Welcome to the Future... No World Order


What is going on in our crazy world? 

I think I know how some German's were feeling in the 1930's. (That is those who could see that Hitler was just rotten political scum).

Its like a realisation that theres all this shit going on in the world... and your on the 'baddies' side!

Since 1939 the UK has had 1 year of peace in terms of non military involvement in a war somewhere on the planet. That was 1997, what a lovely year for the rest of the world. 

73 years, and only 1 year of peace.  Isn't that a stunning and shocking statement? True none the less, see for yourselves.

Look at the way Hitler mind controlled the german people into a false sense of security, what did he do? He plotted false flag attacks on German soil (The Reichstag fire)  and blamed it on terrorists, telling his people to fear the axis of evil, the communists, and convinced Germans that they need protection from terrorism, allowing for the creation of Hitlers secret police, the SS, the surveilance of the nation, restriction of basic freedoms, registration of the people, rounding up of certain cultures and eventually, the extermination of those people.

The German people who fought Hitlers war's weren't evil,  they were mind controlled, just the same way we have been by our "democratic" dictators.  How long will it be before the freedom to tell you this information is taken away?  

Look at what we allow to happen in the world today in the name of politics... 

Nazism never went away, it exists today and it is called Zionism.  

This is simply a transcript of my film as some people prefer to read, however the film does provide all the visual elements which help put the pieces together, so I do recommend watching.

No World Order...


Detailed surveillance of human activity is gathered by various means, to control and monitor every aspect of our lives.

In March 2011 The Guardian newspaper claimed there were 185,000,000 CCTV cameras in the UK alone, that’s 1 for every 32 people in the UK… That’s not including all the mobile phone, laptop and PC cameras, which by the way are storing and sending data to your network operator all the time…   You are being watched, everywhere.

Our Food is being genetically modified and poisoned with additives, chemical cocktails designed to destroy the brain and genetically modify us.

Our drinking water is being contaminated with poisonous fluoride and anti-bio tics to makes us docile.

Children are being targeted with vaccinations that attack the natural immune system as soon as they are born and in some countries receive up to 30 vaccinations by the age of two. The long-term effects and neurological damage that comes as a result of all these vaccinations is becoming ever more obvious. Yet the scientists and Drs who have the courage to speak out about this are silenced and struck off from their duties because they don’t conform to the agenda of dumbing down the masses. 

Neurological disorders such as autism are at an all time high as a result of vaccinations, directly affecting the still developing brain and immune system in young children and babies.  When you combine this with the toxins and other additives in our food and drink is it any wonder that so many children are suffering with ‘behavioural’ problems today? So what’s the answer? Stop the vaccinations? Remove the chemicals from the food and drink? Nah, lets adding more mind-altering drugs like Ritalin.

What is wrong with the youth of today? They are being mind controlled and poisoned physically and mentally from the day they are born.

False pandemics like Swine flu of 2009 or SARS of 1998 and ensure that the adult population continue to get their dose of these chemical concoctions, they don’t even need to force it upon us, we go and queue for the vaccinations!

The education system is there to program and dumb down the next generation who are being prepared for their life of slavery. Education destroys information; School is there to deny us the very experiences that foster our individuality and creativity.  They don’t want creative, open-minded people using their free minds to ponder on life and world events, we’d be thinking for ourselves and they certainly don’t want that, they want conformity on their terms.

Military personell are being used to police our streets and large scale events, such as the London Olympics. Police are being given more and more military responsibilities and can now carry tazers that shoot 55,000 volts of electricity through their ‘victims’. This is being used as a way of deterring peaceful protest and suppressing freedom of expression and freedom of speech.

When we go to events and airports we have to be searched in a manor that is nothing less than sexual molestation or to be refused entry.

We have chemicals being sprayed in the form of chemtrails from planes in the skies all around the world, we have the weather-manipulating, earthquake causing programs like HAARP punching holes in the ionosphere and causing storms and adverse conditions on earth.

The millions of gallons of oil spilt in the gulf of mexico by BP and the millions of gallons of corexit chemicals subsequently dumped in the gulf to sink it. Our wildlife and ecosystems may never fully recover.

We are being subjected to radiation at extreme levels on a constant daily basis, mobile phones, wireless internet, Bluetooth devices, communications masts (see TETRA), microwave cookers, airport body scanners, ‘energy saving’ light bulbs, the Fuckishima radiation leak and subsequent fall out…What did they tell us about that? Rather what haven’t they told us…

We have a monetary system that was fraudulent and corrupt from its very conception, the sole purpose of this system is to enslave us with debt. 3% of money is physical cash and 97% is imaginary money created by the corrupt banking cartel.

Banks create money literally ‘out of thin air’, they call it credit and it comes in the form of digits on a computer database.  We always pay back credit with ‘interest’, and when we pay back our loans we are giving up the wealth that actually exists as it is swallowed up by the banking cartel that take the real wealth and go on issuing imaginary money in the form of ‘credit’.

The governments and bankers who systematically crashed our economy and are currently stealing the homes and wealth of the western world are the same governments and bankers that created poverty in the third world through monopolizing and fraudulently stealing the wealth of the nations through their network-created bodies like the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank, European Central Bank and the World Trade organization to name a few.

We have non-stop wars, both sides engineered and funded by the same global elite, with politicians playing the part of actors and soldiers ‘fighting for freedom’ who bomb cities of innocent civilians and children without question, and who are soon to be sacrificed in combat themselves or left to suffer in silence from the mental and emotional scars inflicted by the horror of war.

Bankers and billion dollar corporations are backing what’s been named the population council of the City of New York, funded by the Rothschilds family and founded by the Rockerfellers this currently advances as the worlds premier depopulation advocacy group…

In 70 years since WW2 we have seen the most chilling example of Genocide in Palestine.  Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.

Leaders of the US and UK among others have always openly supported the creation of the state of Israel while the world ignorantly turns its back on the reality that there are now 7 million Palestinian refugees and at least 2 million dead.

We have FEMA camps in the US run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and these are nothing less than concentration camps, guarded and staffed and awaiting inmates following a global military takeover. America has given their president the authority to re-home any US citizen within one of these camps.  If you think it’s a joke check the series of executive orders that were passed in the US shortly after 9/11 which allow the President, Under a state of national emergency, to take control of all transportation including all personal vehicles, airports, railways, waterways, communications gas, petroleum, fuel, minerals, food, land, health, education and welfare functions, they also give government authority to relocate communities and establish new locations for populations…

This is all in line with the United Nations agenda 21 and sustainable development.

The new world order is upon us, the time for change is now…