Part 1 Introduction

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Part 1: Introduction

By Liam-michael:Roberts 

Experiences in my life over the last few years have led me to acquire an understanding of how society has been manipulated into believing that human beings are slaves to ‘the system’.  This understanding has allowed me, over time and with a great deal of persistence, to lawfully take back control of financial and legal situations that I have been unlawfully placed in by various corporations.


In what is going to be a very long article, divided into several parts, I will show you in the simplest of terms what legislation is and how this applies in law, I will also demonstrate to you what law is and how it applies in legal situations.


Although it is not by accident, law is commonly misunderstood by financial and corporate entities such as banks and even courts, but this is all part of the big deception, which I will explain in detail over the next few sections.


Later in the article when we have discussed the background and the techniques I will also share with you my current situation versus Thanet District Council for the unlawful demands of council tax, a very new development in my ongoing battle against corporations.


I’m going to attempt to go into detail to share my understanding with you in the hope that more people are able to arm themselves with the confidence and the knowledge to lawfully and peacefully overthrow the unjust and unorthodox method of government in many areas of our lives that are contributing to the demise of our freedoms and rights as human beings.


Between myself and others in the last 6 years, I have used this information to save around £25,000 in unlawful collection of TV license fees, bank loans, credit cards, store cards and more and due to the thoroughness of the techniques employed I have never ever had a debt collector turn up at my door, no bailiff, no TV license enforcement agent, no-one – just letters, lots and lots of letters!  The letters all read much the same, first of all a nice letter asking you to contact to arrange repayment, then a more formal letter telling you to ‘pay now to avoid extra fee’s being added’, then ‘pay now or enforcement agents will be sent to your home’ then all of a sudden its an offer to reduce the debt by up to 40% if I ‘set up a payment plan now’…


Ignoring at first the fact that if you don’t pay it for long enough they offer to reduce the debt - why have none of these companies ever acted on their threats of sending round collection agents and bailiffs etc? Even the council who invited me to court haven’t taken any action or sent debt collectors, they’ve even stopped replying to my letters, I assume they’re lost for words and their narrow corporate minds cannot compute the information being presented to them, otherwise you would expect that they would have set me straight, informed me of the law and taken swift action to recover the debt as they do with others.


And of course you do hear of so many stories of others having possessions repossessed, loosing their homes, being taken to court, fined and still having to pay back the debt… There is even a TV show in the UK called ‘Can’t Pay, We’ll Take it Away’ that’s running currently, it follows bailiffs who go around taking peoples minor possessions for generally small fines owed to massive corporations who pay their top bosses bonuses worth several times the average yearly house-hold wage. (Democracy in action!) I watched it once but it just angered me, IT IS NOT WITHIN THE LAW!

As much as it angers me, it also makes me laugh, because the companies I have dealt with know that I know where I stand in law, and that is exactly why they don’t pursue me.

The reason they offer to reduce the debt or accept ridiculously small instalment plans will soon become clear, and although I have explained this in detail in my Money Manipulation articles I will go on to explain how Banks and financial lenders create money literally out of thin air, therefore an instalment plan of £1 a week still amounts to £1 a week profit because they never gave you a penny in the first place. (It may sound confusing, or even too simple to begin with but we will be shedding much more light on these subjects in the next few sections).



My intention behind all of this is not to avoid paying loans/credit/charges/taxes or to break any laws, my intentions are absolutely all about taking back the freedom that is our birth right and making people aware of the manipulation and corruption behind the unlawful methods of, among others, the banking and legal systems that operate fraudulently and illegally within the UK and beyond, although I’ll be focusing predominantly on my experiences here in the UK.


