?

Since December 2020, many sudden and unexpected deaths of mayors under 60 years old have occurred in Germany and Austria. Questions are swirling about whether these elected officials were overwhelmed by job stress, or could there be another reason for so many “fit and healthy” politicians dying?

On December 12, 2020, 41-year-old CSU Mayor Dirk Rosenbauer collapsed during a municipal council meeting and later died in a hospital in Coburg. The headline read, “At only 41 years old  – mayor from Bavaria collapses during council meeting – dead”.

We are all completely shocked and it is incomprehensible. He was fit and healthy, always walked his dog and played handball

Sadly, the headlines have been filled with similar cases for about two years. The names of Mayors being added to the list of unexpected and sudden deaths seems to be growing steadily. 

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Here’s a surprise for all you Australians trapped in Australia because you chose not to take part in a medical experiment. The reason you can’t leave is not for your own health. It’s not for the health of fellow Australians. It’s because we are “protecting the rest of the world”.  This is a world where where fully vaccinated travellers have already spread Covid to every country on Earth and at least 72 countries are happy for you to turn up on their door with your tourist dollars and without a vaccine.

As Senator Rennick says: “I cannot for the life of me see the health risks in an unvaccinated person leaving the country.”

Paul Kelly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer explained that it was due to Australia’s International Health Obligations. That’s an international treaty we signed because we’re a member of the WHO. As far as a quick search turns up, Australia, Canada and the UAE may be the only nations still banning their own citizens from leaving. In Canada, things are so inexplicable, the vaccinated don’t even need to do a test anymore. So people infected with Covid are free to fly in or out of Canada shedding virus everywhere.  But healthy unvaccinated people “will need to be tested at the airport and again eight days after arrival, and isolate for 14 days.” Righto.

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Truck drivers protesting against rising fuel costs in the Republic of Ireland have blocked both ends of Dublin's East Link toll bridge over the River Liffey.

The action by a group that calls itself The Irish People Against Fuel Prices has caused severe traffic disruption in and around Dublin Port and the 3Arena.

Gardaí (Irish police) are advising motorists and commuters to avoid the normally busy area. Traffic in other parts of the city is said to be moving well.

This is the third action taken by the group against the rising cost of living.

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When Sun Chunlan, a vice premier of the Chinese regime, recently, visited Shanghai, where tens of millions were under COVID-19 lockdown, she was greeted by residents shouting from their apartment windows: “There’s no food left!” and “We’re starving to death!”

Sun was accompanied by a swarm of local officials, cameramen, several vans with black tinted windows, and police vehicles. Yet, the streets were empty. The residents could only view the envoy from their apartments. Some were brave enough to shout from their windows or balconies. Someone called out to the officials, “Can you arrange some vegetables to be sent over?”

The officials, as seen in a video posted by residents in Jiading district, had no reaction whatsoever, as if they didn’t hear anything.

Sun, a former head of the United Front Work Department, was appointed vice premier in 2018. Out of the four vice premiers, she is the only female and the oldest. Since the pandemic began, she’s been staging high-profile visits to COVID-stricken cities. This isn’t the first time she’s been shouted at.

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In an unprecedented move, members of the British medical establishment, convened by the Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council (“CCVAC”), are launching a legal challenge against the UK government’s ‘offer’ of a covid ‘vaccine’ to healthy 5-to-11-year-olds, on behalf of a British mother and her children.

“There is an emergency, but it’s not from a virus. It’s from this negligent policy,” CCVAC states.  In the absence of an independent critical media or political opposition on this issue, the group says this is the only opportunity there will be to force the Government to account for its decision.

CCVAC is an independent group of senior health professionals and scientists aiming to challenge unethical Government policies on Covid injections for children – and employs the same legal team, Jackson Osborne, challenging the Government on the 12-15 year-old rollout.  Jackson Osborne has also represented a group of NHS workers who launched a legal campaign against the Government to overturn the vaccine mandate for NHS workers at the end of January.

Dr Rosamond Jones, a retired consultant paediatrician, is the convener of CCAG and a member of CCVAC. In the video below Dr. Jones explains why CCVAC is bringing a legal challenge against the UK government’s 5-11 years vaccination policy and how you can help.

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The UK Government has launched a ‘call for evidence to understand people’s experiences of extremism and its impact on social cohesion’. At first glance this may appear that the Government is looking to tackle radicalised terrorists, but as you’ll have seen over the past few years we seem to be rather short of them in the UK.

However, by reading between the lines and taking a look back at previous Government reports published on the subject over the past few years, it’s impossible not to conclude that the UK Government is looking to label any dissenting view to the official narrative as extremist, such as opposition to Covid-19 restrictions, all in order to maintain its power through ‘Groupthink’ and turn the United Kingdom into a communist society without anybody even realising it has happened.

Dame Sara Khan, the Government’s Independent Adviser for Social Cohesion and Resilience, has launched an 8 week call for evidence that will help examine the impact, harm, and response to extremism at a local level.

The Government’s adviser wants to hear directly from those who have been targeted by extremists to understand the impact on their lives and the support they received. As well as representatives from local councils and civil society, members of the public are being asked to explain what has gone well and what more could be done. These responses will help her understand the impact extremism is having at a local level and what could be improved to protect and build up social cohesion.

The Government says that “responses will help develop Sara’s independent recommendations on how the government can better support and protect victims of extremism and those working to stamp it out, as well as communities that are affected.”

The call for evidence opens on 7 April 2022 and closes on 2 June 2022.

Dame Sara Khan, Independent Adviser on Social Cohesion and Resilience, commented on the call for evidence:

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In the mosquito breeding rooms of British biotech company Oxitec, scientists line up fresh eggs, each the size of a grain of salt. Using microscopic needles, the white-coated researchers inject each egg with a dab of a proprietary synthetic DNA.

For four days, Oxitec technicians care for the eggs, watching for those that hatch into wriggling brown larvae. Those “injection survivors,” as the company calls them, face a battery of tests to ensure their genetic modification is successful.

Soon, millions of these engineered mosquitoes could be set loose in California in an experiment recently approved by the federal government.

