By Liam Roberts



This is the old introduction to the website but I still like this article so I have decided to leave it on here for you to read if you wish... Parts of it have now been used for the film by RuthlessConspiracy Films which you can view here too...


We've given our minds away, there is a global conspiracy going on which most of us have chosen to ignore because its easier to accept a good lie than it is to accept an unpleasant truth. This must stop, the few can only control the many when the many give up their power. This is exactly what the human race has been doing for thousands of years.

Where do we get our information? Who do we rely on to inform the masses about what is going on in the world? Who creates our vision of what is right and what is wrong, what is good and bad, what is clever and stupid, what is black and what is green etc?

The answer, someone else. We live our lives as a reflection of others and our thoughts too are not our own.

Politicians, Preachers, teachers, journalists, celebrities, etc all influence out thoughts, beliefs and knowledge, we have been indoctrinated to believe we must always be looking to someone else for an answer, we will never find the answer this way because the answer is within. We need to start thinking for ourselves, be individual and stand up for what you believe, and I believe there is a global conspiracy in operation which if not true makes up the best story ever told...

Even as a kid I always thought that we live in a truly messed up world, well thats one way of putting it anyway. To me the world has never seemed quite right.
In recent years I started to question things, like why do we live in a world where 0.1% of the population possess a staggering 25% of the wealth when nearly 50% is starving to death? More recently I've started to understand how the global conspiracy operates and I feel it is my duty to pass on the information I have learned. None of what I write here is taught in schools or universities, in fact its quite the opposite, and we will understand why when we see how the web of secret societies, governments, businesses, military and media etc all connect at the very top through just a handful of people. There is an awful lot that we haven't been told, and an awful lot of bullshit that we have been told to keep us from the truth. I know how some people feel about conspiracies and understand that many people don't want to know, (ignorance is bliss as they say), but its your right to know the truth, and if we're being deliberately miss-led, don't you want to know whats going on? This is your life after all, so no one else can decided for you except you, I don't expect you to believe everything i've written at face value, I'll source what i can where I can and for anything else you can search for yourself on the internet and in thousands of books to get the information for yourself. But there is SO much evidence out there now that the truth is plain to see. 
If this is the first time you've come across something like this, good God, you're going to be amazed!

Who doesn't read a paper, flick the news on the TV or listen to the news on the radio at some point? Exactly, we're all subjected to the media influence at some point on pretty much a constant daily basis.
Every time I watch the news, which is never through choice, I listen to the story and I can see straight through it almost immediately, we're being bombarded with useless, irrelevant information which is there to distract our attention from real issues. And when a real issue arises, we're usually given a totally manufactured version of events, despite the evidence there may be to disprove it.


The Brainwashing Media

Take an event like 9/11 for example, at the time it happened the 'official' version of what happened dominated the media, so of course the public accept this as the truth. But as time passes evidence is uncovered revealing the true version of what happened, and it paints a very different picture. The trouble is that the 'official' version is communicated via the papers, TV, radio, internet, etc when public interest is at its height, and this becomes accepted as what really happened. The true version often only comes to light when the media attention has died down. So even though there is a monumental amount of concrete evidence to completely demolish the 'official' version of 9/11, the mass public are happy to believe what they've been told by the news corporations. There is more on 9/11 here. 

 Some events are designed to create a engineered problem calling for an immediate reaction from the public, and an immediate solution from the government usually.  Again for example 9/11. Other events are designed in synchronisation with other events to slowly integrate a new policy/structure etc. For example the expenses scandal in the UK 2009 . Perhaps designed so that the UK public loose faith in its already struggling political system - We are openly told that our system is corrupt, the media influence is to anger us, it focused on reporting tax payers money being spent on purchases like chocolate bars and pet food or furnishing a second home! 

  But when you understand that all the high places in politics and media are working to the same agenda you understand that if they wanted to keep the expenses scandal hidden they easily could, and would. It is something they have allowed to become public because they want a reaction from the general public. As more blunders inevitably occur we will start to demand "something must be done", and the solution offered will be to take the next step towards global centralised control, we will be welcoming fascism with open arms! Expect all sorts of political 'scandals' to take place in coming years which will undermine the Governments efficiency.  