To understand how I have come to acquire this knowledge, first you’ll need to know a little bit about my story…

I’ll keep it brief; it’s not a biography…


I left school at 15 in 2002 and got a job, by 20 I was earning a decent living and was able to take out a mortgage and bought a house in 2007. Being young and naïve about life and money, I relied on a financial advisor to sort out all my affairs; this was my first mistake.  Now in case you aren’t aware, as I wasn’t at the time, a financial advisors aim is to sell you as many products as possible so that they can get the maximum amount of commission from each product, so instead of providing me with what I actually needed I was just given every product under the sun until my monthly income had basically all been spent. Anyway when I finally moved in to my own house I realised I didn’t have enough money left to actually live off…

Again, being young and naïve at the time, I thought credit cards and loans were the answer, (and I was being offered them left, right and centre), so over the next couple of years I took out 3 credit cards a couple of store cards and a bank loan. 

The banks had no issues lending me over £100,000 for a mortgage I could barely afford on my salary and on top of this they were happy to loan me another £20,000 plus on credit cards and loans over the next few years…

Of course this was only ever going to be a short-term solution and soon enough I found myself back in money trouble only this time I had additional repayments to make that I couldn’t afford.

So I found myself in a desperate situation and to add to my troubles, we’d hit a recession, I’d lost value in my property and to boot I lost my job.

I wasn’t out of work for long but returned to a job that paid me even less than before and I had to rely on my parents bailing me out with a cash injection to get me back on my feet again. 

At this time I also took out another loan with Barclays so that I could start an electrician’s course with an aim of becoming qualified in a trade to better my income, however, to cut a very long story short, Barclays funded the training companies and also funded the student loans, they then crashed the training companies by withdrawing the funding but still demanded repayment of the student loans, even though we would get nothing for our money…

In an even shorter summary you could say Barclays paid themselves a loan of £3000 and they charged me for it, giving me nothing in return.

This obviously left me in a very bad financial situation and I was unable to accept that what had happened to me was fair or within the law. I looked into the Barclays matter in detail and although I’m not going to go into the depths of it here, what I will tell you is that it became evident that it was a complete scam from the start. Ultimately Barclays had made the loans independent of the training companies and the students who had taken the loans out were under contract to pay back the loans regardless of what may happen to the training company itself, thousands of other students like me found themselves in a really shit situation that we seemingly had no defence against…


If only I knew then, what I know now…


I had been looking deeply into contract law, following the aforementioned Barclays scam, under the belief that I would be protected somewhere by the fact that someone, surely, had broken their side of the contract, but this was all to no hope and the contract appeared tight. I also investigated the debt collection company they were using called Mercers, interestingly, while doing this I received a letter from disgruntled former Barclays employees explaining exactly how Mercers operate - fraudulently and illegally.

After further investigation I could see that Mercers was in fact registered as a dormant company, valued at £1, and owned by, surprise, surprise, Barclays Bank! Although I had no dealing with Mercers myself, Internet blogs/reviews suggest they were being very forceful in recovering the debt that other students couldn’t afford to repay.

This element of fraud and corruption among debt collecting agencies has become a familiar pattern occurring time and time again with the numerous agencies that have been contacting me over the years, although I don’t hear from any of them at all now.

At the time no one could help me or offer me the advice that I needed to challenge Barclays, however I firmly believed that the situation was unjust and I had significant evidence to suggest Barclays Bank had scammed others as well as myself out of thousands of pounds. Barclays themselves were just useless, and like talking to a brick wall, mercers were a ruthless debt collecting company who didn’t care about situations and wouldn’t listen anyway according to the documents I received from former employees mentioned earlier.  


The contract was the issue that prevented me from being supported in a case against Barclays - any solicitor would have said the same as the bank, they may have sympathised with my situation, however they would simply repeat the line, “it’s in the contract…”


When you have an issue such as this, you look to someone who is supposed to be an expert or someone trained in that field for help or advice, well here lies the stumbling block - it can be summed up simply; ‘you cannot solve a problem using the same mentality that created it in the first place’.  For example, loaning money from a bank does not increase your wealth; it puts you into further debt because you pay that loan back, plus an amount of interest. Likewise, a solicitor/lawyer cannot help you to challenge the law when the methods applied are within the constraints of the legal system in which they are trained.