Oxitec, a private company, says its genetically modified bugs could help save half the world’s population from the invasive Aedes aegypti mosquito, which can spread diseases such as yellow fever, chikungunya and dengue to humans. Female offspring produced by these modified insects will die, according to Oxitec’s plan, causing the population to collapse.

“Precise. Environmentally sustainable. Non-toxic,” the company says on its website of its product trademarked as the “Friendly” mosquito.

Scientists independent from the company and critical of the proposal say not so fast. They say unleashing the experimental creatures into nature has risks that haven’t yet been fully studied, including possible harm to other species or unexpectedly making the local mosquito population harder to control.

Even scientists who see the potential of genetic engineering are uneasy about releasing the transgenic insects into neighborhoods because of how hard such trials are to control.

“There needs to be more transparency about why these experiments are being done,” said Natalie Kofler, a bioethicist at Harvard Medical Schoolwho has followed the company’s work. “How are we weighing the risks and benefits?”

She pointed out that the possible benefits of the technology in California are lower than they would be in more tropical regions of the world where mosquito-borne disease outbreaks often threaten humans. California has never had a casein which an Aedes aegypti was found to transmit disease.

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Those who warned that female fertility could be affected by the Covid jabs were labelled ‘conspiracy theorists’, but now thousands of triple jabbed liberal women are taking to Twitter to tell their stories about how taking the Covid jabs have affected their menstrual cycles and have even led to multiple miscarriages.

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When you’ve read the news items below you might be tempted to think that the world is now being controlled by people who are totally insane. I couldn’t possibly comment.

  1. Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, warned people planning to vote against him in elections that they risked social disgrace. And he warned that no one would marry their children.
  2. A driver was fined £1008 after a cyclist fell off her bike. The motorist had driven past her – leaving as much space as he could and the cyclist was not hit by the car. An official said that motorists should leave a space of four and a half feet when passing cyclists.
  3. A student found guilty of causing over £1,000 worth of property damage in Brighton was ordered to pay a £22 victim surcharge. He did not have to pay a fine, costs or compensation because it was ruled that spraying paint onto someone else’s property was deemed to be a legally permissible act of expression.
  4. The NHS now has so much spare money sloshing about that it will pay patients’ hotel bills and taxi fares if they choose to be treated in a hospital away from home.
  5. Professor Graham Medley, chairman of the UK Government’s Modelling Task Force surprised no one by saying that modelling ‘cannot accurately predict the numbers’. (I’m not sure just what it is for then.)
  6. In the UK, children aged 5 to 11 are now being jabbed with the poisonous covid-19 jab. In the US, 800,000 children aged 5 to 11 who were given the covid-19 jab had to miss school after they suffered severe side effects.
  7. Allegedly, restrictions on travel have now been lifted for English citizens. But those who dare go abroad still have to fill in a Passenger Locator Form. Those who have not been jabbed need to have a test (which they have to pay for). Masks have to be worn at airports and on aeroplanes. Small children who have not been jabbed may not be able to travel. Travellers may find that they will be refused entry to some countries. Sounds wonderful.
  8. 15 million householders in the UK will each have to spend many thousands of pounds on house improvements in order to satisfy energy performance requirements. Several million houses which cannot be improved will have to be demolished. Just where the occupiers will live has not yet been decided.
  9. According to the new Highway Code (which has not yet been officially published) drivers may face a £5,000 fine for driving with a dog in their car. Just to add a little excitement to motoring, the new laws contained in the Highway Code could be enforced before motorists were able to purchase the Highway Code.
  10. Protestors blocked critical oil terminals in the UK and asked members of the public suffering from massive cost of living rises (caused by shortages of oil) to stand with them. Blocking the oil terminals will, of course, increase shortages of oil and result in further price rises.
  11. Dr Jenny Harries, head of UK Health Security Agency says she still wears a mask in shops and on trains, despite it not being a legal necessity. In March 2020 another Dr Jenny Harries, who was at the time Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the UK, warned that it is possible to trap the virus in a mask and start breathing it in. That Dr Jenny Harries said that wearing a mask was not a good idea.
  12. The UK Government has warned that some people might have the allegedly deadly covid-19 version of the flu without being aware of it. The Government has also now officially admitted that the symptoms of covid, the flu and a cold are so similar that people won’t know which one they have unless they have a test – which they will have to pay for.

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi joined us in an emotional address to urge global citizens to take a lawful stand against their governments and health authorities who are clearly pushing a global depopulation agenda, aimed as mass-murdering their citizens.

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Millions of patients were urged Wednesday not to go to A&E unless they are dying after six trusts warned of waits of up to 12 hours in emergency departments. MailOnline has more.

Trusts across Yorkshire claimed the pressures have left them with no choice but to prioritise patients in “genuine, life-threatening situations”.

West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts, which covers 2.5million people, said its casualty units were “extremely busy”. Figures show there has been a “sharp uplift” in patients attending over A&E over the past fortnight, with the total number of visits up 14% on the same time last year. 

Meanwhile, in another sign of the constant pressure NHS medics are facing, South Central Ambulance Service – one of the largest trusts of its kind in the U.K. – declared a critical incident this morning, telling patients to make their own way to hospital unless their injuries or illnesses are not serious.

The service, which covers seven million residents across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Sussex and Surrey, asked the community to only call 999 in an emergency. 

Their warnings came as millions of Britons started paying more national insurance from today, with Boris Johnson insisting the 1.25% hike is ‘necessary’ to bail out the NHS and social care in the wake of the pandemic. The Prime Minister insisted it was the “right thing for the NHS”, which has seen waiting lists spiral to a record high after hospitals were forced to cancel thousands of operations during the pandemic.

Ministers insist the tax rise, tagged the Health and Social Care Levy, is needed to help tackle Covid backlogs and reform the adult social care system – raising £39 billion over the next three years. 

But health chiefs warned the service is already behind schedule in its routine care recovery plan because of rising numbers of Covid patients. More than 16,500 hospital beds are currently occupied by infected people in England, similar to levels seen during the worst part of the Omicron wave in January.

