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Dead Bin Laden Press photos FAKE

(May 02, 2011)

So the CIA asset Tim Osman, (a.k.a. Usama Bin Laden)  is dead. I was immediately suspicious.  I'll keep looking into it but for now I've already found this interesting topic surrounding a fake photo being used by the press.  The news of Bin Laden's death comes as no surprise to many - some people have been claiming he died through ill health as far back as 2002.  The real evidence is yet to be released and I suspect the truth will be well covered whatever the reason behind his true death.  The initial story and public reaction is all that counts, at the hight of public interest the papers are all speculating and churning out what is quite literally utter bullshit.  Its only after the interest dies down that a truth can be formed as the facts are digested.  Read on and see the press photos and how the original photo was photoshopped...


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