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Conspiracy Truths is Taking a Break June 23, 2022
I'm just posting a quick update to let people know that I am taking a short break from the website, but also to assure you that I will be back. Tha... [MORE]

Site Updates May 30, 2022
The website is almost at capacity so I have started to make a few changes to create some additional space without paying for it. This involved movin... [MORE]

Covid-19 Vaccinated to develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) within as little as 5 months May 25, 2022
Read article ... [MORE]

NHS caught changing advice on Monkeypox a few days before first cases identified May 25, 2022
The NHS has been caught drastically changing the advice for Monkeypox Read article ... [MORE]

2021 WHO & Gates Foundation Exercise Portrayed Monkeypox Pandemic Killing Millions May 22, 2022
He's only gone and done it again. Bill Gates and WHO predicted Monkeypox in simulated event just like they did with Coronavirus and Event 201. Read... [MORE]

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers May 17, 2022
By Dr. Vernon Coleman - Read article ... [MORE]

How the government abuses the general public May 16, 2022
"Many long hours of careful research have led me to conclude that the government has weaponised Covid, climate change and now war for ulterior motiv... [MORE]

How Elon Musk Stacks Up Against Klaus Schwab And The WEF May 06, 2022
New Article How Elon Musk Stacks Up Against Klaus Schwab And The WEF ... [MORE]

New Articles May 03, 2022
A few updates worth noting: Ricky Gervais and co - See you in Nuremberg - Video White-Washing Midazolam Care Home Murders - Article Tru... [MORE]

Jimmy Savile - Significant Article Update April 26, 2022
I have revised my article on Jimmy Savile and included some updated information. The article has been completely reformatted and updated. I have als... [MORE]

The Murder of David Dees April 25, 2022
Anyone following the site for a while will know I regularly use the political artwork of David Dees alongside my articles.  I have added an ar... [MORE]

Covid-19 Index April 19, 2022
The Covid-19 Index has been updated with a video where Dr. Andrew Kaufman gives an overview of the relevant issues related to the snake venom contro... [MORE]

The Great Global Warming Swindle - Full Documentary HD March 29, 2022
The Great Global Warming Swindle (watch here) caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4. A documentary, by B... [MORE]

Positively False - Unaired 1998 Channel 4 program Questioning HIV as the cause of AIDS March 21, 2022
Positively False - Unaired 1998 Channel 4 program Questioning HIV as the cause of AIDS - Watch video ... [MORE]

It’s now time to arrest the guilty doctors who gave the covid-19 jabs March 16, 2022
Now that even some of the mainstream media is reporting the fact that the covid-19 jabs are deadly, that they caused around 150 potentially serious ... [MORE]

The Rise of Global Fascism and the End of the World as We Know It March 11, 2022
Read Post: The Rise of Global Fascism and the End of the World as we Know it ... [MORE]

CDC/FDA Smoking gun of smoking guns March 11, 2022
Read Post: CDC/FDA Smoking Gun of Smoking Guns ... [MORE]

The Great Reset Phase 2: WAR March 11, 2022
The World Economic Forum’s ominous prediction that we will ‘own nothing and be happy’ by 2030 seems to be unfolding with... [MORE]

Don’t believe the media’s fake post-mortem, the “pandemic” was NOT a mistake March 09, 2022
Read Article: Don't believe the media's fake post-mortem, the pandemic was NOT a mistake ... [MORE]

7 Reasons why the NHS needs to close March 07, 2022
I've added a new short article by Dr. Vernon Coleman: 7 Reasons why the NHS needs to close ... [MORE]

Why Nobody Can Find a Virus March 03, 2022
I have previously linked videos by Dr Sam Bailey in the Latest News section, in particular ones relating to the subject of this article. Her article... [MORE]

Battlefield Ukraine - Sleepwalking into WW3 March 02, 2022
I have published an article originally written in 2015. This is particularly relevant given that it forewarns of the current situation unfolding in ... [MORE]

Euromaidan, the original “Ukraine Crisis” - Genuine grassroots revolution or NATO backed coup? March 01, 2022
A timeline of events that have led to the current situation in Ukraine: The fall of Viktor Yanukovych, the Crimean referendum, and the ensuing ... [MORE]

New Home page February 28, 2022
A new home page launched today, hopefully making it a little easier to find content. I will work on producing an index soon which will make things e... [MORE]