Chris Hopson, head of NHS Providers, said the rising rates – which appear to have finally slowed down – coupled with staff absences “mean that we’re not going as fast as we would like on backlog recovery”.

With over half of ‘Covid’ admissions currently being incidental admissions, i.e., patients being treated primarily for other conditions, the question is why these hospitals can’t cope with slightly higher numbers of patients than normal. The number of Covid patients in mechanical ventilation beds is way down on the second half of 2021. So it doesn’t appear to be COVID-19 that is causing the problems.

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In order to increase Great Britain’s transgender population, the government there is paying off doctors to perform “sex-change therapy” on patients.

Whenever a family doctor in the United Kingdom agrees to administer hormone-damaging pharmaceuticals in the form of “cross-sex hormone therapy) to their patients, the British government will give a cash incentive of £178 ($233) per year to the physician.

If the patient also agrees to undergo annual health checks as a transgender, non-binary, or intersex being, then the U.K. government will throw in another £91 ($119) per year as a bonus.

No mental health care requirements are included in the scheme, which is so disturbing that even The New York Times raised concerns about it. Biological males will be given strong estrogen medications while biological females are given strong testosterone medications, and nobody will be providing any mental health consultations throughout the process.

Many who have already gone through this loose process of turning “trans” now regret it. Others who do not, but who recognize the need for proper mental health care, are also concerned about this new U.K. policy.

“When I transitioned, I had an hour with a therapist every week for months,” says Debbie Hayton, a transgender advocate who underwent a medical “transition” back in 2012.

“That’s what I needed to understand myself. An annual review is a pale shadow of that.”

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Britons should go to work if they have a headache or feel tired – even though both are now officially recognised as Covid symptoms and the public is advised to stay at home if they have Covid symptoms – Health Secretary Sajid Javid said today.

Asked whether he would still go to work if he had a headache, Sajid Javid claimed he would “first reach for the Nurofen”. He said it would also depend “how tired I felt”. 

Health chiefs last week quietly expanded the list of tell-tale signs of the virus to warn of nine other symptoms. As well warning of headaches and feeling tired, officials also now say that a blocked or runny nose, a loss of appetite and feeling or being sick can signal that someone is infected.

The decision marked a huge change in the Government’s stance on symptoms, after acknowledging only three for the entirety of the pandemic (a fever, cough and loss or change to taste or smell), despite other countries and health bodies including up to 14.

The move coincided with the vast majority of employees in England no longer being able to get any free swabs as part of Boris Johnson’s “Living With Covid” strategy. Experts warned the axing of free tests for all but the most vulnerable – coupled with the expansion of the NHS symptom list – will trigger a “free for all” on staff absences, leaving workers to decide “whether or not they stay at home and for how long”. …

The NHS notes on its website that the now 12 Covid symptoms – which also include an aching body, a sore throat and diarrhoea – are “very similar to symptoms of other illnesses, such as colds and flu”. People experiencing these symptoms, who also have a temperature or don’t feel well enough to work, should “try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people”. They should also take “extra care” to avoid contact with anyone at higher risk from the virus.

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A little over a week ago the US revealed that it is sending 100 killer drone systems to Ukraine as part of huge new $800 million weapons package approved by the Biden administration last month. The small, low-cost but high tech weapons, called "Switchblade" drones are a type of "kamikaze drone" in that they act as guided missiles capable of loitering before slamming into their targets.

"We have committed 100 Switchblade tactical unmanned aerial systems to be delivered in the most recent package of presidential drawdown," assistant secretary of Defense for international security affairs Celeste Wallander previously told the House Armed Services Committee. This week the Pentagon revealed it has already trained a "small number" of Ukrainian soldiers in how to operate the Switchblade weapon system.

Presumably this training was done outside of Ukraine itself - likely in neighboring Poland given earlier President Biden confirmed that US advisers were training Ukrainian soldiers there.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters in a Wednesday press briefing that "a very small number" of Ukrainian soldiers have been trained. He explained that they're expected to "return to their country to train others on the equipment," according to The Hill

"We took the opportunity — having them still in the country — to give them a couple of days’ worth of training on the Switchblade so that they can go back — and they will be going back soon, back home — to train others in the Ukrainian military," Kirby said.  

So far the program might have included merely less than a dozen Ukrainian personnel trained on the Switchblade, which in the '600 series' version is capable of destroying tanks after being able to loiter for up to 40 minutes.

NBC previously described, "The Switchblades are essentially robotic smart bombs, equipped with cameras, guidance systems and explosives. They can be programmed to automatically strike targets miles away, and they can be steered around objectives until the time is right to strike. The company says the 600 can fly for 40 minutes and up to 50 miles."

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James Rogusky has put together this amazing resource on his Substack, informing us about what’s happening and a call-to-action and what we can do, parts of which I’m sharing below.

On January 12, 2022, the United States submitted a number of amendments to the IHR that will give away even more of our sovereignty and greatly empower the World Health Organization (WHO) to restrict YOUR health related rights and freedoms.

The 75th meeting of the World Health Assembly will be held in Geneva, Switzerland this May 22-28, 2022. The Assembly will vote on the amendments to the IHR. They are very likely to pass and be enacted into International law unless “We the People” stand up against this attack on our sovereignty.

These amendments to the International Health Regulations do NOT need to be approved by two-thirds of the US Senate. We have already agreed to obey the IHR by virtue of our membership in the United Nations and the World Health Organization. We have already given away some of our sovereignty. These amendments will give away even more.

In addition to the proposed amendments to the IHR, the WHO has also set up an Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) that is actively negotiating an international “Treaty on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.” The proposed “Pandemic Treaty” is separate from, and in addition to, the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations I just mentioned.

The “Pandemic Treaty” is being drafted and negotiated as we speak.

While everyone is looking at Ukraine the WHO is planning a power grab to give it legal powers over the pandemic response for 190 countries.