Please do not think I am trying to say anyone trained in finance/banking/law etc is unable to think for themselves, (questionable?) but they are working to the guidelines of the very system that creates the problem in the first place.

Of course they will happily sell you the product when it suits, operate the highest level of fraud imaginable (we will come to the banking system in detail soon), tell you what being in a contract means (to them), what rights that gives the banks over you and your possessions (in their mind), they will also employ debt collection agencies, (these are usually subsidiaries of the same company and more often than not, unregistered and unlicensed, therefore illegal)…  Lawyers/solicitors/judges/any one else trained within the legal system tell you that the contract is legal (correct, but its not lawful…) they will say you are tied to the terms of the contract or you will have to face the consequences, (they don’t know any better because this is how they are trained - and everything they say is technically correct, at least it is within their legal interpretation).


And of course they would all tell you that everything I have to say is crap, and they should know because after all they have been trained, maybe even promoted and shown others how to do it (to the corporate standard that they’ve been told of course) and best of all they will say I have no training or credentials that say I am schooled in banking, finance, economics or law…


Fine, fair point - absolutely true. But to me that just means I haven’t been totally and utterly brainwashed by this corrupt and flawed system. To me it simply means I’m scrutinising these corrupt systems with common sense, logic and reason; whereas these corporate robots are scrutinising me through corrupt and unlawful tactics presented to them as law by their employer! (Although they are not law, they are statutes, which we will come to soon).


Have these people ever considered that maybe politicians, bankers, judges, magistrates, et cetera are not immune from telling a lie or more crucially from hiding a truth?

Well I have news for you, what you’ve been told and trained in is nothing more than the statutory rules/regulations and guides that your organisation adheres to - we need to forget all that nonsense and start applying some common sense. That applies to bankers, lawyers, judges, magistrates, in fact anyone working in finance/banking/government/military/media/police/law et cetera. In other sections of this article we are going to pull apart the legal system and dismantle the theory that it actually bears any significance to us as human beings.



Before we do that, here is a very brief overview of some of the elements of the system I have been describing where common sense is currently greatly lacking:


ALL banks, by the very nature of the banking system, operate the highest levels of fraud, (soon to be explained) which allows a system to exist where a handful of elite private bankers are able to dictate global economies, politics and war, to the detriment of 99% of the earths entire population.


ALL UK tax, is funnelled into a government which at some point over the last 100 years (and the rest…) have been committing documented war crimes and crimes against humanity, in particular, in the Middle East, but also within Europe and the rest of the world, not to mention at home on its own people in the UK – our media just dress it up to sound like we’re doing good things and bringing peace - with guns… Democracy in action again?

The UK has been involved in military action somewhere on the planet for 99 out of the last 100 years. The only year of peace in the UK during those 100 years was 1997 - the year Tony Blair came to power. Although it started peacefully Blair carried on what appears to be a British tradition as he ordered British troops into battle no less than five times in his first six years as Prime Minister.  Tony ‘the terrorist’ Blair became well known for his many war crimes, which can be evidenced as documented fact, still he is yet to be sentenced.  

Just like America, our government is also known for funding and arming extreme and controversial leaders such as Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein - exchanging biological weapons and arms while our media does its job of demonising the target (and its people by branding them all extremist, terrorists, or just plain old ‘rebels’) and rallies public support for invading their country with the excuse being that “they are a threat to our national security.”


One good example is how the West has torn apart the Middle East continuously for one hundred years, one specific example, of which there are many, is Iraq; Common sense stands to reason, and common sense suggests that Britain (and the US of course) is a threat to Iraq’s national security, not the other way around as our government so often claim.


