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  1. By Sally Writes for

    Protecting our Brains from Manipulation

    Some people immediately dismiss the idea of mind control. However, in June, scientists at the University of Zurich revealed scientific evidence that it is possible to control someone’s mind. They reported that electrical or transcranial magnetic stimulation to the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex can manipulate the brain. For example, 60 percent of people that intended on lying told the truth after electrical stimulation. Could this be evidence of mind control? If so, what can we do to protect our brains? Here are three suggestions to help keep your brain sane.  

    Train Your Brain

    A way to avoid the effects of the electrical impulse is to train your brain. The University of Zurich study shows that people who don’t experience much neural activity in the prefrontal cortex, such as pathological liars were less likely to be manipulated. If you take more time to contemplate things such as lying, it opens your brain up to be taken. Therefore, you can challenge your mind by improving your memory and concentration, and also clearing your thoughts. Reaching a state of mediation through yoga or other mindfulness activities can strengthen the brain and help you regain control of your mind.

    Don’t Let Anyone Touch You

    If they can’t get to you, they can’t send electrical impulses into your brain. Not only this, but another kind of mind control was introduced in the 70s called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This programming can influence people based on mirroring and trances triggered by the senses. Therefore, be extremely wary of people copying your body language as they will mirror it and change certain movements to see if you follow. They will also try to touch you to anchor you into a certain state that they can then recreate later by using the same touch.

    Avoid Excessive Cell Phone Use

    Although your cell phone is a lot less powerful than transcranial magnetic stimulation, science has proven that these signals can also manipulate your brain. A study of 120 men and women using a Nokia 6110 cell phone showed that the phone’s transmissions boosted alpha waves in people’s brains. These waves are associated with arousal and attention, and if manipulated can change someone’s focus.

    Mind control may have jumped straight from your television screen and into reality. Therefore, it is important that you take the necessary steps to control your environment and strengthen your mind to avoid a take over.




    Expect a lot more on the subject of Mind Control to come...

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  2. Shocking Facts to Make You Think Twice about the Cloud

    By Sally Writes for

    Cloud technology is the most rapidly evolving sector within the IT industry and has been described at the biggest game changer the tech world has seen since the dawn of the millennium. Adoption rates are huge, with both individuals and corporations rushing to save their data to the cloud, and take advantage of the increased flexibility and security that it brings.


    Hold that thought a moment.


    Flexibility - for sure, you can access your files from anywhere, and can manage easily with a cheap and portable Chromebook or the like. Security - are you sure about that? Here are some real world anecdotes that might just make you think twice about entrusting your personal or business files to any old cloud provider without checking out their security processes first.


    Data security needs physical security too

    It is easy to assume that cloud security is all about firewalls and keeping out the hackers, those annoying spotty teenagers who are always infiltrating the US government, but remember, the cloud is not really an ephemeral storage facility up in the ether.


    All that data is stored somewhere, and that somewhere is typically a data centre that is trying to run a profitable business with minimal overheads.

    One such centre, that shall remain nameless but is among the biggest in the world, suffered a breach, and the CCTV and security protocols were reviewed. Here’s what they revealed: Two men breached the perimeter walls and breezed straight in. Minutes later, the security guard strolled past the point of entry and did not even notice there had been a break in.

    He was either half asleep, in on the job or simply didn’t care. When you get the added information that he was there on his own, working 12 hour night shifts, for the princely salary of £16,000 per year, you begin to see why any of those options sound highly plausible.


    Lock and key

    Many data centers run managed servers, cloud services and co-location suites from a single site. Typically, the sectors are separated by locked doors to keep everything secure. Yet in many cases, the padlock keeping everything safe has a default code that is the same for every unit unless somebody takes the trouble to change it.


    Understanding what is at stake

    The cloud is an amazing innovation and brings wonderful benefits. But until those managing the data centers fully understand the importance of cloud security, you need to be very careful about who is looking after your data and how.

    After all, if your local bank allowed anyone to wander in and out of the vaults with very few checks or balances, I think we would all have something to say.