A summary of the proposed treaty could legally empower the WHO to do the following:

Increased surveillance
A “One Health” approach
A direct attack on sovereignty via outside data
The WHO may unilaterally decide
Enable health care workers to be brought in.
The deliberations of the Emergency Committee are shared with states, but not necessarily with the public.
The “Compliance Committee” will have investigatory powers within each country – another loss of sovereignty.
Amendments come into effect more quickly (in 6 months instead of 18).
Change the definition of a pandemic (again) in order to declare unjustified pandemics. The WHO could declare almost anything to be a pandemic – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, etc.
Impose lockdowns worldwide, centrally from the UN.
Enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments against the will of the individual people of the world.
Implement universal vaccination mandates and digital vaccine passports.
Develop norms and standards for digital technology related to international travel for international contact tracing.
Develop surveillance systems that would link into each country’s national health system.
Give incentives for countries to report new viruses or variants, keeping up the ongoing fear.
Promote untested medicines and vaccines developed against new viruses that only feed the profits of drug companies.
Mandate the sharing of data and genome sequences of emerging viruses.
Institute guidelines on how each member country would pay fees to the World Health Organization in addition to the annual membership fees each member country is already paying.

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EDF has raised its energy prices in France by just 4%, compared to the 54% increase consumers in UK have now been hit with.

While it is largely owned by the French state, EDF - which stands for Électricité de France - is one of the largest electricity suppliers in the UK. The UK's regional electricity companies were privatised in 1990, following the privatisation of British Gas in 1986.

Like all other energy suppliers in the UK, EDF has raised its prices on this side of The Channel after the UK price cap was increased by £693 - or 54% per cent - due to the record increase in global gas prices. However, in France, EDF has been forced to take a £7billion pound hit to protect French households from the price rises.

France's Government capped the domestic price rises at just 4%. French president Emmanuel Macron - who faces elections later this month - also cut tax on electricity and has pledged to subsidise petrol by 15c a litre.

Ofgem, Britain's independent energy regulator, announced the 54% energy price cap rise back in February. It said that the increase, that came into force on April 1, saw an increase of £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 per year for UK customer's on default tariffs paying by direct debit. Prepayment customers saw an increase of £708 from £1,309 to £2,017.

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Pfizer hired about 600 additional full-time employees to process adverse event reports during the three months following the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of its COVID-19 vaccine, newly released documents reveal.

According to the documents, Pfizer said, “More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021.”

The information was contained in a 10,000-page document cache released April 1 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and made public as part of a court-ordered disclosure schedule stemming from an expedited Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The latest revelations appeared in a document, “Cumulative analysis of post-authorization adverse event reports” of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, highlighting such adverse events identified through Feb. 28, 2021.

The document was previously released in November 2021, but was partially redacted. The redactions included the number of employees Pfizer hired and/or was planning to hire.

According to the unredacted document released April 1:

“Pfizer has also taken a multiple actions [sic] to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports. This includes significant technology enhancements, and process and workflow solutions, as well as increasing the number of data entry and case processing colleagues.

“To date, Pfizer has onboarded approximately 600 additional full-time employees (FTEs).

“More are joining each month with an expected total of more than 1,800 additional resources by the end of June 2021.”

The unredacted version also revealed the number of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses shipped worldwide between December 2020 and February 2021:

“It is estimated that approximately 126,212,580 doses of BNT162b2 [the Pfizer EUA vaccine] were shipped worldwide from the receipt of the first temporary authorisation for emergency supply on 01 December 2020 through 28 February 2021.”

The number of shipped doses previously was redacted.

Remarking upon this newly revealed information, Brian Hooker, chief scientific officer of Children’s Health Defense, told The Defender:

“The rollout of the Pfizer vaccine has led to an unprecedented number of adverse events reported — 158,000 adverse events in the first two-plus months of the rollout means that the rate of reported AE [adverse events] was approximately 1:1000, with many of the AEs graded as serious. This is based on a denominator of 125,000,000 vaccines distributed.

“It is no wonder that an army of 1,800 individuals was needed to process all of the information.”

Hooker noted the total number (1,205,755) of COVID vaccine adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System between Dec. 14, 2020 and March 25, 2022, now eclipses the total number (930,952) of adverse events reported in the 32-year history of the database.

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A viral tweet that remains unchecked by “fact checkers” claims to show a Russian-operated ‘mobile crematorium’ in Mariupol, but the image is taken from an 8-year-old YouTube video.


The tweet was posted by news outlet NEXTA, which boasts nearly a million followers on Twitter. The tweet has received over 7,000 retweets and almost 11,000 likes.

“Mobile crematoria in #Mariupol,” states the tweet.

“Mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko said today that #Russian mobile crematoria have started operating in the city.”

“According to him, tens of thousands of people could have died in Mariupol and the cremation, “covering up the traces of crimes”.

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A leaked video shows how African government officials wanted to increase their falsified COVID numbers to extend lockdowns, and how they thought that this was FUNNY.

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As the humanitarian situation in Ukraine declined, UN officials briefed the Security Council on 7 March.  Vasily Nebenzya, the Russian Federation Permanent Representative, argued that safety for civilians in Ukraine is not a problem for Russia, because “we are not bombarding them,” but rather it is the Ukrainian radicals and neo-Nazis who were holding civilians hostage in cities and using them as human shields, not allowing them to leave, despite the fact that there were humanitarian corridors.

As it has been in the past, “we think that UNICEF’s views should be based on reliable tried and tested information,” Nebenzya began, and asked the council to consider the dangers of the proliferation of “small arms and light weapons many of which have fallen into the hands of radical elements including those who have been deliberately freed from prison.”  An irresponsible step by Volodymyr Zelenskyy and the number of civilian victims at the hands of the radicals was increasing day by day, he noted.

“There is an information war going on, more likely a disinformation war, and we would say that in the West – in the free world – where Russian information resources are being turned off and where any information which contradicts your version of events is not allowed to be broadcast.”

He emphasised that safety for civilians in Ukraine was not a problem for Russians because Russians were not bombarding them but rather it was Ukrainian radicals and neo-Nazis who were holding hostage whole towns and cities and were making use of citizens as human shields.  They were not allowing civilians to leave cities despite the fact that there were humanitarian corridors and that Russian units had declared a ceasefire.

