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Each time something new is added to the site or each time I revise a section I will include a link here so you can easily follow any updates.

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Gun control - Some interesting statistics February 20, 2018
In February 2018, 17 people were shot dead at a School in Parkland, Florida; In October 2017, 58 people were killed and more than 500 peop... [MORE]

New Charles Manson article January 19, 2018
I have completely re-written one of my articles on Charles Manson.  I hope that what I have done has made the original article more concise, (i... [MORE]

Facelift and Update December 18, 2017
Nothing special here, just to let you know that I have been editing a few bits here and there, nothing major, and you may notice the homepage has a ... [MORE]

New Article: Fake News Blues October 09, 2017
I have written a new article...  Do you think a small group of the world’s wealthiest people are trustworthy enough not to manipulate th... [MORE]

Updated Article - Consciousness August 02, 2017
I have updated one of my oldest articles on Consciousness, read it here ... [MORE]

MKULTRA: Understanding todays addiction to Heroin July 07, 2017
NEW ARTICLE! Click here! Activities under the MKULTRA project were carried out between 1953-1964.  MKULTRA was an “umbrella project&rdqu... [MORE]

New Article: False Flag Attacks: Problem Reaction Solution June 07, 2017
At long last. There is a new article. Click here now if you just can't wait! I have been working like a zombie for the last 2 years so not a lot h... [MORE]

New! Part 3 of Taking on the Corporations: 'This May Affect your Statutory Rights' August 21, 2015
As promised part 3: 'This May affect your statutory Rights' is here, just go to the index page if you want to read parts 1 and 2. Part 4 will be u... [MORE]

New! Taking on the Corporations part 4: What is Law? August 21, 2015
Part 3 and Part 4 have now been uploaded, amazingly, we are still covering the background information! I warned you it would be a long article! I ho... [MORE]

New! Part 2 of Taking on the Corporations, 'The System of Society' August 20, 2015
Part 2 is now here, and hopefully there is now a clear index of what is still to come.   I plan to get part 3 finalised very soon so expect th... [MORE]

New Article! Legal V Lawful August 10, 2015
THE LONG AWAITED NEW ARTICLE LEGAL V LAWFUL It's finally here, part 1 of the article, it has taken me literally years to compile and write the full... [MORE]

New Article: Paedophilia in Hollywood August 05, 2015
New article on paedophilia in Hollywood Click here...   ... [MORE]

Edward Heath, former British Prime Minister under investigation for Child abuse August 04, 2015
Former British Prime minister Edward Heath has been named in four independent investigations into child abuse.  This article discusses this 'b... [MORE]

New video added 60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators July 20, 2015
New video added, this was broadcast yesterday in Australia, it has caused quite a reaction as this has footage discussing names of British Paedophil... [MORE]

Mind control through emotional domination: How we're all being manipulated by the "crisis of the NOW" May 14, 2015
A friend sent me a link to an article by Mike Adams. I thought the article was brilliantly written and extremely relevant to many of the topics on t... [MORE]

New Article! Germanwings Flight 9525 Cover Up March 28, 2015
New and current, look at me, but seriously, this is worth reading...   ... [MORE]

Fukushima: A Nuclear War without A War March 13, 2015
The World is at a critical crossroads. The Fukushima disaster in Japan has brought to the forefront the dangers of Worldwide nuclear radiation. The... [MORE]

New Article! Apollo 11: A Stanley Kubrick Odyssey February 22, 2015
New article! How Stanley Kubrick Faked the Moon Landings... I've been asked so many times... I started this article at least a year ago and for som... [MORE]

New Article on Zionism & Rothschilds February 18, 2015
Rothschilds and Zionism, basically one and the same, see my new article here ... [MORE]

New Article on Rothschilds Conspiracy February 16, 2015
NEW Rothschild Article I've had this poorly written article on the Rothschilds for some time and I did say I'd come back and update it, well, I fin... [MORE]

New article - Genocide in Palestine February 08, 2015
Its been sometime since a proper update but I have a brand new article, its a big one, covering the history of Genocide, looking at the Ottoman empi... [MORE]

New Article Education/Indoctrination May 16, 2014
I have updated and improved the original Education article that I wrote a few years back, check it out here. ... [MORE]

New Article on Charles Manson, LSD and mind control. May 04, 2014
NEW ARTICLE HERE!   I have been working on this for some time, infact its just been waiting for me to finish editing it for a couple of month... [MORE]

Missing Flight MH370 March 22, 2014
Missing flight MH370 continues to confuse us all... ... [MORE]

Rothschilds - Missing flight MH370 March 15, 2014
Rothschild article updated following the missing flight MH370 and US patent 8671381   read it here  ... [MORE]

New Links added May 14, 2013
Some new websites have been added to the links page, check it out here. ... [MORE]

Resonance - Beings of Frequency - Mobile phone users take note... January 12, 2013
Resonance - Beings of Frequency  One of the best films I've seen;  This should be shown in every school and seen by everyone, a film that... [MORE]

