Vaccinations Part 6 - It is your Responsibility

By Liam Roberts

Part 1 - History

Part 2 - Small pox and Spanish flu

Part 3 - Swine Flu of 1976 and 2009

Part 4 - Cashing in on Vaccinations

Part 5 - Scientific Evidence

Part 6 - Responsibility

Part 7 - Production

The companies that produced vaccines were under serious threats of legal action because of media reports of serious injuries or death thought to be related to adverse reactions to vaccines. The potential costs of such lawsuits were more than many vaccine companies were willing to risk, so some companies simply stopped making vaccines, resulting in "serious vaccine shortages."

This is what David Icke dubs, problem - reaction - solution. It is the classic method of getting what you want used by governments and those in power. Create the problem, which in turn demands a reaction from the public, the "something must be done" cry, and finally, offer the solution, usually centralisaton of power or eradicating certain freedoms.

So, it works like this, we're warned that because of the strict liability laws which were costing the manufacturers too much money in lawsuits, there are serious vaccine shortages , we're told this is a threat to our health and safety. "Something must be done" the public cry, worried they won't get their shot! So legislation is changed and a new system is introduced. This new system protects the manufactures from liability for injuries or illness caused by the vaccines!

Laws have been passed in every World Health Organization member state/country which make certain that absolutely NO ONE can be held responsible.
Government - at any level, vaccine manufacturers, Pharmaceutical corporations, Pharmacists, doctors, dentists, nurses, school officials and all health care workers - Not responsible.
And where mandatory policies are enforced, the enforcers, usually soldiers, are, of course, not responsible.

So who is responsible?


Think about how vulnerable this leaves the general public. How has it come to this?

September 11 2001 was the day that freedom was attacked for all of us, slowly but surely, since the so called "terrorist attacks" many freedoms we once had have been taken away from us. In other pieces I will detail more about the eradication of freedom since September 11 and how this was an engineered event designed to further the global agenda and the new world order, but for now I will stick to the core subject, which is of course the Vaccinations.

On January 24, 2005, seven US Senators introduced Senate Bill 3. (officially titled: "Protecting America in the War of Terror Act of 2005"). The bill is an unprecedented act giving comprehensive liability protections to vaccine manufacturers, restricting Freedom of Information Act applications on drug/vaccine safety, and pre-empting states' rights to ban mercury from children's vaccines.

In case your wondering how on earth this comes into the terrorism act, its the threat of bio-terrorism - of course. Our enemies may try to create a deadly virus to unleash on us! Thats the scare mongering tac-tic that our governments are using to get us to support the eradication of our freedom! 

"The UK Government, on behalf of the four administrations, signed advance
purchase agreements in June 2007...
...All governments signing up to an advance purchase agreement were expected to provide an indemnity for the vaccine (H1N1) and neither manufacturer would sign the contracts without it."
(excerpt from response to Freedom of Information request on swine flu to Government by one Mr McGillivray of Scotland)

Fantastic how all these coincidences occur, in the few years running up to the swine flu "pandemic" in 2009,
- September 11 attacks in 2001 stimulate the war on freedom, sorry, terror!
- The WHO then introduces laws under the terrorist act which leave no one liable for vaccinations
- UK government were signing purchase agreements for the H1N1 vaccine in 2007
- In 2009 There's an 'unexpected' swine flu outbreak (fortunately though its H1N1)
- Mass vaccination programs begin in mid/late 2009
- Now there is no fear of being held liable for any damage caused by their vaccines, the manufacturers have produced enough vaccine for the entire global population.

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