Nebenzya explained that an agreement was reached that on 5 March a humanitarian corridor would be opened from Mariupol but the radicals in Mariupol violated this agreement.

“A radio conversation that was intercepted between two commanders of the nationalist battalion Azov … the radicals there were told to shoot at the legs of those who were heading for the humanitarian corridors. Those who risked life and limb to try and leave Mariupol, when they reached the checkpoints to exit the city, were shot on site by Ukrainian Nazis. There’s a great deal of video evidence of this. In Mariupol alone there were some 200 000 civilians who are in the crosshairs of the of the forces there,” he said.

The Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk called the proposal to open humanitarian corridors towards Russia “absurd and unacceptable,” Nebenzya told the council, “it is clear to us that the Kiev regime is making use of all available and unavailable methods to wholeheartedly stop the exit of those citizens who wish to leave, and also foreigners who wish to go to Russia, because they’re scared that once these people are free they will tell the truth about the actions of Ukrainian radicals.”

He quoted a statement made that day by the Mayor of Sumy, Alexander Lysenko, together with the commander of the national battalion: “There will not be any green corridors. No civilians will leave to Russia and those who try to will be shot dead.”

“We are also particularly concerned that the Ukrainian radicals are continuing to hold hostage, as human shields, more than 1500 foreigners in a range of cities … we are shocked by news of the inhumane attacks by nationalists on student accommodation which has among other things caused the death of Indian students.”

Nebenzya pointed out that the cowardly practice of using the civilian population as hostages is “not just deeply immoral but also violates the norms of international humanitarian law including articles 57 and 58 of the first additional protocol to the Geneva Convention of 1949.”

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  • Juliette Bryant, 39, from Cape Town, South Africa, claimed former President Bill Clinton had a room in pedophile Jeffrey Epstein's large suite in South Africa
  • She told the Daily Beast she only came to trust Epstein because his connection with Clinton gave him credibility 
  • She added that the Clinton retired to his own private room on the night she had her interview with Epstein and accepted Epstein's offer to go to New York 
  • But Bryant was taken to the Caribbean and accused Epstein of raping her there and continuing to abuse her for two years, she outlined in a BBC documentary 
  • Clinton's office denied that the former president shared a suite with Epstein as Clinton has repeatedly denied knowing of Epstein's sex crimes  

One of Jeffrey Epstein's victims claimed the pedophile shared a hotel suite in South Africa with Bill Clinton and that it was the former president's proximity to him that gave the billionaire credibility and made her trust him - a mistake that she said led to years of abuse.  

Juliette Bryant, 39, who filed a 2019 lawsuit against Epstein's estate alleging he raped her for years in his homes around the world, told The Daily Beast she first met Epstein in Cape Town in September 2002 when he was touring South Africa with Clinton and that both were staying at the Cape Grace luxury hotel. 

Bryant, who was then 20 years old, said she was introduced to the pair by actress Naja Hill and was stunned to meet Epstein as he was surrounded by Clinton and actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker, The Daily Beast reported. 

She admitted that while she had reservations about traveling with Epstein to the Caribbean and New York when he offered to launch her modeling career, she decided to trust him because of the company he kept. 

'That's what gave Epstein credibility,' Bryant told the Daily Beast. 'The fact that he was with Clinton.'

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Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and other drug companies are now facing class-action lawsuits from individuals who developed cancer after taking Zantac. The drug was found to be contaminated with a chemical that can cause cancer.

Two years ago, many outlets reported that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an immediate recall of the drug ranitidine, best known by its brand name Zantac.

Lawyer Brent Wisner said even though the FDA recalled Zantac in 2020, evidence showed that the drug companies knew the profitable heartburn drug was contaminated with cancer-causing agent N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) for decades but continued to sell them anyway.

He explained that NDMA was a very potent human carcinogen that was discovered in the 1930s, during the development of rocket fuel. He said it “literally has no purpose in our world, except for the fact that it causes cancer,” adding that it is used in laboratory experiments to induce cancer in animals.

“[NDMA] is probably something that has caused an innumerable number of people’s cancers, because it was such a widely used product,” Wisner said. Some of the cancers linked to Zantac include cancers of the bladder, liver, stomach, colorectal organs, prostate and breast. (Related: Popular heartburn drug may have given millions of people cancer, found contaminated with cancer chemical.)

The FDA told all drug manufacturers to stop selling Zantac made with ranitidine in the United State in 2020 because NDMA contamination can increase over time. The longer the drug sits on the shelf, the greater the amount of NDMA develops – and the FDA has no idea how long it has been in Zantac.

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Australian Health Officials Refuse To Define “Woman”

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The Biden administration has apparently decided to defy science and wholeheartedly embrace Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson's "I'm not a biologist" model for answering questions about the gender binary.

In response to inquiries from Fox News in recent days regarding the administration's definition of the word "woman," multiple agencies in the federal government refused to answer despite the fact that, in many cases, the agencies themselves promote official women's rights and women's health initiatives.

Fox News reported on Monday that the Department of Justice (DOJ), Department of Education (DOE), Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the Federal Bureau of Prisons all declined to answer the seemingly simple request.

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Michael de la Broc (telegram: Buhanka Watch) joins guest host Paul Joseph Watson of https://summit.news to break down the truth about the wartime propaganda pushing for war with Russia using false flags in Ukraine.

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Princess Cruises confirmed that one of its cruise liners, the Ruby Princess, reported a COVID-19 outbreak before docking in San Francisco.

The cruise operator requires passengers and crew members to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Princess Cruises also mandates passengers to show a negative COVID-19 test and proof of vaccination to board, according to its website.

Those who tested positive were “isolated and quarantined while monitored and cared for by our shipboard medical team,” Princess Cruises said in a statement to news outlets Monday. It did not say how many people tested positive or when they tested positive during the cruise.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has taken a 9.2 percent stake in Twitter, according to a regulatory filing, becoming the social media giant’s biggest individual shareholder just weeks after questioning the platform’s attitude toward free speech.