1000 Peer Reviewed Studies Questioning Covid-19 Vaccine Safety February 18, 2022
Due to a technical glitch the original link from the homepage was directing people to the wrong page for this article, this has now been corrected. ... [MORE]

New updates to Covid-19 Index and News February 14, 2022
I've added a chunk of new 'News' items in the Latest News and also uploaded a PDF detailing 1000 peer reviewed studies questioning Covid-19 vaccine ... [MORE]

The AIDS Fraud February 08, 2022
I found an article originally published in 2012 on the AIDS fraud. In the news this week they are trying to convince us that a 'new, more deadly HI... [MORE]

Covid-19 Index January 22, 2022
New content has been added to the Covid-19 Index ... [MORE]

What is Law? January 20, 2022
I've added a new video to the Legal V Lawful section. This doesn't present an awful lot of new information but it compacts what is already in the ar... [MORE]

New Year Update from ConspiracyTruths January 06, 2022
A New Year Message From Liam@ConspiracyTruths I thought I would post a short update to let everyone know what is happening and what is planned for ... [MORE]

UK Team File Complaint of Crimes Against Humanity With The International Criminal Court December 23, 2021
I've read through this... It was worth sharing, although somewhat disappointing that it in no way challenges the completely false narrative of Covid... [MORE]

The Dishonest Reality of Hypocrisy Amidst Voluntary Acceptance of False Narratives December 21, 2021
The Dishonest Reality of Hypocrisy Amidst Voluntary Acceptance of False Narratives ... [MORE]

Chris Whitty the Extraterrestrial? December 18, 2021
New short article under 'everything else' - Is UK  chief medical officer Chris Whitty an Alien? ... [MORE]

New Mercola articles December 01, 2021
Some new articles by Dr Joseph Mercola have been added to the Mercola archive. ... [MORE]

When will the Epidemic of Collapsing athletes be addressed? November 26, 2021
New post referrencing the sudden increase in collapsing sportsmen and women. Read here ... [MORE]

Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder” - New Video and article by Dr Vernon Coleman November 24, 2021
I have added a short video to the Covid-19 index page. Direct link for the video is here. ... [MORE]

Dr Joseph Mercola Archive November 24, 2021
I have added an archive for articles by Dr. Joseph Mercola. This will continue to grow over time. Two articles have been added to start. As with all... [MORE]

Dr. David Martin Exposes the Great Reset and the Covid-19 Vaccine Agenda November 22, 2021
I have shared a new Dr. David Martin video to the Covid-19 index. This covers the Great Reset and the Covid-19 vaccine agenda. Some fantastic inform... [MORE]

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion November 22, 2021
An audiobook of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is now available here. This has widely been referred to as the blueprint for the conquest of hum... [MORE]

In this extremely important video Dr David Martin has put the names and faces of all of the major players in the theater of the COVID War onto ... [MORE]

An open letter to Wragby Surgery November 15, 2021
I was thrown out of my GP surgery last week. I got a letter today telling that my behaviour was not acceptable... So I responded with some views of ... [MORE]

Covid-19 Index added November 12, 2021
I have tried to make all the covid-19 information easy to access. It can now all be found in one place on the covid-19 index page.  I have als... [MORE]

Midazolam Murders | Papers Set To Be Laid In Magistrates Court November 08, 2021
The People’s Union of Britain [PUB] will next week finally be in a position to lay the papers at a Magistrates Court, in a Private Criminal Pr... [MORE]

Covid-19 article - New content November 03, 2021
I've added another video to the covid-19 article. This covers the drugs Remdesivir and Midazolam among others being used to euthanise the elderly. T... [MORE]

Operation Mind Control November 03, 2021
One of the best books on the subject of mind control that I have read. Operation Mind Control - Walter Bowart ... [MORE]

Updates to Covid and News sections October 31, 2021
I have updated the Covid article with a must watch video, also shown below, click here to view the full article. The News section continues to... [MORE]

A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon October 26, 2021
Video: A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon ... [MORE]

New Article: ID2020 - Biometric Identification October 25, 2021
Brand new article. ID2020 - Biometric Identification brought to you by Bill Gates ... [MORE]

The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation October 23, 2021
This article was first posted to the site in 2010 but has become worth revisiting in light of the news that Britains water supply is about to become... [MORE]

Covid-19 article Updated October 21, 2021
I have changed the short video of the VAERS whistleblower report for a new longer version with more detail. Scroll down to the Vaccines section for ... [MORE]

