Part 2: Meet Your Straw-man



Legal V Lawful Part 1: Introduction

Legal V Lawful Part 2: Meet Your Straw-man - When is a person not a person? Understanding the confusing world of legalese and the system of society.

Legal V Lawful Part 3: Legislation and Societies - What is legislation and who does it apply to? What is a Society?

Legal V Lawful Part 4: What is Law? What is Not Law? Understanding the 'Common Law'.


We are manipulated into believing that we are ‘slaves to the system’ in other words if the government decide to introduce an act passing statutes, then we believe we must adhere to them, or face consequences.

What do I mean by ‘the system’? Basically, I am talking about the various systems that govern society, for example the ‘economic system’, the ‘legal system’, etc.

What do I mean by slaves? Take the definition: “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” That is exactly what I mean by slaves. 

It may at first sound extreme to suggest that those of us born in the UK could be considered slaves, when we think of slavery, we think of humans owning humans - however modern slavery is different, while we may not be bound by chains we are bound by the various systems that are in place to control us, recently those systems have imposed such rules as not being allowed to leave your own home. If you consider the facts, there is no other way to describe our society than that of a slave society:

We are born into a system/society that we do not choose to enter, and we are given no option to resign from this system/society. We are therefore, without our choosing, a member of this society. Members of a society ‘belong’ to the society, like property ‘belonging’ to another, therefore society owns us. We are then bound by the system/societies rules (legislation), and this is how the system controls us. Or as I have previously said, this is how humans have been manipulated into believing that they are slaves to this system.

In 1836 an Act of Parliament was passed to record the births, marriages, and deaths for the population of England and Wales. The General Register Office (GRO) was established and from July 1st, 1837, there was an official requirement that all these events be registered. What parents are not told is that by registering their baby, they are in effect surrendering ‘ownership’ of the child to the corporate state, in the same way you ‘legally’ surrender ownership of your vehicle when you register it with the DVLA. That is why you are described as the ‘registered keeper’ of the vehicle - The DVLA make it clear that the V5C registration document is not proof of ownership with the words 'this document is not proof of ownership’ clearly printed on the document in large, bold letters.

At the time of registering a baby a legal fiction is created with the same name and this legal fiction will be used for all correspondence and transactions for banking, legal matters, taxation, and Statute rules. A person has thus been created, but it is not a living breathing human being with a soul, it is simply a legal fiction used to conduct business in this imaginary, and controlling corporate world – a corporate world set up by the criminal elite where the banks, government, political parties, police, local government and every aspect to organised life are ‘registered’ and ‘recognised’ as ‘corporate businesses’ to be run by ‘statute rules’ and not by ‘Common Law’.

When a birth is registered, a corporate identity is created by the UK government.  It is this corporate identity (also known as your straw man or legal fiction) that enables the government to legally charge you taxes and impose legislation on you. However, this is only achieved through what can be described as the art of deception - we believe we are the legal fiction and therefore believe we are slaves to the legislated rule of society. 

The corporate identity is also recognised in legal terms as a person… this may sound confusing because we’ve established that the corporate identity is not human, and we all know a person is a human being, right? 
Not necessarily - according to Black’s Law Dictionary (7th edition) a person can be defined as follows: 

1. A Human Being.
2. An entity (such as a corporation) that is recognised by law as having the legal rights and duties of a human being.
3. The living body of a human being.

This interesting, and open-ended definition of a ‘person’ reveals an important piece of the puzzle. A ‘person’ is not necessarily a human being in 'legal' terms.

One of the reasons I describe it as the art of deception is the clever use of legalese, this is the formal and technical language of legal documents that is employed to confuse and bewilder anyone who isn’t trained in ‘Law’.  It is the use of legalese that means a word such as ‘person’ can refer to an entirely different legal definition to that which it commonly refers to in English language. Anyone not well versed in legalese, which is most of us, is totally unaware of these small but significant elements of trickery. 

The use of a title such a Mr or Mrs and the use of CAPITALISATION in names is also an indication of a legal fiction – Check your bank card and/or financial statements, I guarantee you will have a title and/or capital letters in your name because these are defining legal 'trademarks' that identify a legal fiction/corporate identity. This is your strawman.

Contract law states that to have a valid contract, there must be a meeting of the minds, but it is an obvious fact that a corporation has no mind to meet with, therefore, by lawful definition, a human being cannot contract with a corporate identity - this is why they use deceptive methods to turn you, or at least your name, into a corporate identity, so that the contract is between two corporations and therefore legally binding. (The irony of course being that obtaining a legal contract can only be achieved by what surely amounts to the most extreme case of fraud and manipulation, as evidenced by what we have just discussed).

We are fraudulently misled into agreeing to contracts which bind us to rules and legislation. Everything from parking fines to covid regulations. The police and other authorities must get you to agree to being governed by this legislation, it cannot be forced upon you. The police are public servants, acting under oath to protect the peace and uphold the ‘law’, they are not there to enforce corporate legislation that you have not agreed to, this includes government legislation and statutes, among others.

It is as simple as this; only by making you believe you are the corporate identity can they legally try and enforce their corporate rules upon you. By realising you are not the corporate identity you cut all ties to the corporate world because you now realise that, by law, a human being cannot contract with a corporate entity.

So immediately you can see how the deception is laid out from its very foundation - we are misled into believing that we are the corporate entity from birth because it has been named in our honour and given a title. 

Practical use of this information can be demonstrated in the following video by this informed individual who was arrested for non-compliance of covid regulations, specifically refusing to quarantine in a hotel prison for 10 days following international travel. He was arrested but soon let go without charge, and without having to quarantine after exercising his common law rights to put the shameful police officers in their place.

Legal V Lawful Part 1: Introduction

Legal V Lawful Part 2: Meet Your Straw-man - When is a person not a person? Understanding the confusing world of legalese and the system of society.

Legal V Lawful Part 3: Legislation and Societies - What is legislation and who does it apply to? What is a Society?

Legal V Lawful Part 4: What is Law? What is Not Law? Understanding the 'Common Law'.