Musk bought 73.5 million shares of Twitter on March 14, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing released on April 4. Based on Twitter’s closing price on April 1, Musk’s stake was worth $2.89 billion.

News of the purchase sent Twitter shares soaring by more than 20 percent in pre-market trading on April 4, sharply boosting the value of Musk’s stake.

Musk posts regularly on the platform, where he has more than 80 million followers.

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Prior to 2020 and the COVID Scam, the #1 most-read topic on the Health Impact News network, by far, was the Gardasil HPV vaccine, and the carnage this vaccine has caused in the U.S., and around the world.

If you type in “Gardasil” into the search feature of Health Impact News, you will get a result of 475 articles we have published on this topic.

Just one article, the story of Katie Robinson, as told by her mother and originally published on Sanevax.org, is the most-read article ever published on Health Impact News, having been read by many millions of people and shared over a million times on Facebook. (Note: our counters have been reset at times over the years due to upgrades and migrations of our websites.) See:

Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret

Gardasil is back in the news this week, as Judicial Watch has reported on two new lawsuits filed against Merck by plaintiffs who were young teenage girls when they received the vaccines.

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Amidst the storm of Orwellian misinformation shaping our current world, up has become down, white has become black and good has become evil.

Despite the fact that the evils of Nazism were defeated primarily by the sacrifices made by the Russians during WWII, it has increasingly become popular to assert the fallacy that the great war’s true villain was Stalin. And despite the fact that unreconstructed Nazis were absorbed into the Cold War Five Eyes-led intelligence machine giving rise to 2nd and 3rd generation Nazis in Ukraine today, we are repeatedly told that Ukraine is a temple of liberty and beacon of democracy upon whose territory we should risk lighting the world on nuclear fire to defend.

It is thus a breath of fresh air when uncomfortable truths are capable of breaking through the drunken illusion of Orwellian newspeak which has contaminated the current zeitgeist. One such truth to come to light has been the mainstream media’s recognition that the disastrous Hunter Biden laptop and all of its scandalous contents were always genuine. These revelations have forced Americans to confront the fact that the current U.S. President directly benefited by the systems of graft and corruption which he oversaw while viceroy of a Nazi-infested Ukraine during Obama’s reign.

Channel 4’s Nazi King Exposed

Another explosive revelation which has sent shockwaves through the western zeitgeist in recent days was featured in a documentary which aired on Britain’s Channel 4 called ‘Edward VIII: Britain’s Traitor King’.

This film, based upon a soon-to-be released book by historian Andrew Lownie, uses recently declassified reports from the Royal Archives to tell the story of Britain’s Nazi King Edward VIII who not only desired a Nazi victory in WWII, but actively worked towards said goal from the moment he was forced to abdicate the throne in 1936 (allegedly to marry an American divorcée Wallis Simpson) throughout the darkest days of the war itself.

As this documentary proves, teaching his young niece Elizabeth II how to do a proper ‘sieg heil’ wasn’t his only dance with Nazism.

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President Joe Biden has said that more gun laws should be passed in Congress after a shooting in Sacramento, California, left at least six people dead and more injured over the weekend.

In response to the shooting, Biden said Congress needs to “ban ghost guns,” although there’s no evidence that a “ghost gun”—an unserialized and untraceable firearm that can be assembled after purchasing components online—was used during the Sacramento incident.

“Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” he said, without elaborating on what he meant by assault weapons or high-capacity magazines.

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The British government has admitted to sending weapons to Ukrainian neo-Nazis from the extremist Azov regiment.

Azov is a neo-Nazi militia that preaches a white-supremacist ideology, and was officially incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard after a violent US-sponsored coup in 2014.

A member of parliament, Kenny MacAskill, from the Alba Party, a Scottish pro-independence party, formally asked the British Ministry of Defence on March 21 “whether any members of Ukraine’s Azov movement have access to UK-supplied anti-aircraft weapons.”

The British parliamentary under-secretary of defence, James Heappey, a member of parliament from the Conservative Party, replied on March 24 confirming that the Ukrainian extremists have indeed received these weapons.

“The UK is taking a lead role in coordinating the humanitarian and military support to Ukraine,” he boasted. “This includes lethal aid in the form of defensive weapons, and non-lethal aid such as body armour.”

Heappey said that Britain is specifically sending Starstreak anti-aircraft weapons to the Ukrainian military.

“Under the current circumstances, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence is likely to have operational command of the National Guard, which also includes the Azov battalion,” Heappey acknowledged.

The British official’s response was indirect, but its meaning was clear: as part of the Ukrainian National Guard, yes, the neo-Nazi Azov regiment has indeed received anti-aircraft weapons from the UK.

Azov uses Nazi Germany-era symbols, such as the wolfsangel and black sun. It also preaches a white-supremacist ideology that portrays the war in Ukraine as a race war between “asiatic” Russians and “white” Ukrainians.

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Mondelez International, owner of the popular British confectionary maker Cadbury, has been accused of exploiting child labor in Ghana after videos emerged showing workers as young as 10 cutting down cocoa pods with machetes.

The footage emerged in a recent ‘Dispatches’ documentary for Channel 4 in the UK, in which two children on a farm, allegedly belonging to Mondelez, were filmed weeding the plantations, using sharp knives to open cocoa pods, and swinging sticks with blades to harvest the pods from trees. None of the children seem to have any protective equipment and one girl reported that she had once sliced her foot open while using a long machete.

Another girl said she was tricked into working at the plantation, claiming she was under the impression that she would be going to her uncle’s farm to help with childcare but instead was forced to work long hours on the farm and not allowed to go to school. She added that she’s never spoken out about it because she is “too afraid.”

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that the city would mandate children aged 2 to 4 to continue wearing masks after a judge issued an order in favor of his administration.

“Every decision we make is with our children’s health and safety in mind. Children between 2 and 4 should continue to wear their masks in school and daycare come Monday,” the Democrat mayor said on Twitter on April 1.

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If you listen to the global warming fanatics, one of the things they cannot stop talking about is the alleged melting of the Antarctic ice shelf, which they claim is occurring because of cow flatulence and people eating meat. The truth, however, is that the Antarctic ice shelf is growing overall, not shrinking.