The murder of David Amess MP October 17, 2021
The murder of David Amess MP ... [MORE]

Privacy policy update October 15, 2021
Nothing exciting, nothing sinister, just ensuring the website remains legal. Essentially I only analyse data to see how busy the website is, what pa... [MORE]

Disturbing letter sent to parents of UK Schools October 14, 2021
Read the article here ... [MORE]

Covid 19 Article update with new content October 13, 2021
Some new Videos and links have been added to the Covid-19 article. Also worth viewing some of the latest news stories which tie in with this. ... [MORE]

FEMA concentration camps article update October 13, 2021
Some new information about Covid quarantine camps has been added to the article here. ... [MORE]

Covid-19 Article - New content added October 06, 2021
I have added a very informative video by microbiologist Dr Sucharit Bhakdi. This can be found as the first video displayed under the 'vaccines' head... [MORE]

Legal V Lawful articles revised October 04, 2021
These articles have been updated with possibly more to come. Go to the Index here ... [MORE]

MONOPOLY - Who Owns The World? October 03, 2021
The veil is lifted on the criminal network that ownsand manipulates our world... MONOPOLY reveals in a brilliant way how a small group of superri... [MORE]

Halloween Article September 30, 2021
New... This was very exhausting to write. I hope it has condensed what was a lot of information into a comprehensible short essay. Just in time for ... [MORE]

Jimmy Savile and British Establishment Paedophilia September 28, 2021
This article seems to have gained popularity in recent times, most likely I assume due to the Prince Andrew news. As it was a bit of a mess I have t... [MORE]

Covid-19 Article Update September 23, 2021
The Covid-19 article is now mobile friendly. Additional content has been also added. Read it here ... [MORE]

FEMA Camps Article Updated September 21, 2021
Read Article ... [MORE]

News and Links section added September 19, 2021
I have added a News and Links section to the website in an attempt to keep the site as up to date as possible. This will mostly link external source... [MORE]

The Great Reset September 18, 2021
Great Reset: Technocrat Agenda To Steer Global Society Towards Massive Surveillance And Control Click to read ... [MORE]

David Dees Illustrations September 17, 2021
One of the largest online collections of illustrations by David Dees ... [MORE]

New Home Page September 15, 2021
I've been working hard to make the home page easier to navigate. Hopefully articles are easier to find and the presentation has improved. Visit the ... [MORE]

The Moon landing - A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey September 13, 2021
A long overdue update of the moon landing conspiracy. A fairly comprehensive guide as to who, where, how and why the moon landings were faked. ... [MORE]

Brexit Article September 09, 2021
New Article: Brexit was Fixed Seemingly a little late to the party, however, the information about Brexit originally featured in Fake News Blu... [MORE]

Charles Manson Article Updated September 09, 2021
Updated: Charles Manson, Mind Control & LSD ... [MORE]

Fake News Blues Updated September 08, 2021
Updated: Fake News Blues ... [MORE]

Religion Article Updated September 07, 2021
Updated article: Religion - The Jesus Myth ... [MORE]

Money Manipulation Article Updated September 06, 2021
Money Manipulation - Revised and cleaned up ... [MORE]

Articles Revised September 03, 2021
I have updated and tidied up a few articles: Rothschilds Family  (Rothschild) Zionism Establishing Zionist Israel Genocide Genocide in Pal... [MORE]

New George Orwell 1984 Article September 02, 2021
Read the new article on 1984 by George Orwell  ... [MORE]

Covid 19 article update and New Covid 19 Links added September 01, 2021
I have updated the Covid-19 article with some videos and also added a new section with links to articles, videos and information on Covid-19 and the... [MORE]

Articles Refreshed September 01, 2021
Updated... MPs Convicted of Sex offences The Illuminati ... [MORE]

Paedophilic Roots of Sweet Caroline August 27, 2021
Written by Neil Diamond about a Child. Lets explore the paedophilic roots of the song everyones been singing... Read more: Sweet Caroline  ... [MORE]

9/11 section revised August 27, 2021
We are approaching the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I felt it was appropriate to update my old article with some more relevant and informative links on... [MORE]

New Article Covid 19 August 25, 2021
A new article on Covid19 is now live here. This is going to be a work in progress and will be continuously updated as new information comes in.&nbs... [MORE]

Revised Introduction August 23, 2021
It's been over 3 years since I last updated the website. I've just started to revise some articles to bring them up to date with current events star... [MORE]