Click here to read my Letter to Gordon Brown regarding MP Expenses.

Most 'journalists' have no idea what really goes on. Nearly all major news corporations are owned and run by the same network of people, the sources that provide the media their information are also involved in the same network.
When a journalist picks up a story which is not supposed to be made public, it won't, the editors can sort that out, either by not printing the story at all, or by making up bullshit to pervert the issue.
Journalists, in general, are mere 'repeaters', simply repeating what they have been told is truth. Listen to any news report or read any paper, every sentence starts with "White house sources say this" or "The Met office has announced that" or the old classic, "official sources confirm bla bla bla".

When we are being fed with consistent information from all news sources is it any wonder we believe it all? No, of course it isn't but you should also be aware that all the information is coming from the same source, and its not just the news that they are manipulating, oh no, this is only a tiny part of a huge global agenda of manipulation and control though, banking, business, (oil, arms, food, pharmaceutical etc), TV, Radio, the film and music industry, especially Hollywood and Disney etc.

These apparently independent groups all connect through a range of secret societies which we will be looking at in depth shortly. You will be amazed at how these people and groups connect, once you start seeing the connections its like doing a jigsaw, everything starts falling into place and the picture becomes clearer and clearer with every piece of new information.

  I have learned about how we are victims of mass mind manipulation, we are being denied the truth about our past, who we are and where we are from. We are being denied the knowledge, which has existed for decades, to cure diseases like cancer, we are being denied the the knowledge to provide everyone on earth with free clean energy. Think that sounds impossible? We are energy, everything around us is energy, the power to harness that energy and use it does exist and has done for years, its all been held back from us by Intelligence agencies like the CIA and MI6 and endless secret societies like the freemasons (not your run of the mill freemasons who have no idea of what the society represents but high degree freemasons as I will explain later), these groups are again connected from all angles in this web of manipulation. The ability to provide a better life for everyone on the planet really is possible, and if we want it, first we need to understand the way the manipulation works to suppress the information from us, and why?

Modern life is designed to be a perfect distraction to us while our freedoms are taken away, and sadly with us supporting those taking it! We are all born into slavery, I'm not talking about slavery as we know it, its mind slavery. We're conditioned into our beliefs and our thoughts, and therefore our actions and appearances, there is hardly any moment that the majority of the population stop and think to get outside of this box of belief we've been grown in.

It doesn't have to be like this, and where there are people in the world dying from disease and hunger, it doesn't have to be like that either. There is plenty on this earth to provide for everyone on it, even though official population figures are almost at the 7 billion mark. 
Depressions, wars, disease, hunger and almost all suffering is unnecessary, we allow the most horrific events to occur without considering the consequences for the people involved, and why? Because most of us are so involved in our own little soap opera. We are conditioned from such an early age that we are generally lead in the wrong direction from the very start of our lives, we are told about history, politics, economics etc and this is how it works, so we simply accept that, and when another war breaks out, its no big deal, for example in his first six years, Tony Blair had British troops ordered into battle five times! Yet he was recently the favorite candidate for President of Europe - For goodness sake, someone speak up, that ain't right!

When an economic depression occurs, we say its a natural cycle, we talk of booms and busts, but look at who is controlling the flow of the money, the interest rates and the banks, people like the Rothschilds, and they can create a boom or bust overnight whenever they like, they have ultimate control of the money supply in Britain, Europe and beyond.
Our lives are too busy to have the time to question whats going on, or to even notice there is anything going on for most of us, despite how blatantly obvious it is if you consider the mass of evidence. And what do most of us do in our spare time, watch TV, we sit there gazing at the screen absorbing the generally useless and irrelevant information, and people can get hooked on TV shows, they can watch them religiously and plan their lives around them! Its sad, its designed to be a huge distraction, programs like Strictly come dancing, X-factor, American Idol, Big Brother and soaps are brilliant for the global agenda. - While the global elite are playing with our freedom, engineering wars and engaging in satanic rituals, the human race has its undivided attention to decide which celebrity can dance best or which big brother housemate they want to evict! I mean come on, there's more to life that that isn't there?


Apparently not for most people, but I urge you to take control of your own life and defend your right to freedom.


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