Climate change alarmist Greta Thunberg, for example, tweeted that the Antarctic ice shelf, which is “nearly the size of Los Angeles collapsed as temperatures soared to 40 above normal” during a recent heat wave. Thunberg linked to a fake news article from CNN that backs her claim.

Former Mediaite senior columnist and talk radio host John Ziegler quickly put Thunberg and CNN in their place by pointing out that Antarctica just had its coldest winter on record, which was ignored by most major media outlets in favor of the alarmism narrative.

“Climate alarm is based on ambulance-chasing commonplace events, making up fake statistics about them, and never permitting an honest scientist to weigh in on the discussion,” added Tony Heller of Real Climate Science to the conversation.

Antarctica has been cooling and growing more ice for the past 40 years

In a lengthier piece about the subject, Heller wrote that all of the freaking out about the breaking off of the ice shelf is just nonsense meant to scare the uninformed and easily mind-controlled who believe everything the “experts” tell them.

It turns out that eight years ago, the shelf cracked as well, stranding expedition ships amid large blocks of floating ice. There are times when temperatures increase, resulting in breakage, followed by times when temperatures decrease and cause them to reform.

This is how the climate works, by the way: It is an ebb and flow of temperature fluctuations throughout time that cause ice to melt and refreeze, and is nothing of concern.

Listening to the likes of CNN, however, one is led to believe that this most recent ice breakage is a catastrophe that requires the elimination of all fossil fuels and the replacement of all real meat with synthetic alternatives like Beyond Meat, in which billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates holds a large stake.

Heller also challenged the notion that Antarctica’s recent temperature increase can even accurately be described as a heat wave since the temperature increase that occurred there in 2014 was roughly the same.

“So according to climate experts, history began after the year 2014 and the melting point of ice is now -12 C. Icebergs break off East Antarctica regularly,” he wrote.

Another false claim of the climate alarmists is that sea levels will rise because of the ice breakage, which defies basic, high school-level science in every way.

Dr. Brian Galton-Fenzi, a glaciologist, responded to this claim with the following:

“The calving will not directly affect sea level because the ice shelf was already floating, much like an ice cube in a glass of water.”

It really is as simple as that, but apparently the experts at CNN forgot what they learned in high school science class (or perhaps they flunked out?).

In essence, this alleged “climate disaster” in the making is really just climate mitigation, a normal process that is occurring not because of some heat wave, but because of record snowfall.

In actuality, Antarctica has been undergoing 40 years of cooling and ice expansion, despite what the corporate-controlled media and the climate alarmists are claiming.

“Official data reveals that East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the South Pole, has cooled 2.8C over the past 4 decades, with West Antarctica cooling 1.6C,” reported Climate Depot about this phenomenon.

“It stands that only a tiny slither of Antarctica (the Antarctic Peninsula) has seen any warming – statistically insignificant warming, at that – but there are no prizes for guessing which region the MSM (mainstream media) focuses on.”

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Watch The Great Global Warming Swindle Documentary

77-year-old faces dismissal for “transphobic” thought crime.

A school nurse in Hartford, CT was suspended over a “transphobic” Facebook post in which she questioned why 11-year-olds were on puberty blockers.

77-year-old Kathleen Cataford, who works at Richard J Kinsella Magnet School, posted in a mum’s Facebook group that there was an 11-year-old girl at the school on puberty blockers and 12 other students identifying as “non-binary.”

“Investigate the school system curriculum…CT is a very socially liberal, gender confused state,” she wrote. “As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration.”

“Teachers and SSW are spending 37.5 hours a week influencing our children, not necessarily teaching our children what YOU think is being taught. Children are introduced to this confusion in kindergarten by the school SW who “teaches” social and emotional regulation and school expectations,” she added.

The nurse went on to question why, given that young people’s brains aren’t even fully developed until their early 20’s, are they allowed to take puberty blocker drugs and be put through “gender mutilating surgery.”

For this “transphobic” thought crime, Cataford was reported by a parent to the school board, which responded by immediately suspending her pending an investigation, after which she could be fired.

“Hartford Public Schools strives to provide an inclusive environment where all students feel seen, valued, respected, and heard,” Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez said in a statement.

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While much of the “mainstream” world has spent the last few days obsessing over and debating the celebrity spectacle surrounding American actor Will Smith slapping American comedian Chris Rock, the international elite were meeting in Dubai for the 2022 World Government Summit.

From March 28th to the 30th, corporate media journalists, heads of state, and CEOs of some of the most profitable companies in the world met for discussions on shaping the direction of the next decade and beyond. Anyone with a functioning brain should ignore the tabloids and instead pay attention to this little known gathering of globalist Technocrats.

Let’s take a look at the speakers and the panels, starting with Mr. Great Reset himself, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab gave a talk entitled, Our World Today… Why Government Must Act Now?.  “Thank you, to his excellency for enabling this initiative to define a longer-term narrative to make the world more resilient more inclusive and more sustainable,” Schwab stated during his address. The use of the term narrative is important because in January 2021, Klaus and the World Economic Forum announced the next phase of The Great Reset, The Great Narrative.

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My name is Brook Johnson. I was fired in September of 2020 for being a whistleblower. I was working on Pfizer’s phase III […] trial on their COVID-19 vaccine. My first day on the job was the 8th of September, and from the very beginning I noticed irregularities, things that were questionable. I would bring up the concerns to my managers and it was always… ‘We’re understaffed, we’re really trying hard to make this work.’ At one point, when I was going through e-mails, there were e-mails from ICON begging Ventavia to follow up on severe adverse events that had been reported. There were several e-mails about mislabeled specimens—blood specimens—and nasal swabs.

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Over the past two years, in the name of keeping everyone “safe” from infection, the globalists have justified unprecedented attacks on democracy, civil liberties and personal freedoms, including the right to choose your own medical treatment. Now, the WHO wants to make its pandemic leadership permanent, and to extend it into the health care systems of every nation.