Thrive - What on Earth will it Take? November 27, 2012
This is a stunning film, I don't like to tell people what to do, but if i'm going to tell you to do anything, please watch and share this film... ... [MORE]

Update - Transcript and intro to new film November 19, 2012
The film has been transcribed at the request of some people, and i've written a short intro to it as well... Click here ... [MORE]

New Film - No World Order... November 17, 2012
... [MORE]

3 New Videos by RuthlessConspiracy Films November 15, 2012
3 New videos from RuthlessConspiracy Films ... [MORE]

New Film - Symbols of the Illuminati November 14, 2012
... [MORE]

New Film - Symbols of the Illuminati - Part 1 November 08, 2012
Click here for a teaser of the new film... ... [MORE]

2012(ZION) Olympics November 02, 2012
The symbology used in the 2012 opening and closing ceremonies was deeply satanic, click here for a great article by [MORE]

Halloween - Satanic and Catholic? October 29, 2012
It began as a small project, the idea being to briefly talk about the history of Halloween, well I tried to keep it short but I was getting so much ... [MORE]

Jimmy Savile and BBC Paedophile Revelations October 22, 2012
 The BBC has been covering up not just the sick actions of Jimmy Savile but as others are now reporting, many celebrity names and influential f... [MORE]

NEW Film Uploaded! RuthlessConspiracy Films and July 23, 2011
Incase you missed the link for the new video on the home page!? here it is again.  ... [MORE]

Fukushima Radiation - The single greatest threat to human health... EVER May 25, 2011
Its important to watch this video which exposes what we have not been told about the radiation fallout from Fukushima and how this was always a matt... [MORE]

Dead Bin Laden Press photos FAKE May 02, 2011
So the CIA asset Tim Osman, (a.k.a. Usama Bin Laden)  is dead. I was immediately suspicious.  I'll keep looking into it but for now I've a... [MORE]

Brand New Homepage! April 17, 2011
I have finally added what I consider to be a significant update! My new homepage is a broad overview of the global conspiracy, it covers many subjec... [MORE]

New video added April 08, 2011
I've uploaded a new video, its from the David Icke website, I tought it would be just another "one of those videos" but its actually worth watching ... [MORE]

Agenda 21 October 31, 2010
I have added a new section on Agenda 21, just a ten minute video for now but it is very good, very clear and informative, worth watching.  Click ... [MORE]

The Holocaust - Then and Now October 04, 2010
This is a very brief one, I was prompted to get some more detail on here after an email I received from a friend about the holocaust, its not just abo... [MORE]

Swine Flu Update: Cases of narcolepsy in children jumped 300 per cent following H1N1 vaccination campaign August 26, 2010
Found an interesting article on the Prison Planet website via which I felt was worth adding to the Swine Flu page.  Check it out, y... [MORE]

We Don't Need No Education... August 21, 2010
Its been a while, sorry about that.  Life has a habit of throwing something unexpected your way.  But looks like I'm back again.  Got... [MORE]

Homepage and Introduction overhaul! June 04, 2010
I've been working for a while on the home page and the introduction page as I am not happy with them...  It needed revising and I have finally ... [MORE]

9/11 and Money Manipulation Updates... May 26, 2010
I've made quite a few small updates to the site, without pointing them out you probably wouldn't actually notice but I have re-ordered the home menu... [MORE]

David Cameron May 12, 2010
Well, I waited until the results were finalised before posting anything and now its confirmed that David Cameron is our new Prime Minister I have put ... [MORE]

Reprogramming the Subconscious April 25, 2010
We're living in a world full of suggestion to the point that most of us are not even thinking our own thoughts...  Read More This article has ... [MORE]

Consciousness April 14, 2010
A new piece I wrote today, first draft still!  "consciousness is knowledge, information, enlightenment, peacefulness, happiness, its really ... [MORE]

Updates,Updates and more Updates April 13, 2010
Ironically this has been the one page I've failed to keep up to date!   There's been a few new bits added recently; 2010 Bilderberg Meet... [MORE]

Money Manipulation March 30, 2010
According to the 11th annual World Wealth Report compiled by Merrill Lynch & Co just 0.14% of the population possess a staggering 25% of the we... [MORE]

Food Additives & Aspartame March 28, 2010
Aspartame accounts for over 75% of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA. Many of these reactions are very serious including sei... [MORE]

The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation March 27, 2010
Water fluoridation is a peculiarly American phenomenon. It started at a time when Asbestos lined our pipes, lead was added to gasoline, PCBs filled ou... [MORE]

New 9/11 section uploaded March 20, 2010
The new section questions the official events of 9/11 and the war on terror, click here to read more.... [MORE]

Letter To Gordon Brown added March 20, 2010
I've added a letter I wrote to Gordon Brown to the site.  It is regarding MP's expenses and the scandal that made the papers in 2009.  Click... [MORE]