Consider a very brief account of the timeline of events between Britain and Iraq over the last 100 years:


Britain seized Baghdad in 1917 when it was part of the Ottoman Empire; Britain created the state of Iraq in 1920 with League of Nations approval; after revolt in the 20s Iraq becomes ‘independent’ in 1932but finds itself again under British Occupation between 1939-45 during WW2; Saddam was not only funded and armed by the US and UK government and private bankers but also actively encouraged to invade Kuwait in 1990 - after all it justified the massive US-led military campaign that followed known as the Gulf War; Then in 1998 the US and UK launch a bombing campaign, "Operation Desert Fox", it’s aim to destroy Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programmes (programmes which the UK and US had previously been encouraging by way of both weapons and funding in the ‘arms to Iraq’ affair); in 2001 Britain and the US carried out more bombing raids in an attempt to try to disable Iraq's air defence network; Saddam was ousted in 2003, and UK and US troops have been occupying Iraq ever since, (yes, as of 2015, we still have troops out there and western philosophy on leadership and democracy is well and truly rooted there now… )


After 100 years of political and social destabilisation caused by the actions of the UK/US, our governments have been unashamedly leading the way in shaping the new political system in Iraq. Is this democracy in action again? Surely there’s not some on going conspiracy at work here? Or maybe there is… just look at what is happening all across the Middle East to discover there is a consistent pattern of western led/funded revolution/war occurring; and its spreading to Europe too in places like Greece for example where further divide and turmoil is surely on the horizon unless the Greek people take back control of their rights.


It is hypocrisy, not democracy; big banking and your taxes fund this sort of activity while the majority of people in the world are now living in poverty or much worse – this world is becoming one big war zone; just ask the swathes of people who are prepared to uproot their entire families and life just to escape their country and enter the UK as illegal immigrants, its not exactly a choice as so many angry Brits have been led to believe.  It was probably our taxes that funded the destruction of their once peaceful and happy lives, but instead of us being outraged about that fact we get outraged that these people dare come to “our” country, taking our jobs and our taxes… (Although it doesn’t quite work like anyway - too many people get their information from the Sun comic, sorry, I mean ‘The Sun’ newspaper…)

I’m not saying it’s right, the UK is a tiny little island that is literally overflowing with people, we have a problem with overcrowding, especially in London and the South East, but some people are totally blind to the bigger picture, this problem was engineered, why? Simple - Divide and conquer - instead of seeing the bigger picture and fighting the cause, we fight for scraps among ourselves about who gets what benefits and stir up anger over how immigrants take ‘our’ houses and jobs. 

I’m not ignorant, I know what the general view is of immigrants in the UK, and it’s not a positive one, I understand some of these views to a degree, but it’s the lack of thorough understanding that creates resentment aimed at the wrong individuals, and this does nothing to help anyone’s cause except the manipulators, because it is exactly what they want.


This is just one relatively small example of how we can be so easily manipulated to act against our very nature. And how the apparently innocent act of ignorantly paying taxes without question allows a corrupt system to impact the lives of innocent people far and wide. 

You cannot say this doesn’t affect you, as it affects us all, directly, and indirectly.  We allow our governments to spend our money on war and crime when there are people all over the world suffering because of famine, disease and of course, war.

Have we, the human race, got our priorities right?


It should be no surprise that we have the ability to provide everyone on this planet with a plentiful life where all basics needs are guaranteed to be met, but it is our funding of governments/bankers, whose agenda is to create vast amounts of debt, that ultimately prevent us from living in this apparent ‘dream’ world.


I think people are inherently good and human beings will actually go to great lengths to help one another in times of need - war and killing is not in our nature, it is a result of programming/mind control and we have all been victims of this programming – you can see some of my other articles for more detail on these subjects…


The late great comedian Bill Hicks put it wonderfully into context for us when he said:


…I had a vision of a way we could have no enemies ever again, if you’re interested in this…

It’s kind of an interesting theory, and all we have to do is make one decisive act and we can rid the world of all our enemies at once. Here’s what we do. You know all that money we spend on nuclear weapons and defence every year?

Trillions of dollars…

Instead, if we spent that money feeding and clothing the poor of the world, which it would pay for many times over, not one human being excluded… Not one…

We could as one race explore outer space in peace, forever.



If we all lived by the principles of common law, we would have that ‘dream’ world.


Click here for Part 2: 'The System of Society'


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