The negotiations for this treaty began March 3, 2022.(1) As reported by The Pulse (video above):

“Coming off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization is proposing a new pandemic treaty they’re hoping will be accepted by enough member countries to become a reality by 2024.”

The pandemic treaty is a direct threat to a nation’s sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens, and would erode democracy everywhere.

Treaty Threatens National Sovereignty

As noted by The Pulse, “there are a number of things in the treaty that the people of the world need to consider before going down this path.” In the featured video, The Pulse’s Joe Martino interviews Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, a member of the steering committee of the World Council for Health, who points out that the treaty gives the WHO:

“… an inordinate amount of power to make decisions in sovereign countries as to how people live and how they deal with pandemics, from lockdowns to mandates over treatment.”

In short, it would create a one-size-fits-all approach to disease, without regard for all the varying situations found in individual countries, and this is something we already know doesn’t work. The treaty is a direct threat to a nation’s sovereignty to make decisions for itself and its citizens, and would erode democracy everywhere.

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Most Americans have had a bellyful of the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the National Institutes of Health bureaucrat who upended society in the name of flawed or absent research in the name of conquering COVID.

It turns out he's not sui generis, or even a bug in bad system — he's just a feature.

And now we know where he gets it from.

According to an eye-opening article in National Review by Johns Hopkins professor of applied economics Steve Hanke and the U.K. University of Durham's Professor Kevin Dowd, the Imperial College of London is kind of a Fauci cubed, based on its constant fear-mongering and bad research models.  The college, unably headed by Dr. Neil Ferguson, wields power in inverse proportion to its competencies.  And that power includes even the U.S.  They begin:

The defining event in the history of Western Covid lockdowns occurred on March 16, 2020, with the publication of the now infamous Imperial College London Covid report, which predicted that in the "absence of any control measures or spontaneous changes in individual behaviour," there would be 510,000 Covid deaths in Great Britain and 2.2 million in the United States. This prediction sent shock waves around the world. The next day, the U.K. media announced that the country was going into lockdown.

The impact of the report was amplified by the U.K’s soft-power machine, the BBC. Its reach has no equal: broadcasting in 42 languages, reaching 468 million people worldwide each week, and efficiently disseminating its message. With the BBC in full cry and the public genuinely alarmed, there was no room for dissent.

A copycat cascade then took hold, with the U.S. and other countries embracing London’s message and policies. The result was a policy based on a defective model that originated at Imperial College under the leadership of Neil Ferguson.

The model's major flaw is its assumption that people would be unresponsive to the dangers that accompany a pandemic. That behavioral assumption is unrealistic. If people are told they are in danger of catching a potentially lethal disease, most will take action to reduce their exposure. The Imperial team turned the world on its head with fantasy numbers about a scenario that could never materialize.

It turns out that this group has been wrong on pretty much every infectious disease it's ever made pronunciamentos about, at least over the past 20 years.  Their formula has been to declare a public health emergency every time a new illness strikes, forecast monster death numbers, and demand huge disruptions from lockdowns and other measures until they get what they want.

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The UK government is pushing ahead with its nationwide digital ID plans, despite half of the responses to its public consultation on digital identity opposing the idea.

On April 6, 2022, new digital identity document verification technology (IDVT) that enables data sharing between public bodies and businesses for the purpose of identity verification will be introduced. It will be made available to UK employers, landlords, and letting agents who can use it to digitally carry out pre-employment criminal record checks, right to work checks, and right to rent checks.

The introduction of this digital IDVT is part of the government’s far-reaching digital ID plans which were announced in March. The government has framed these digital ID plans as a way for UK citizens to “easily and quickly prove their identity using digital methods instead of having to rely on traditional physical documents.”

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Authorities in Shanghai are relying on robot dogs with loudspeakers strapped to their backs to enforce the latest round of COVID lockdowns.

A video out of the city shows a robot dog scuttling down a residential street barking out orders and reminding people to stay inside their homes.

The streets of the city, which has a population of over 26 million, are completely deserted.

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few days ago the Daily Mail busted out an “exclusive” story, claiming that Russian “disinformation” on NATO-funded biolabs in Ukraine might be accurate after all:

Hunter Biden DID help secure millions in funding for US contractor in Ukraine specializing in deadly pathogen research, laptop emails reveal, raising more questions about the disgraced son of then vice president

The same story was picked up by the New York Post, who broke the original “Hunter’s laptop” story back in 2020.

This is one of those validating headlines we in alt media tend to rush in and grab without pausing to think about context. We KNEW we were right, and look – the Daily Mail is admitting it so it must be true.

But, let’s not do that. Let’s be smart and take stock before we snatch up this morsel, and consider what we have here.

One major point to note: This is the DAILY MAIL. The fat, corrupt heart of the MSM.

They don’t feel obliged to publish leaked stuff just because it’s undeniably true. They deny the undeniable every single day at the same time they tell massive indefensible lies.

No. If a ‘leak’ appears here it is with the express approval or requirement of at least some part of the UK/US establishment.

So, right there, we know we are reading this story from this source at this time because someone in the Establishment wants us to.

Which begs the question – why does the UK/US establishment want us to read a ton of files in the DM that SUPPORT the Russian claims of US-run biological warfare research in Ukraine?

It’s curious, isn’t it?

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The NFL will require every team to hire a minority or female offensive assistant coach for the 2022 season in an effort to ensure more opportunities for diverse candidates.

The policy was adopted by NFL owners during their annual meeting on March 28 and requires all 32 NFL teams to hire an offensive assistant coach who is “a female or a member of an ethnic or racial minority,” regardless of whether or not the team already has a coach who satisfies those requirements among their staff.

It is unclear exactly when the policy goes into effect.

According to the NFL, the individual hired will “receive a one-year contract and work closely with the head coach and offensive staff to gain experience.”

Teams will receive funding toward the coach’s salary for up to two years from a league-wide fund.

“In recent years, head coaches have predominantly had offensive backgrounds. We believe this resolution will assist greatly in continuing to source and identify diverse candidates earlier in their career, providing pipeline depth and furthering developing the diverse offensive pipeline,” the updated NFL policy reads.

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