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9/11 and Money Manipulation Updates...

(May 26, 2010)

I've made quite a few small updates to the site, without pointing them out you probably wouldn't actually notice but I have re-ordered the home menu so there's a kind of flow, I have also updated the 9/11 section with a new video (Arron Russo Interview), and I've written a few new bits of additional information.   The Money Manipulation article has been worked on slightly too, what I've actually done here is split the Money sections into 3 seperate parts, Manipulation, The Federal Reserve and The World Bank Group and IMF.  

I also added a quote to the Quotes page which I loved, "Apes may be your ancestors but they are not mine. I come from the stars, I am infinite consciousness".  If you don't understand that quote, check out my article on Consciousness.

As always I have been working on several other projects, two of them are big articles and one is the Mind Control film I have been working on with my Brother Alex.  The film will not be ready for some time as there is a lot of work to do, but its coming together well.  (Meanwhile, you can read my article Reprogramming the subconscious for some theme's we will explore in the film.)    The other articles I hope to have finished before July.  One of them I have been working on for ages so I hope its going to be one of my better works.

As always keep checking back and tell your friends...

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